Blogging tips are always useful to the new bloggers. The blogosphere is populated with millions of blogs. While this is a positive thing implying the growing popularity of blogging, it makes having a unique blog incredibly difficult. Uniqueness is one of the most desirable characteristics, and having it is akin to having a strong advantage. An outstanding blog is not an impossible thing to create, if you follow some cardinal rules. These are elaborated below:

5 Blogging Tips for Newbies

Develop Your Own Voice

It’s easy to replicate a leading industry blog, but you can never command it’s following if you are always in its shadow. Blogging is about finding your own unique voice. You might not necessarily find a topic that hasn’t been done before, but you can find a distinctive way of approaching it. Find an interesting style that works for you, and invest in developing it. Most importantly, never lose your creativity. It is one of the most important blogging tips for newbies

Content and Presentation

A blog is only as good as its content offerings. Your grammatical skills must be beyond reproach. Write what matters, and write it in such an engrossing way that your readers will have no choice but to come back for more. Part of writing good content is to know how to get your headlines right. They need to be catchy and punchy, in a way that a visitor will want to read the post.

Of course, having great content will do little for your blog if you don’t know how to present it. Make sure you use images in your posts. It is true what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words. A good picture creates visual interest and this will inspire your visitors to read your content. A good blog design is paramount to achieving an outstanding blog. Get a good theme that is easy on the eyes and make navigation simple and intuitive. So keep in mind this 2nd one of the top 5 blogging tips.

Be Interactive

Treat your followers like the most important people in the world because they are. Reply to their comments, engage them in conversation, promote them and their blogs, offer freebies and engage them in social media. As an outlet, social media has great potential in getting you and your blog known. So, interaction is in the 3rd place of these best 5 blogging tips.

Be Prolific

If you love blogging, you must love writing. Posts provide your blog with sustenance. If there is always something new your blog offers, your followers will have a reason to visit each day. So endeavor to creating posts every single day, and your efforts will not go unrewarded. Do not forget this 4th one of these useful tips on blogging.


Build relationships with other blogs, guest post, and connect with other bloggers in your industry. No blog is an island, and to rise to the top, you must invest in creating these relationships.

You never know which connection will deliver a colossal amount of traffic to your blog. Something good always happens when you connect, because the truth is, you cannot shine the spotlight on yourself. Someone influential in the blogging world has to do that, which underlines the importance of connecting.

A blog that stands out is not impossible to create. With these tips, and just the right amount of time and effort, it can be done.

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  1. Erin Boyle


    I think plugins are also played an important role in making your blog more interesting and stand out. You add twitter,Facebook,luv comment and disqus plugins in it to make it user friendly with social sites also. I like these 5 tips also and going to share with my community members.

  2. Akhil Swatantra


    It Was Really Nice Tips Thank You so much For Sharing i Will See Your Blog Daily And I am already bookmarked Your Blog

  3. Gautam


    I think having A Unique design and outstanding Content can help you stand out of the crowd.Try it!

  4. Akaahan Terungwa


    You’ve said it all – except that the newbie should not be faint of heart. Blogging is for those who have got guts. Great post nonetheless!

  5. Niharika


    Hi, Kharim
    I am agree with your points. The blog post should be clear and reader friendly.
    If a reader like your post then he will definitely come to read your next post.
    A good content of blog post is key of success.

  6. Orjiakor


    This is very helpful for many bloggers like me.
    Thanks for sharing all these valuable information.

  7. Reply

    I completely agree your points! Especially all visitors mostly like the content and presentation of the article. Thanks for sharing information with us..)

  8. Reply

    Hi Kharim,

    Thanks for sharing this write up. I think the most important to make a blog stand out is to make sure that you be as engaging as possible.

    Having a good engagement with readers is very important. Don’t forget that social engagement plays a huge role in SEO too. This means more traffic chance for you 🙂

    Good luck!


  9. michael


    Brilliant piece of information, and let me tell you, your webpage gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for,and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you! Thanks a lot once again.

  10. Vishnu


    Yes, content and presentation really matters a lot in blogging.Thanks for the great article.

