A lot of bloggers want to make money from their blog but without proper blog monetization then it’s not possible to do so.

In order to make money blogging then you have to monetize your blog so that it is able to make money and not disturb the environment that you have already created for your blog. The key to doing that is proper blog monetization. Without proper blog monetization then your traffic might end up leaving your blog, so your opportunities for making money would be gone as well.

Each and every blog has the potential of making money. So don’t give up blogging just yet if you find that you haven’t been making money from your blog.

In this article, I am going to give you some awesome tips on how you can monetize your blog and actually make money from it.

You Need Traffic To Make Money

make-money-onlineMost times I get emails or messages from friends on Facebook who are bloggers asking “how to make money from their blog” or “why isn’t their blog making any money”.

I never normally answer those questions with an answer. I answer their question with a question and the question that I ask is “how many traffic does your blog have?”.

The reason why I ask how many traffic does their blog have is because you can’t make money if no traffic is on your blog, and most times they will reply with answers saying they hardly have any traffic at all.

There are tons of site on the internet claiming that you can make money from your site with the traffic that you already have and all you have to do is buy the product that they are promoting to use make money from the traffic that you have.

Most of these products don’t even work and most of these new bloggers are eager to make money they end up wasting money on a product that does nothing for them.

You don’t need those type of get rich quick products to start making money from your blog. The only thing that you need to make money from your blog is traffic. Once you have traffic on your blog then the possibilities for making money on your blog are endless.

I have written 2 awesome articles on how you can get traffic to your blog.

  1. AMAZING: The Easiest Ways To Get FREE Targeted Blog Traffic!
  2. How To Prepare Your Blog For Incoming Targeted Traffic?

Read those two posts listed above (if you haven’t done so as yet) if you want to make money from your blog, because without traffic then you won’t make any money.

Use Affiliate Programs In Your Niche

nicheMost probloggers make money from their blog with affiliate marketing and this is one way they make a living from their blog.

You can have tons of success with affiliate marketing if you promote programs which are in your niche.

Why is this the case?

This is because your blog readers may not be interested in other stuff which aren’t in your niche.

Lets say that your blog is about technology tips, if you write an article promoting a product which a person could use to help relieve back pain then you would never sell a single product. This is because the audience that you have built up is interested in technology tips which your blog is centered around.

If you promote the latest gadgets on your blog the you are more likely to make some money promoting this type of product because this the type of things which interest your readers.

Don’t Cluster Your Blog With Ads

clustered adsA great way to monetize your blog is to not fill it with ads.

A lot of times why some bloggers fail to make money from their blog is because they over promote ads on their blog. Header section of their blog is filled with ads, sidebar loaded with banners, content section clustered with ads and footer section with too much ads.

Just image a blog looking like that. Do you think that this blogger would successful make money from his blog looking all clustered like that?

I hardly think so.

When monetizing your blog, the neater and more presentable it looks then the more chances you have of making money from your blog.

Promote Products Or Services You Use

Earn-Money-Promoting-Other-Peoples-ProductsAnother great way in which you can monetize your blog is if you promote products and services that you use.

If you work hard on your blog to make it successful then you can make money by promoting the things which you use. Once your blog is built up and you have established your brand then no doubt your blog reads would be eager to know how you did it.

Once you write a blog post saying that you have used a particular plugin or service to help boost your blog, your blog readers would love to try it on their blog as well.

Make Money Offering Services

make money onlineLots of money have been made offering services, and you don’t necessarily have to own a blog to offer services.

But if you own a blog then more money can be even made offering services.

Two services which can be offered as bloggers which definitely makes money are writing services and free blog installation services.

This is because lots of new bloggers are born each day and most of them aren’t sure how to setup a new blog. I have done this service before and it works like a charm in making money for me.

You might be wondering how is doing free blog installation going to get me paid.

Well not to worry about that. HostGator pays me.

Yep! What I require for the new blogger to do is to purchase a hosting from HostGator through my affiliate link and that is all it takes for me to start working on their blog. Once purchase is made through my affiliate link then HostGator will pay me a commission for referring a person to use their hosting.

As for writing services this can be a great money maker. By becoming a freelance writer then you will make tons of money. This is because new bloggers or existing bloggers, online companies and business will pay you to write contents for them.

You can write and sell blog posts, or you can get an email from a visitor of your blog requesting your write a review of something that they want to promote.

I have done both of these services and they have worked well for me. Trust me, this is an easy way to rack up over $600 per month.

