For each type of blog post that we write there is a particular name for it.

When writing on a particular topic then choosing a blog post type has to be considered other than the presentation of the blog post.

Some of these type of blog posts gets more rating than others and our blog readers gravitate more to these type of blog posts.

Well lets dive right into it and talk about these type of blog post that your blog readers will love to read.

[box type=”spacer”]The “How To…” Blog Posts[/box]

This is one of the most popular type of blog post in the blogosphere.

On almost every blog and in any niche, you can find a blog post about how to….

This is because people are searching for information on things that they want to do and the “how to” blog post is the best way to get readers to your blog post.

In a “how to” blog post, readers can expect to get information on a certain subject.

On many blogs, including mine,  the “how to” blog posts always seems to get more comments and views than others.

Take for example some of my popular articles on this blog (to the date of writing this article):

How To Increase Your Google AdSense Revenue (116 comments)

How To Make Money From Your Blog By Selling Advertisements (94 comments)

How To Make Your First $100 From Your Blog (92 comments)

You see the number of comments these articles have about “how to” do something?

This just goes to show that people are searching for information on how to do certain things. You just have to know what your audience wants and then give it to them

Writing “how to” posts can make your blog popular. This is what I did! Try and you will see the difference.

Just remember when writing about how to do something, be sure that your information has some solid information to quench your readers needs.

[box type=”spacer”]Lists Blog Posts[/box]

Along side the “How To” blog posts, I think another popular type of blog post is the list type of blog post.

List blog posts are posts that has information on a list of things.

This post that you are reading can be considered as a list post, because I am listing 8 types of blog posts.

What makes this type of post popular because it is easy for your to write and easy for your readers to read.

In a list post if you were to write on a particular topic about that has to do with 3 SEO tips while writing. You would want to list 3 things pertaining to SEO while writing.

For example you would write in a list on this SEO topic.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Meta Tags
  3. SEO Friendly URL
For each point it has something to do with SEO. This also gives your blog readers a main idea of what your article is all about as well.

Some of my popular lists posts are:

5 Important Things You Should Never Ignore As A Blogger! (92 comments)

5 Great Ways You Can Promote New Blog Posts (80 comments)

10 Cool Ways To Get Blog Post Ideas (78 comments)

5 Common Mistakes New Bloggers Make (76 comments)

5 Reasons To Be Active On Forums If You Own A Blog (76 comments)

List post will continue to be popular because it makes blogging more easier and also informative for readers.

[box type=”spacer”]Follow Up Posts[/box]

Lets say that you have written the part one of an article that your blog readers loved.

They have asked you via email to write on that particular topic.

You have done lots of research. You have written the article. You have now published this article for your blog readers to read.

A few hours after publishing, your article has gone viral because your blog readers loved what they have read and they are now sharing your article with others.

The other people that has come to read your article that was shared by your blog readers are still getting more shares.

If you do a part two to this article, which can be classed as a follow up post, then this is a great way to keep your blog readers happy. Your blog readers will love your blog even more if do a follow up blot post on the same topic.

Do a follow up post for your most recent popular post, your blog readers will love it.

[box type=”spacer”]Tutorial Blog Posts[/box]

Tutorial type of blog posts are often similar to the “how to” type of blog post.

But in the tutorial sometimes you can get information which includes a video showing you how to do something.

Most times in a tutorial blog post you have to get physical in doing something on your blog, or whatever the case may be.

Your blog readers may gravitate towards your tutorial blog posts if they are well written with information that is very beneficial.

[box type=”spacer”]Video Posts[/box]

We all know that content is the key to a great blog and in order to have contents on our blog then writing is what is needed to make it work.

Sometimes our blog readers want to see our faces and getting in front of the camera and doing a video post can really work wonders.

Not all the time our blog readers want to read. So making a video and posting it so that your blog readers can get information straight from you can make them really appreciate your blog.

Some persons, including me, are shy to do a video post because we wonder about our personal appearance.

