When you decide to launch your company website, it’s important to take your time. Planning your website isn’t something you should do overnight or even in a weekend. Many new business owners make the mistake of publishing their website too quickly. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems with the shopping cart or even issues with typos and spelling errors. One of the first things to remember about creating your website is to take your time and do things correctly the first time.

When you decide to launch your 1ShoppingCart ecommerce store, remember that each item should contain a clear picture. A customer’s first impression of an item you’re selling is important. A poorly staged presentation or blurry picture could mean that you don’t make the sale. Make sure that each picture looks as professional as possible. Don’t be afraid to use stage lighting to get the best possible picture of your products.


It’s also important that you incorporate clear descriptions of what you’re selling. If you’re showing a picture of merchandise you have for sale, make sure that your customers know exactly what you’re offering. Does the price include extra things pictured? Is the price for one item or multiple items? Always be as specific as possible. Remember that you want your clients to feel like they’re getting a great deal. If you lack specificity in your descriptions, your customers may feel like they’re getting ripped off. This can lead to poor reviews and problems with future clients.

Finally, make sure that you let all of your customers know about your new website. If you have social media pages, include links to your website on each of your profiles. Make sure to post regular updates that include the link so customers will be directed to your store. This way, they’ll be able to make purchases quickly and easily. Additionally, you should include your website address on business cards and in your store. When someone comes in to your store, you can remind them that they can easily shop from home directly through your website. This can lead to even more sales, especially since customers will be able to make purchases and have them sent as gifts.


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    Hi Kharim,

    Just found what I was searching for from last few days. your article really helped in designing a company. thanks for it!

    Will come back to read your articles most often.

  2. Jackie Spell


    Great article… I tried to create my website overnight and it killed me. I wish there is a way to put up a UNDER CONSTRUCTION so no one could see me in WIP (working in process).

    Second, I believe and will be handing this project over to a professional. I am a photographer and a photo booth owner with so many designs, colors, and style all running through my head. I tried to put this website together (going now on 3 months) and still I am not clear what I am doing.

    I really need to take a website 101 course. it’s totally not easy to build a website nor to find someone who knows you or your business inside out (as mentioned by Aditya Antil).

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    Hi Kharim,
    While designing a website for a company one really need to analyse first that what a business is all about and what scope it has. The images and information should be relevant and original. Images should be of high quality so that people can see the rel thing. Good tips shared mate.

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