Search engine optimisation is a marketing strategy employed by businesses to generate new business. The process combines knowledge about how search engines operate and the actual words or phrases typed into the search engines. The optimisation aspect refers to the various strategies and tactics used to improve the visibility of a web page or site within the indexing results of a search engine. Below are a few interesting facts about SEO and how to maximise your marketing efforts.


Purpose of Search Engine Optimisation

The higher the ranking on a search engine’s results page, the more often the company website will appear in the list of search results, and the more people will visit the site. A good search engine optimisation strategy makes a business more readily heard over the chatter of countless other businesses trying to be heard.  SEO success depends on bringing together a combination of supporting tactics, ensuring optimum value to potential customers, developing the company authority and brand, and moving content across available new channels.

Maximise Online Content and Structure

An effective search engine optimisation strategy begins with making sure all online content and its structure are providing maximum effect. Such a strategy includes:

• Keyword research to find out how the target population searches for the company products or services

• Use of these keywords to map to major sections in the website

• Optimising content in terms of these keywords

• Ensuring that the site design is professional looking

• Regularly adding new content to improve rankings

Building Links and Connections for Search Engine Optimisation

Links tell a search engine that other sites or readers consider the content on the website to be important enough to link to it. The more links, the higher the search engines rate the value of the website content. In the same way, a large number of likes identify a site as authoritative and trustworthy and therefore ranked higher. Such a rating creates more traffic to the site.

Link building requires high quality links. Approaches adding to authority to a company site include:

• Guest blogging from relevant authorities

• Press releases about newsworthy items to link to the site and build brand recognition

• Re-writing existing content for use in different platforms like YouTube

• Engaging in community activities as an opportunity to promote the company and its website

Maximise Social Media Resources

Search engine optimisation requires a robust presence in the various social media platforms. It is a good strategy to share key messages on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ with links to the company products and services. Such tactics help connect with potential customers.

Maximising strategies for search engine optimisation is complex. Being effective requires managing many different elements. Starting with a strong focus on the basic elements of a SEO strategy will result in a long lasting high ranking site.

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    Hii Guest Blogger,
    You should try to update this article. SEO optimization has changed a lot nowadays. But some useful points regarding the link building strategy. Link building is must for SEO. your site will reach nowhere if you don’t practice link Building.

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    Search engine optimization is essential for our blog or for our business. But getting the right way for optimizing our blog is not an easy task. Although it looks very easy but it is not. If we are capable enough to hire a service then it is good.

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    Nice article Kharim Tomlinson,i like it very much,i know SEO is playing vital role in content marketing…

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    Keyword research plays very important role in SEO. Using long tail keyword is very helpful as it have low competition and helps us in driving more traffic to our blog. Thanks for sharing these tips with us. this post really gonna help many newbies.

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    Well I believe SEO is all about finding and experimenting new things and also unique content plays a major role in it.


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    SEO is more important one to get good traffic. Every blogger must aware of it. Nice tips. thank you.

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    Great post
    i think this can be very useful for bloggers especially newbies.
    thanks for your valuable information.


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    Thanks man for this article, it’s really helpful it got me some extra visitors doing some SEO but overall rating it’s 5/5. THANKS

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    Dear sir as we seen seo i changed from last 2-3 years and now. I think that today is seo is easy part as compare to 2-3 years ago.

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    Good read, strategies discussed are important for SEO. Keyword research along with article optimization w.r.t the keyword is very much important to get good organic traffic.

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    Thanks for sharing..! That is a great tips, conduct the keyword research using long tail keyword to reduce the competitive rate, divided the articles into the clean structure and put the keyword in the right place is the great way for SEO. I have tried guest post, and it gave the real traffic and more engaged reader, as well as the authority backlink.

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      Kimsea Sok,

      You obviously know what you’re doing and those are a few Very Helpful additional tips when it comes to optimizing and article for SEO purposes.

      ~ Jupiter Jim

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    Thank you so much for this resourceful article. I am a new blogger and struggling for visitors. This post is so much helpful not only for me but also for every newbies in blogging world as well as SEO world.

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    Epic fail: Title spelling mistake “…. Search Engine Optimisation” with Z not S, even the wiki link you put clearly indicates… This article is a BIG crap, nothing compelling, helpful whatever, I wonder how you got accepted to guest post, I read it and laugh all way down… :))

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