“Banner Advertisement” is a small note or a video that appears on a website and it contains information and link. Banner ads represent the company with a small piece of information and a link, which directs the user to the company’s website when clicked on it. The banner ad should be informative, attractive and easily understandable by the users and catch his/her attention.

Following are six factors that make banner ads ideal for a company’s promotion and can get more visitors to the company’s website:

Not overloaded
Banner should not be overloaded with unwanted text, pictures and other links. Few lines of useful information to give the user a clear idea about the company and its products, and a link to the website will make a banner good and clear. A link to the company should definitely be present on the banner, as it directs the user to the company’s website.

Usage of colors and pictures are allowed on the banner ads. So, banners can be made more attractive by using some good colors and pictures, without obstructing the information and link. An attractive banner will grab the attention of the users.

Banner ads represent your company. Hence, they should be decent to give the visitors a good impression on the company. It shouldn’t be messy or unclear. A decent banner brings more visitors to the website.

Should contain link
It is very important that the banner contains link of the website along with some information on it. The purpose of banner on host websites is to direct the visitors to the company’s website. This is not possible without the link on the banner.

Good message
Good message on the banner does not mean good quotes or popular news. The information on the banner should be simple, and free from grammatical and spelling mistakes. Otherwise, it gives a wrong impression to the users. Banner ads are like an introduction to the company.

Relevant message on the banner ads means a message that contains useful information about the company and its products/services. The message should convey the information in a clear manner, so that the user gets an idea on what the website is all about. It is not a good practice to misguide users with irrelevant information. By doing this, company loses trust of the people which affects the business badly.

Take some time out to prepare a good banner and see that it has relevant information about your company. A good banner ad will surely bring many visitors and potential customers to the website.

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  1. Reply

    The same customers will continue seeing your banner and will remember your name. Since custom banners are large and out on display, they’re a great way to reinforce your company. Let’s say you continue to attend trade shows and events, both local and non-local.

  2. Hines


    Once you promote your business using banners then after though you forget about promotion the banners will always be doing the promotion works. This is why banners are more used for promotions now a days.

  3. Surat


    Great Article!! It will be quite helpful for the beginners of advertisement world. The points that you suggested are quite practical and essential for any advertisement. This is quite a useful article.

  4. Ankit Srivastava


    Hello Gautham
    Thanks for sharing.
    Your tips are excellent.
    I too agree with you, to grab the attention of users you need attractive banners.
    Once again thanks for the tips.

  5. first ride


    Attractive banner,The color choosing is most important one. The right color always attracts.

  6. Apollo


    Banner advertising can be beneficial if you have the right banner and the right product or service. It needs to communicate the most important message to potential ‘clickers’.

  7. Rocky


    Wow! this is one of the great article, the factors are very helpful for promoting our business. Thanks dude for sharing.

  8. Tanvir


    Simplicity is the key to promote business through banner advertisement. Completely agree with we. If we can keep it simple, write few words,contain a link then we can call it a good banner.

  9. Gautham Lurk


    As a full-time marketing consultant myself, Banner advertising is one of the most effective yet cost-effective marketing approaching. It brings in targeted leads to our business with ease.

  10. Reply

    Probably one of the most important things to consider is where your banner ad will be placed. You definitely want to have your banner on a site that gets plenty of engagement.

  11. Raj kumar


    The factors you have mentioned in the post are very true and we should consider all this points while promoting our business………

  12. jassica


    Hi, Great post. I am glad that you have mentioned all the details necessary to make the banner advertisement ideal. The color choosing is most important one. The right color always attracts.

    Thanks for the post.

  13. Sana


    Attractive banner always made a visitor to click and it becomes a source of referral traffic

    • Gautham Nekkanti


      Hi Sana,

      I have to agree with you. Banners have the highest Click through rate than text links.

  14. shahalam khan


    I do agree a good and colourful banner is so important along with good message, to attract users, thanks for the tips, keep up the good work.

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