Social media is amazing particularly when you know how to use it to generate sales, leads, prospects and clients. Most organizations and businesses, however, have not been able to figure out how to use it to produce sales.

Sure, they may frequently engage and use it for spreading the word about their brand, but fall short when it comes to using it to drive sales. The reality of social media marketing is that in the right hands –or in this case, the right marketing departments – it can become a powerful online marketing medium.

So considering that it is cheap too, this makes it the perfect online marketing tool for long term results and rewards. So, how can you take advantage of the tens of thousands of social networks out there?

Creative Viral Content

The first key to making social media work for you is creativity. The more creative you are during your engagement, the better your sales and revenue will be. Your original viral content could be images, infographics or something truly informative or hilarious. The idea is that people must want to share instinctively whatever it is that you share. Sure, you won’t get it right all the time –unless you have a team of super-smart and super-creative people- but on the few occasions that you do, the rewards will be enormous.

Engage, Engage, Engage

Engagement is the key to succeeding on social media. Engage as if your business’ success depends on it. Consistently post articles, share blog posts, post interesting stuff you find online – with the proper attribution of course – share videos and images.

Most important, however, is the fact that you should consistently deliver extreme value to your audience. Look, people are busy, so if they are going to be reading your feeds, articles, tweets, or going through your images, you had better make it worth their time.

Sure, it does not seem like a marketing technique, but in this era where permission marketing has become increasingly important, you have to adopt that method. It is a long-term plan – say 3-6 months – but it always works when properly deployed.

Hold Contests and Rewards

This is pretty simple: just set up a contest where the winner, first runner-up and second runner-up get significant gifts. People love free things. They love trying hard for them. Give them that opportunity whilst still benefitting from it.

For instance, you could create a contest that’s aimed at increasing the number of fans on your Facebook page. Then, reward the individuals with the highest amount of referrals with one of your premium products or services.

Consistently Post Time Based Bonuses and Rebates on Social Media

This one is good because it forces people to check your social media feeds out at least once a day. So, create some time based bonuses, rewards or cash rebates that the customers can get within a certain time frame. It may be as short as 30 minutes or as long as days. This will attract tons of repeat and new visitors.

Coupons are also a great idea. Use them to your advantage. Create coupons that will be up for just one hour and put a countdown timer or something to indicate when it is going to expire. This will most likely force some members of your audience to use the coupon, resulting in increased sales for you.

Carry Out a Flash Sale

A flash sale is simply a sale that is held within a very short time. Moreover, to make it even more compelling, combine it with a dime sale. This means that you could for instance, set up a quick 2-hour sale and set it up so that the price goes up by another 3 cents after every purchase. This is likely to create a buying frenzy, and your products will probably sell out quickly, particularly if you have limited units.

Oscar King works in his company’s marketing department, and writes on the side to help give businesses ideas for ways to boost their marketing campaign effectiveness. One method he highly recommends is travel incentives such as those provided by Get Up and Go. You can learn more about Oscar by visiting his Google+.


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    hey, your article is great, today whatever you do if you want to earn good bucks from it then social apps play a very important role, whether it is about creating awareness regarding your work or boosting your sales.

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    Social Media is a great platform to boost sales because we can only target a specific audience with it. It is a great strategy if used correctly.

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    Nice post 🙂
    Whether your brand is too boring, too tone-deaf or too promotional, your social media approach can’t be an afterthought.The key to social media content is to show, not tell.
    Staying relevant today isn’t easy. Instead of trying to generate buzz from scratch, brands piggyback on the popularity of top headlines to amplify their own content. Your social strategy shouldn’t be one size fits all.
    Today, the customer is in control, and they expect marketers to know where, when and how to connect with them on social media. Every marketer has a different road map for getting there, but avoiding these seven social mistakes can help us all steer clear of serious potholes
    Remember: your Page is an extension of your business. It’s an easy way to share updates and more with the people who matter most. It’s ready to help you engage your customers on desktop and on mobile.
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    i think so that Social media can only boost your sales through a healthy engagement level and vast network. That way one get noticed online and their online presence cherish.

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    Quite agree with you, it’s cheap and effective. one of the best ways of online marketing. Well written post, i’ll like to get more tips on this.

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    Thanks for sharing informative article about Social Media increase sales. It’s contents really useful for me and other also too. Social media is the best platform to promote your business brand and increase sales. I’m using Engage for boost my sales. I really enjoyed this post.
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    A very important part of sales is to know your client and to engage with them for converting your lead into a potential customer.
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    Nice article……i m using similar type to techniques to boost my affiliates sales, thanx author for more clarity

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    Nice share. Viral content is the best way to boost sales these days.

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    Hi, an important part of the sales procedure is getting to know your prospects and establishing interaction and it turns out that social media can help you do this quickly and easily. Social media is allowing sales people to see what prospects are saying about their brand or products and competitors. I just say about first sales people find out the best way to connect with prospects.

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    Hi Kharim,

    Social media can only boost your sales through a healthy engagement level and vast network. That way one get noticed online and their online presence cherish.

    And people love to get giveaways and take part in contest where they can get something for free. So its a better idea too to boost your sales and having contest on such platforms time to time.

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    Hi Oscar,

    Welcome to Kharim’s blog. It is always great to learn on how social media can support business. I think the key is engagement. If we manage to build social media users engagement within our online presence, they are more likely to use us as part of decision making when purchase things.

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    Social media is an active way for using advertising and promoting businesses on the web. It acts as a medium on which several business are advertising and marketing their products and services.There are many advantages of using social media sites for internet marketing.Like will be able to make an impact on large number of audience, fast check of changes, easy and more effective marketing.

    The above post explains us few ways by which we can use social media for marketing to boost up sales. Engaging visitors and creating great content is the basic principles for using social media for promoting business.

    Thank you for sharing.

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    These days social media sites really help in boosting or sales and promoting our content. We have to use it properly. These tips really gonna help many blogger.

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    Social Media are very useful to increase sale. For this purpose you have to make your community on social networks and the whole work on social networks must be with frequency and consistency.

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