  11. Reply

    Hello Dear

    very nice post and really infact you are always right and this is very important post for newly blogger and content is most important part so thanks for sharing me 🙂

  12. Dulkosim


    blogger should have its own how bloggers such initiatives could be the best content in the content, but it will be difficult for me to produce good content greeting blogging.

  13. Roger Mark


    Blogs should be perfectly maintained and should keep on updating the blog.

  14. Felix Lee


    New bloggers should consider the different tips they could get in order to have a name in the blogging industry. Interacting with other bloggers is equally important as well.

  15. Aayna


    Indeed, these are some of th effective ways through which the blog can stand out in the crowd of nearly I million blogs. A blog which has a unique charm and carries original content which appeals the senses of the readers is what can make a blog become a success. The over embellished blogs are not in a good taste with lots of readers. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  16. Reply

    There are so many bloggers blogging about various topics these days. What matters is for the articles to stand out. The bloggers really need to make the articles totally theirs by keeping it original and not copying the writing style from other bloggers.

  17. Reply

    Sometimes it’s difficult to write everyday. I’ve made a commitment to write at least two posts each week. There are days when I can write a lot so, I schedule posts so the site has new content regularly.

  18. shikha mehra


    Hello Dear

    i apprecitae with your ways really and content is most important part and content is always king and second most important point is communicate with other blogger so thanks for sharing me 🙂

  19. piyush001


    Well articles are always the best way of generating traffic ….as article is something where you can put up the fresh content for the readers that will always generate the most genuine and interested traffics…

  20. shikha mehra


    Hello Dear

    its very necessary information for newly blogger and Content and Presentation both are very important points and create always attractive content so thanks for sharing me

  21. Reply

    Hello Dear

    i like your post really this is amazing ways and according to me 1st impression is the last impression so content is always 1st impression so always create unique, so thanks for sharing me

  22. Aisha


    Thanks for the tips and the fun resources!. your passion and commitment for helping others truly shows. I can tell that you live by your five steps to stand out, especially the “Be as YOU as you can be”, and your talent for telling your amazing stories.

  23. Rio


    I think too many bloggers are scared to use their own voice, especially when they have advertisers on their site. It’s sad to see, but some people lose sight of the fact that a blog is supposed to be a personal expression.



    Woah that web site is superb i love examining the articles you write. Sustain the truly amazing art! You recognize, many persons feel the need all around due to this data, you could possibly help them drastically.

  25. Cassie


    Great tips! Many can learn something from this article. Thank you for sharing such helpful tips.

  26. Mitch


    Very clear , neat and easy to do points here,
    simple and direct, 🙂

    apart from building relationships with other blogs and connecting (which is by far the most important step for building a reputation for your blog )
    i believe the most important second step is working on a creative way to deliver your message,
    for example, i started following a blog lately that uses podcasts as it’s main way of appealing to it’s readers, which i felt it was a brilliant idea,
    i was able to listen and learn new information while checking my emails, and other notifications, saving time and it is more fun to learn and stay up to date.
    I’m not saying people should copy this, but it is best if you a have your own unique identity and a unique delivery system , don’t you think !?

  27. michael


    great post, problem is that most people do not interact once someone leaves a comment which then in turn makes the person not care what someone does and then you lose out on a potential customer and relationship with that person, Best thing to do is always stay in touch and build your presence.

  28. Reply

    Connection with other bloggers, guest writers are much important in this regards, because it border the scope and build relation with other bloggers to get benefits.

  29. Gautham Nekkanti


    Thanks for the awesome article, Content and presentation is the most effective way to make our blog stand out in my opinion.

  30. Pramod


    Awesome tips ! The 2nd tip applies to all the bloggers who don’t interact with the people who leave comment on their blogs/or via social networks.Thanks for sharing these great tips.


  31. Mariska Bone


    This is useful information, learn a lot in here.
    Thanks for sharing good information, keep up the good work!

  32. Reply

    Thanks for this write. Your points are quite great for making your blog stand out.
    I also feel you should be willing to render free services to help fellow bloggers and your readers. Having such on your blog would keep bringing your readers back.

    One other thing is to make your readers/fellow bloggers important by giving them an opportunity to be heard. This could be done by allowing them to guest post, be interviewed or be featured as user of the week, etc

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