Try it on your blog and see how things go for you.


  1. Reply

    Monetization section is very important for every blogger as Newbies bloggers always make this mistake by filling their blogs with lots of Adverts. I think that’s a big mistake which i have also done in my past.
    When we come to Monetization, Adsense Affiliate system and paid services are the best ways.

  2. vikrant thakur


    thnx for posting this……!
    Blog will be not profit anything if the blogger didn’t know how to properly monetize their blogs.

  3. Reply

    If you are a beginner, Then first thing you do is to decide how you will make money. Concentrate and work on that one money making way instead of doing all crappy things together. I do affiliate marketing with my blog and doesn’t go back of any other method.

  4. Prakash


    Great way of money making is by utilizing our skills, if we are good at something we should never do it for free. We can use our skills for making money online as well as offline.

  5. joe arrigo


    After monetizing your blog, then, of course, traffic is the name of the game. The problem, how to get big traffic. So far, that has eluded me, and all the SEO, backlink comments and social media submission haven’t done it.

  6. Sudipto


    Hey kharim,
    Nice post and Yes, making money through blogging is very tough task and required lots of hardwork, patience and consistency. Traffic is very important factor to make money. Affiliate marketing, promoting products and Adsense are really best way to make money. Thanks for sharing this post.

  7. Starley


    Hi Kharim,
    Iam new to blogging. Very nice tips to promote my blog. Thank for sharing..

  8. Akaahan Terungwa


    Hello Kharim,

    Its extremely sad that most bloggers desire to make money online and somehow decide to divorce the all important issue of traffic. But, the sad reality is that you’ll never make any serious money online if you’ve got very poor traffic.

    You may however get the traffic…then attempt to over monetize it. This is extremely also sad: once your visitors realize that you are simply after the money and are not really concerned about the value bestowed, be prepared to see them go, just as easily as they came!

    I do that a lot. Do you?


  9. Shiraz Shakeel


    Really great tips. The best thing which I liked to get knew is the “Don’t Cluster Your Blog With Ads” 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  10. Rohit


    Hello ,
    Is Directory Submission is good idea in order to get backlinks???

  11. Chris Goldberg


    Hi Kharim, I guess your a really good at blogging, you are the type of blogger that will help readers find the information they need and like me, I am always a reader of different blog that is why I made it successful and make at least $60 USD per day, thanks and God bless.

  12. Graham Smith


    Hi thank you for this post i am very new to blogging and have found it very helpfull.

    thanks again and keep up the good work !!!

  13. Kimsea Sok


    Thanks for sharing, that is really nice tips and the way to make money. I think that simple tips but it is really useful for newbie to make money blogging. I love affiliate program, but it is really needed more traffic in order to make really money.

  14. Reply

    Hey KHARIM,

    What’s an amazing post bro! You really shared a so much well explained article here with us. All Bloggers want to monetize their Blog just By applying various effective and successful tactics. i think this post is just perfect for them.

    I learnt so many things from this useful post and going to apply on my Blog. These all points seem quite helpful and i hope it will help me a lot. Thanks again Bro for this great article.

    I got this post on kingged.com and forced to read complete post. I really enjoyed this post. 🙂

    • Reply

      Hi Amit,

      I thank you for coming by to read my article pal.

      Yes please use these tips to apply to your blog and see how well it does in making money for you. Each blog is different and you may have to tweak yours so that it makes money as well. But this guideline will help you well.

      Thanks for the comment pla.

  15. Qasim


    Hi Kharim,

    I think the best way to find out the profitable program is by testing, you need to test different programs and stick to the one that best works for you, you also need to have a targeted traffic that is interested in what you are offering. Thank you so much for sharing your tips.

    • Reply

      Hey Quasim,

      Yes you point is valid and I love it. You have to test which works best for your blog. What works for mine may not work for yours. Also getting people who are interested in your blog is what will make it work.

      Thanks for the kind comment pal.

  16. Sunday


    There are whole lots of ways to monetize a blog successfully. However, every blog and the blogger should apply that which fits into the business model. What works for one blog may not work for another.

    While the ideas shared in this post can be applied by any blog, newbie bloggers are at better advantage to apply the information.

    In kingged.com,the content marketing and syndication website, this post was shared. More so, I left the above comment.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor

    • Reply

      Hi Sunday,

      Yes so right on that point. Each blog is made up differently so a blogger should find which works for their blog the best.

      Thanks for the comment bro.