We shouldn’t be shy of our blog readers.

We want to become friendly with them and let them know who you really are.

Doing videos shines new light to your blog and also helps to breathe life into your blog.

So if you plan on doing a video, this is the time to pick up the camera and start posting videos for your blog readers.

[box type=”spacer”]Infographic Blog Posts[/box]

Infographic is information given in a visual format with the use of words and pictures.

Infographic is shortened for information graphics.

Hence this is self-explanatory, information in a graphical format.

Infographics are a fun and quick way to learn about a topic without a ton of heavy reading.

Just like the point made above with the video post that people would love to take a break at times from reading and listen to you in a video, they would also do the same with an infographic and look at the pictures.


Infographics does well when the pictures are funny and the information is something that is worth reading.

[box type=”spacer”]Review Blog Posts[/box]

People are always searching for reviews on a particular movie, on an eBook, on a product, on a program or whatever it is that can be reviewed.

This is because normally people want information on something before they purchase it, so getting a review is a great way to go.

If your blog has reviews with information for products that people want then you can use this as a money making opportunity.

If you do affiliate marketing on your blog and there is a hot product on the web that can make blogging much easier, having a great review with your affiliate links can help you to make a few bucks marketing this product.

It is great when the review is genuine as well. Try to be honest and write about the pros or cons of this product if there is any.

You can also make money writing reviews for products, companies or businesses.

If you haven’t done any reviews as yet, you need to try because you can get traffic to these type of blog posts and also make money at the same time.

[box type=”spacer”]Contest Posts[/box]

Another type of post which blog readers always gravitate towards is contest posts.

Launching a contest on your blog can help to make your blog popular and also help yo increase your subscribers list.

If you launch a contest on your blog then make sure that the prize is worth it to enter the contest. Most people go for contest with cash prizes.

[box]In Conclusion…[/box]

Whenever you write blog posts and you want to get the approval of your readers, be sure to write using one of these formats of blog post.

Always remember quality as well when writing or doing video posts.


  1. Nikhil


    Thank you for sharing this post its more informative for blogger like me who is newbie great. than you for sharing

  2. Reply

    Yes, “How TO” and Infograph post do well for me. My preferred one is the ‘case study” post, similar to this post. This proves to our readers we know what we are talking about. It’s what I like reading and it’s what my reader like reading as well.

  3. John


    Yes off-course . The blog post should attractive and easy to read for your readers. Very informative article.

  4. Prakash


    Yes it is true, if I talk about myself I always refer to read such type of post which consists making money, seo tips.

  5. Purbita Ditecha


    Unique and real time blog post is loved by readers and primary factor of viral strategies

  6. Reply

    Good post Kharim. I’m writing series posts there days. Starting from very basics and improving gradually to the more complex concepts. Let me see how it turns out.

  7. Larry


    Nice post! Now I get more new informations in your post then really you did a great job also.

    • Reply

      I like infographics as well. They capture my attention and great to read as well.

      Thanks for the comment, Rajkumar.

  8. Jamy hoster


    Nice blog Kharim as you have an good idea and analysis on blogging about the visitors that what they like to read.

  9. Mark Brook


    This is good post for all those who want to get traffic on there blogs and still having nothing. I have seen people using some good methods, and you have write about them what I was not knowing about is the one Infographic Blog Posts as have seen and read about it but here I now understand it why people are using it.

    • Reply

      Hey Mark Brook,

      Infographics are not known to many people but are quite popular. These types of posts can helpy ou to get tons of views once you reach the right audience.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • Mark Brook


        hey Kharim,
        There are lots off thing I am learning from your blogs when ever I need help for my site I come to your blogs and start reading them which give me lots of help.

  10. Reply

    I especially love lists and how-to articles. I haven’t delved into videos, yet, but your article kind of got me thinking about it. Thanks for a great article!

