Incorporating SMS marketing into your business strategy can have a number of benefits, and can allow you to communicate instantly with customers and clients with the touch of a button. SMS marketing is becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to increase sales, attract a new customer base, maximize profit, and boost business.

Here are five ways SMS marketing has transformed the way businesses communicate.

1. Fast Communication

Sending an SMS can take as little as few seconds to reach the intended recipient, much faster than traditional forms of communication like post. Unlike email, customers don’t need to be connected to an internet connection to view your message; they can read your SMS when on the go, allowing them to respond in almost any situation or location.

2. Reach More People Fast

You can send SMS marketing or bulk SMS marketing to a targeted group of people, based on the nature of your marketing campaign. Send thousands of text messages instantly to your list of contacts, or incorporate SMS marketing as part of a larger marketing campaign across several different platforms.

Keep your customers or clients updated with industry news, a recent promotion, or advertise your goods and services. Whatever the nature of your SMS, customers are more likely to take action and respond, especially when compared to other promotional strategies like direct mail or email.

3. Customers Are More Likely To Read Your Messages

When compared to an email marketing campaign, SMS has a significantly higher ‘open rate’ – the number of people who open and then read the message. Depending on the handset and phone carrier, some SMS messages are automatically opened, allowing your customer base to read your message and then choose whether to respond.

Text messages don’t have to battle against email junk filters or spam. Once you send an SMS, it will end up in your customer’s inbox, providing direct communication to your recipient.

4. Send Clear, Concise Communication

Get straight to the point with an SMS. Unlike an email, your promotional message will often need to be less than 160 characters when sending a text, ensuring your communication is direct and concise.

This allows you to send information to customers that is relevant and necessary, without the need for large amounts of information which can confuse the reader. You could keep your customer base informed with a seasonal promotion or offer, for example at Christmas or New Year, or be more creative and text customers about a competition you are running to increase responses and boost sales.

5) Increase The Marketing Potential Of Your Business

Text messaging is one of the most popular ways that people communicate with each other. According to the Mobile Operators Association, there are around 83 million mobile phone subscriptions in the UK, and text message marketing can help you to communicate with a number of different demographics.

Text message marketing even allows you to personalise your text messages, which can help to increase the chances of a customer responding to the message. Regardless of the size of your business, SMS marketing can be a valuable and cost-effective way to communicate with your customer base.


  1. Hayden Flower


    Very useful tip on how to gain more positive people and good back links on your own website. This is simply amazing.
    The color helps the reader to understand clearly what this blog is trying to say. Again, Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Reply

    We provide all types of bulk sms services. It takes only few seconds to deliver sms to lakhs of people. I would like to discuss more about this in my blog. thanks for sharing the informative blog post.

  3. Sudipto


    Thanks for sharing this post with us. SMS Marketing really seems interesting and helpful. it provide fast connection and also people reads our messages. I never thought that SMS Marketing can also helps us.

  4. Andre


    SMS is a cheap and affordable form of marketing. It is also a more effective form of marketing and is capable of reaching those that don’t use the internet frequently most especially the elderly and “the very busy”. I once tried it and I can attest that it is as efficient as a well targeted PPC advert.

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    You are right brother. SMS Marketing is very very popular now a days. it’s great idea to promote our business. I appreciate you give us great idea to promote our website or blog. thanks for sharing.

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    Nice article
    I think SMS marketing could be a new trend for Marketing field generally. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and also really effectively working especially for big companies.
    Thanks for your detailed post.


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    hi yes the 5 ways is correct ways to market our products, with sms, and you tole fast communication, right now it’s necessary to every business person, now used social media, like facebook, Google+, and other sites, you reached very quickly with the customers, and I honestly told, your ideas are the best to sms marketing. thank you

  8. Gautam


    SMS marketting is really working these days and in My country SMS marketting is used more efficiently then anywhere and have lots of business in it too .

  9. Rohit


    First of all I would like to appreciate that you have given me a very brilliant marketing idea..!! Yes, you are going to reach maximum people through this SMS Marketing Strategy..!!!
    It is having one major benefit that people are going to read about you whether they like it or not..!!! And if you put eye catching content and an irresistible offer they do like it then you are going to have your client..!!

    Thanks for providing such an awesome post…!!

  10. I. C. Daniel


    Indeed sms marketing nowadays become more and more popular and that’s because of good results big companies gets, is not so expensive as well, people for sure check SMS and you have 99% reach.

    Matters a lot what your business all about in my opinion and also some sort of age reach, but I guess those providing these services handle this.

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