  17. Emmanuel


    I think it ought to be understood that not just any traffic will bring those $$$ but traffic that converts and click!

    • Reply

      Hello Emmanuel,

      You are so right on your point bro. Once you have targeted traffic then this is what it takes to get money generating from your blog.

      Thanks for the comment.

  18. Samaira Rogers


    Kharim, You are right that traffic is the key for the success of any blog. You will be able to earn from your blog only if your blog has high visibility and lots of traffic. Affiliate marketing and Google ad-sense are the most effective ways of earning money through blog.

    Anyways thanks for the awesome post.

    • Reply

      Hello Samaira,

      I agree with your point on having traffic as well to make your blog successful. One should crave for targeted traffic if they want their blog to be successful.

      I have done affiliate marketing and Google adsense and both are working well for me.

      Thanks for the comment.

  19. Cody


    This article is definitely right, a blog will be not profit anything if the blogger didn’t know how to properly monetize their blogs. Thanks for posting this, I really appreciate it.


    • Reply

      Hi Marielle,

      One of the easiest ways to get traffic is from other sites. Use social media for promotion (Tweet your article link, share on Facebook) and also blog commenting.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you. Thanks for stopping by as well.

  20. Reply

    These days they say Blogging is the easiest way to have money online. Yes! blogging is very easy but how can you make money through blogging, you must be bale to gain traffic to be able to make money online. By being persistent to your tasks, one at a time you may gain sufficient you need. Just be patient with your daily tasks, everything doesn’t happen in just a snap your fingers.how to make money online

    • Reply

      Hi Jim Flinn,

      I agree that blogging is one of the easiest methods in making money online. One your blog attracts a lot of people then thats all it needs.

      The only hard part is bringing in the crowd of people. But it is not impossible. Once a person writes on a regular basis and promotes on a regular basis then he can become successful in making money from his blog.

      Thanks for the comment.

  21. Michał Krawczykowski


    Another problem is bloggers often dont write what their audeince would like to read about. In most cases this happens on young blogs, when an author dont know YET what would be interesting for his readers.

    • Reply

      Hey Michael,

      You are very much right on that point. If a blogger doesn’t know what type of content that his readers are interested in then the blog will end up being a failure.

      In order to have a successful blog then we have to publish articles which generates interest.

      That way the people will stick around on that blog and once it has traffic then money can be made.

      Thanks for the awesome comment pal.

  22. Ali Khan


    Hi Kharim,yes you have written true that the people don’t have the idea about the real ways of money, they just depend upon Google, i use affiliate marketing on of my site,it has higher earnings than others.

    • Reply

      Hey Ali,

      Great point made. Yes affiliate marketing is awesome and can help you to make tons of money once you go about doing it the right way.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  23. Freddyjr


    Great article on how to monetize your blog for best results! ..

    I also like to keep my blogs simple and clean. A good organization and a good split-testing session should get anyone on the right path to earning money from their blog online.

    You have a great blog man! ..thanks for sharing valuable information here!

    I wish you the best success online!… and keep it up bro!

    Cheers! 😉

    • Reply

      Freddy the point you made on split-testing is awesome.

      I have done this with my Google Adsense ads to see which ones work best for me. I tried different types of sizes and placements. Now that I have fond which works best for my blog it has been making money.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  24. mvenkat K


    yes first thing is traffic, you get more traffic, advertisers come to your site, how to get traffic, use the powerful social media, everyone depended on the social media, now Facebook is powerful and many of used this and affiliate programs, in some countries affiliate programs are not worked anyhow you give the best advices and thank you to give the best information

    • Reply

      You are so right about that point you made in your comment. More traffic you have the more advertisers your blog will attract.

      I have made tons of money from advertisers.

      Thanks for the comment.

  25. I. C. Daniel


    Most people don’t make much money because they over monetize their websites and make peanuts from each advertising network, I’ve read one article of yours recently Kharim and you said “stick with one advertising network”, that’s AdSense I think you said and you simply right, also monetization can be done through affiliate marketing without hustle and your readers are more likely to enjoy reading and make a purchase to your recommendation.

    That’s business and it’s working! See you next time Kharim, regards from I. C. Daniel

    Quick note: why you don’t have a favicon? (or is just on my end, but I doubt)

    • Reply

      Hey Daniel,

      You are so right about that and over monetization is never the key. Some people think that putting a ton of ads on their blog will help them to make money. But that’s not the case.

      My favicon was working, not sure where it went. Will fix it.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

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