It’s no secret that the digital world is always in a state of flux. The strategies that work for your business this year might not be so effective in a few months’ time – which means you and your campaign must be able to adapt to new trends.

As 2018 comes to a close, it’s a great idea to start thinking about what ways your digital marketing campaign can be improved in the New Year. Here are our top 5 tips for creating a stand-out strategy in 2019…


  • Find your content marketing niche

The importance of content marketing has been known for a while, but this year more than ever businesses have realized just how essential it is to an effective campaign. The avenues for creating compelling content are aplenty, but in 2019 your campaign should focus its efforts on the avenue that works best for you. Concentrating your time and resources on just one area will reap more success than creating mediocre content across various platforms. Whether it’s blogs, articles, videos, podcasts or eBooks, find out what works best for you and do it well.

  • Meet your audience where they are

Businesses are constantly bombarded with information on which social platforms are ‘essential’ for achieving digital marketing success. But the truth is that what works for others might not work for you. Your marketing success depends solely on communicating with your audience, and you can only do that if you know exactly where they are in the online world.

In 2019, you should aim to know exactly which platforms your target audience uses most. Don’t just assume that what works for others will work for you. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter or YouTube, knowing which platform your audience uses most is essential to creating a successful campaign. Concentrate your efforts where it counts, even if it means narrowing the number of channels you’re marketing on.

  • Put an emphasis on innovation

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 2018, it’s that customers are becoming more and more weary of run-of-the-mill marketing techniques. The online world is so over saturated with advertisements that people are simply not responding to them in the way they used to.  The good news, however, is that digital marketing affords you the freedom to be as innovative as you want or need.

In 2019, creative marketing strategies will set you apart from the pack. Try changing up some of your more uniform techniques and seeing how your audience responds. Ask yourself how you can appeal to your customers in new and exciting ways, and begin brainstorming from there!

  • Reputable influencer marketing is key

We’ve all heard about the importance of influencer marketing, but in 2019 it’s crucial to choose quality over quantity when deciding who you want to promote your brand. Audiences respond best to highly reputable online personas, i.e. people who are seen as authentic, transparent and trustworthy by their followers. While it might be tempting to seek out those with large followings because your brand will, in theory, be exposed to more people, this isn’t always the smartest move.

When choosing influencers to represent your brand in 2019, place the focus on finding people who genuinely encompass what you’re trying to sell. Your product and values should align with the lifestyles and online presence of your influencers, creating a more natural and believable avenue for advertising. This shift to quality influencer marketing over quantity of followers will really benefit your business in the coming year.

  • Don’t forget about email marketing

In the exciting world of social media platforms – where algorithm changes and new features are unveiled virtually every week – it’s easy to forget about email marketing. Maybe it’s because email has been around far longer than any other social network and therefore feels dated by default. But this simply couldn’t be further from the truth. Email marketing is an extremely effective and multi-faceted avenue for communicating with your audience. It allows you the freedom to create various different campaigns that are tailored to the wants and needs of your audience. Better yet, your email list is more often than not made up of people who are existing customers who have provided their email at checkout, or those who are already interested in your brand. In fact, considering how inexpensive and incredibly effective this avenue is, we are shocked that more brands are still pushing it to the back of their marketing agenda. All in all, 2019 is the year to whip your email marketing campaign into shape and reap the results you’ve been looking for.


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    Innovation is a great way to get that marketing strategy on its course, but in many cases it also requires a lot of insider knowledge on the topic. The influencer marketing is another awesome way to sell as people put a lot of trust in influential people. I haven’t really done email marketing but that should also not be discounted as a great way to reach people who are listening.

    Thank you for some great marketing strategy suggestions!a

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    Very nice article. Thanks for the valuable information. Keep up the good work!

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