Times are tough all over and all sorts of people are looking at ways to make more money, especially online. One great way to earn a fairly decent wad of extra cash, but it won’t just happen overnight! The good news is, that a new infographic created by YouTube Downloader is packed with plenty of tips to help you to unlock the earning power of the world’s most popular image hosting site.

Monetizing Your YouTube Account

The first step, of course, is to get your YouTube account monetized so that you can start earning money from your videos. Once you have enabled monetization you should be aware that your videos will be monitored for a set period before any advertising is inserted. This ensures that your content is appropriate and abides by the code of conduct. Once the account has been approved, you will have the option to choose which type of ads your videos will feature and of course you can also go ahead and approach potential sponsors on your own to supplement your income.

Marketing Your Video Content Appropriately

It isn’t enough to simply monetize your account, you will also need to market them so that you have a solid audience. A big part of this is carrying out some keyword research to find out which keywords are most suitable. One great tip is to search your chosen keywords on YouTube and see how many videos have adverts embedded in them. If there are a lot, then you know advertisers are paying to advertise within that keyword – no adverts means the phrase is not of interest to advertisers in your particular niche. However, it is also important to remember that those other videos also represent your competition, so if the keyword is already saturated you may want to rethink your approach.

Advertising Isn’t Everything

Advertising is not the only way to use YouTube to put a little bit of extra cash in your pocket. If you are selling a product, or are an affiliate for a product then you will find that video reviews can be an excellent way to promote them. Those watching a review of your product are likely to be interested in buying it already, so it is much easier to close the sale. Videos are an easy way to offer an in-depth look at a products key features and to show it in action. You can then embed a link to where to purchase it directly in the video.

YouTube is also a useful tool if you are looking to promote your expertise as a consultant in a particular area. Videos are a great way to showcase your skills and can pave the way to hooking a new consulting gig especially when you include other forms of promotion such as linking your YouTube account to your website and other social media platforms.

Check out the infographic below for more advice on earning money through YouTube.

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    There are many ways to make money on YouTube. One is obviously adsense, but if you’re a premium publisher or a YouTube partner, you also have sponsored videos.

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    Awesome tips. Using YouTube for making money. Now we can also earn money just by uploading videos in YouTube. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your work

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    There a lot of ways to make money on youtube. One is obviously adsense, but there is also sponsored videos, if you are a premium publisher or a youtube partner.

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    Nice infographic Kharim.

    Creating original video content on niches you have knowledge is the path to success with Youtube.

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