Darren Rowse

Daren Rowse is an extremely successful blogger that is best known for his website ProBlogger.net. He also owns several other successful blogs, is a live speaker, and also acts as a consultant. Since 2002, Darren Rowse has contributed to over 20 different blog networks, although as of right now he is only active within 3 of them. With as much experience and knowledge that he has in the world of blogging, we can all learn a great deal from him.

He has been giving advice about blogging for a while now, so let’s take a look at 6 blogging habits that he has used to become as successful as he is.

Provide in Depth Articles on a Regular Basis

Coming up with content on a regular basis is something that Darren Rowse has mastered. He knows that his readers truly like his work, so he gives them what they want. He also makes sure that the articles he posts are in depth and go over all aspects of the subject he is writing about. This can be hard for most of us to implement, but if we can learn to provide more details in our posts and make sure to get new content out on a regular basis, we will see much more traffic to our sites.

Respond to Your Readers

You will notice that most comments, e-mails, and other communication eventually get answered by Rowse. It doesn’t matter if he has answered the same questions 100 times already, he still takes the time to appreciate his new readers by personally responding to their questions and concerns.

When people see that a blogger has no problem with communication, they tend to get more involved with the site and start to open up more. If you can get even a small fraction of people to start commenting on your blog, you will have no problems getting more people to trust your blog.

Research Your Target Audience

Understanding your audience is something that every blogger should take the time and do. It helps to keep up with the latest trends within your niche, gives you more content ideas, gives you the chance to predict how your audience will react, gives you an idea of how you are going to design your site for easy usability and you will also understand how to best convert them into loyal readers or customers. The more you understand about your target audience, the better chance you have at a successful blog.

Provide Articles that Are Easy to Understand

Darren Rowse has done multiple posts about writing smaller sentences and making your articles easy to understand. The shorter your sentences are, the easier it is to get the point across. People tend lose focus after a short amount of time, so if your blog posts are extremely large and it takes a while for people to understand the point you are trying to make, they might not even make it to the end.

The best thing to do is to keep your posts as detailed as possible and at the same time, make them easy to understand. The more people that are able to stay and comprehend your article, the more traffic you will see hit the content.

Provide Truthful Information that Has Been Properly Researched

Research should already be a part of every blogger’s daily routine. We need to complete the research or have already done it in the past, either way, our information needs to be truthful and informative. If your audience starts to realize that the information you are giving them is false, how long do you think it will take for everyone to move to a more reliable source?

Keep all Content Relevant to the Blog

This one should be pretty straight forward, keep all the content on your blog relevant to your niche. It might be tempting to go off topic once in a while, but your audience is there for your specific niche. Giving them information that they might not be interested in might end up making them run away, so just try and keep every post within your niche.

While there are plenty of other lessons we could have learned from Darren Rowse, these are 6 very important habits we can all learn to implement in our own blogs.


  1. Mohit Rajwani


    Initially reading the first point I Realised manh…Its gonna be interesting and at the end I conclude that I have probably found the best combo of some sensible and ravishing points..

    Cheers.Keep up Posting..Good luck.

  2. Jennifer Hardy


    Its totally true. Each one of the points mentioned in this article form the basic ethics of a successful blog.

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