    • Reply

      Hi Stacey,

      Lists and how-to posts are the most popular ones on my blog.

      They get tons of views and comments as well.

      Thanks for the comment.

  11. Brankica


    Hey Kharim, great list of posts, I tried most of these and have to say you are completely right. I need to remind myself of a few I should start writing again.

    • Reply

      Hey Brankica,

      Just like you, I need to remind myself at times as well. With all this busy lifestyle that we are living we ned to get back on track as bloggers and help to play our own little part in the blogosphere.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  12. Emilia


    What a great article. Personally, I love infographics. There’s something really nice about having information packed onto a colorful diagram. I guess I’m more of a visual learner than anything. Video posts are good too, but sometimes slow internet connection can make viewing difficult…

    • Reply

      Hi Emilia,

      Yes infographic posts are educational and also fun to read with the pictures.

      I never thought about the slow connection with the video posts.

      Thanks for the tip and thanks for commenting.

  13. Jena Isle


    This is written in simple but comprehensive language that newbie bloggers could easily understand. It is a superb post for probloggers as well.

    I often end up not writing because I can’t think of a compelling topic, but you made it a lot easier with your post. Thanks a lot.

    • Reply

      Hey Jena,

      I sometimes find it hard to write new posts especially when I am offline for long a period of time. But if you choose to write blog posts in these type of formats then it will make writing even easier.

      Thanks for the comment.

  14. Reply

    well man i am a writer myself but i have never tried of writing a blog as i think it is long and i could go out of the track which would become pretty boring but i am think of writing a blog and for that i visited your blog to learn things and now i am here fully confident to write a blog post and i would love that you visit it too.

    • Reply

      Hey Michal Clark,

      All you have to do is start a blog on a something that you know and it also must be on a topic that you love as well.

      Once you do that then blogging will seem like child’s play.

      Thanks for the comment.

  15. Sarah Park


    Choosing a topic of blog post that will satisfy the readers should not just be informative, but interesting as well. And this is one hell of a task. The “How To…” and Infographic are just some of my favorites.

    • Reply

      Hey Sarah,

      I love posts that are informative and also interesting at the same time, as you mentioned in your comment. That way an article would not be so boring.

      Thanks for that comment.

  16. sarika deshmukh


    Hello Dear

    really very informative post for all blogger i will need this post i am totally appreciate for your points this way is increase your popularity in blogging
    thanks for the sharing me

    Thanks & Regards

  17. Maja


    It is admitted fact that most of the bloggers are using the way to publish a post but not all at a time. You have written a post all in one.

  18. Raplus


    1.How To Increase Your Google AdSense Revenue (116 comments)

    2.How To Make Money From Your Blog By Selling Advertisements (94 comments)

    3.How To Make Your First $100 From Your Blog

    These are the your most popular posts in this blog. All are related to making money online. That’s mean most of your readers love to make money online. So if you can write more post about make money I think your blog will be popular day by day. 🙂

    • Reply

      Hey Raplus,

      I agree with you on that. Writing on topics that are close to your most popular articles can help to make your blog popular day by day.

      I am going to try that and hope to have success.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  19. Fabrizio


    Hey Kharim, nice list, I’ve found infographics to be very popular and loves drawing in a crowd. Something I’d like to do more of in the future, tutorial posts can also be popular.

  20. Rahul Chowdhury


    Yup the points are true mate, I have experienced that the Lists, Contests and Review posts are really popular among the readers, while there may be others too, but this is the general case. 🙂

  21. Reply

    Hi Kharim,

    I like to read tutorial posts and video posts the most from the list you gave above. They have a lot to offer for many enthusiasts. Video posts are always interesting for everybody.

    • Reply

      Hey Amit,

      I find that when I watch video posts I am more enthused to do some blogging or something which will help me to be more successful in blogging.

      I am going to be doing some videos soon, so look out for them. They may not be professional videos but I have some great tips to offer.

      Thanks again for commenting bro.

