What could be easier, you might say, than to have a blog but you need to start somehow and how you start will be a deciding factor on the way of its success. Usually, starting a blog, people have this idea to share with the whole world who they are, what they do, overall and at this point and time. They want it to be successful, to have as many followers as possible, and to be interesting for others. To have a blog is the way to make a statement, to meet new people, to find friends, like-minded people, a job maybe, for some even love but how to start so it was inviting, appealing, engaging is oftentimes a dilemma.

Before coming with the idea of running a blog of your own, you probably have come across the blogs of other people you might like. You most likely still do and have your favorites. It is nice to have an inspiration. Who knows, maybe one day you will have your favorites in your circles following you as you do. Until then, you need to work hard to look pleasing to the eye and sound noteworthy. Yes, design of your blog is also important. It has to be neat or funky depending upon what kind of person you consider yourself to be. This is what is called your voice. Your blog is your reflection. Blogging develops and improves your thinking and writing skills. Come up with a banner logo for your blog. It has to be something memorable and unique.

At the same time, you want and need to stay up with the trends. Even though being old-fashioned is in fashion again. Anyway, there are tools by means of which you may create original blog. Be original. You can do it with WordPress making up hosting of your own and there will be your rules and conditions only. Then, think of the audience. Choosing an audience, you choose a topic according to this audience but you need to know it well. You do not have to write on what others love but others should love what you write. Make sure you give just right amount of information of yourself as long as people would want to know about you as a blog keeper. There has to be a contact page as well, categories; there might be an editorial calendar informing of what and when you are about to post on something.   

A little something on how you should write your posts. They have to be written in a conversational style. Keep it simple if you do not want your readers to fall asleep. Post regularly and consistently. There needs to be a schedule of sorts according to which you post and if you promise to post in 2 days, you better do that otherwise it will be a great disappointment for your readers. Imagine yourself in their shoes. You would wait on your favorites to update with impatience too. Oh right, you might also need plenty of patience once you become a blogger. No matter what platform for your blog you pick, do not forget to promote it in social networking services.

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