  22. Naina


    Hi Kharim,
    I think post having Contests are the most visited among them all.People love to win things and that too by just not spending anything just some comments or whatever requirement blogger has give.

  23. Reply

    Hi Kharim,
    I am still “how-to” methods, and looks like it doing great to grow traffic for my blogs. Thanks for providing more alternatives I can use to develop my future content bro …

    • Reply

      Hey Okto,

      The “how-to” posts gets tons of views. On my blog they are like the most popular blog posts.

      Keep on writing those types of post and you will get tons of comments and also lots of traffic.

      Thanks for the comment.

  24. Nawaz


    Video blogging is becoming too popular these days. Audience just concentrate on the video and learn from the video. In short interval of time great information is got.

  25. jawad zaib


    Wow i never saw such a complete and full info list about blog posts i am doing some how to and review blog posts by the way its a great post for newbies and experts as well thanks and keep up the good work…

  26. Irfan Siddiqui


    My blog is all about HOW TOO & tutorial posts. It feels good to read good thing about my blog’s posting structure.

  27. Bhushan


    Hello there,
    I think Video posting and the post which has infographics can be famous soon then generally.
    I like to appreciate that you mentioned my best point that is to make a bond between you and readers and take a follow up of their words.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

    • Reply

      Hey Bhushan,

      Video blogging is taking over. Tons of bloggers are now doing video blogging and finding success with it.

      Also infographics has been doing really great as well.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  28. Ti Roberts



    This is an awesome post. I think the most popular post are lists post and Top 10 post. I’ve noticed around the blogosphere readers to batty for these type posts.

    I’ve just relaunched my blog a few weeks ago and I’ve followed the Top 10 formula, posting a few top (7) posts and the response has been amazing!

    I’ve also noticed that readers love reading Case Study post. I’ve just released my first traffic case study post yesterday and it’s nearly gone viral!

    Thanks for sharing this info with us.

    I appreciate it!


    • Bhushan


      Hello Ti,
      I have read your comment and visit your blog and found some good works there But I want to suggest you to focus on two thing That to remove pop up from windows and to use comment luv premium plugin your blog.
      I think it will work great for you.

      • Ti Roberts


        Hi Bhushan,

        Thanks for checking out my blog and the suggestions. I’m glad you found my info valuable. I’ll eventually switch over to comment luv. The comment plugin I’m using right now (Cackle) is doing great for increasing my FB traffic, Edgerank, and social interaction on my page. So I think I’ll stick with that for a few more months or at least until I get my blog up in authority.

        My popup has been working fantastic for building my list and capturing subscribers. It actually converts higher then my blog side bar form. So, right now it makes sense to me to keep it.

        I’ll be doing some additional testing and tracking of different things, seeing how they work out for me and I’ll continue to share my results in my weekly traffic case studies.

        Thanks again for your reply!


        • Reply

          The discussion about popups are really difficult. Blog owners are finding them most useful to build up the lists and get likes or +1s, but readers are always complaining.

          Displaying the popup for the first time visitors is certainly appreciable, but it is really irritating when it appears every time you refresh page or visit another post on same blog.

          I wish if there were plugins that could identify the same visitor and hide the popup once the person has down for what popup is placed.

    • Reply

      Hey Ti Roberts,

      Great job and congrats on your posts getting tons of traffic. Your blog is very informational and this is why you will be successful.

      Thanks for the comment and keep up the good work.

  29. Tom Watson


    Hey Kharim!

    I think tutorials and how to posts get the most comments (for me anyway), but lists (with links) gets more pageviews.

  30. Gareth Owen


    The amount of new bloggers entering the blog world has made it hard to be noticeable. So for your blog to stand out from the crowd, you have to put some touch of uniqueness on it such as the infographic blog posts.

    • Reply

      Hey Gareth,

      That is a method that new wise bloggers are doing. I have seen some new blog with infographics and they are doing really great.

      Thanks for the comment.

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