Hello to all my fellow bloggers and loyal blog readers.

This article is about the current update that I have done on this blog and why I did a mini relaunch.

First of all I want to start by thanking all they visitors who supported me during the time which the blog was going through a bit of bugs and also when I closed the site to do some maintenance work.

What Went Wrong With WebMaster-Success.com?

Well I started having problems when HostGator moved my site over to a new server. I had a few bugs with my WordPress admin panel.

Some of the problems are listed here below:

  • I couldn’t get to read my blog stats
  • Tons of plugins malfunctioned
  • My blog became a bit slow
  • My WordPress admin panel didn’t pick me up as the administrator of my own site
  • …and many more small errors.

I tried on numerous occasions to contact HostGator into helping me fix this problem, because it happened after they switched to a new server.

They didn’t seem to understand what I was talking about and my problem wasn’t solved.

I tried to contact other bloggers into helping me to fix it, but somehow the problem seemed like it would never be solved.

I even though of hiring a freelancer to work on fixing my blog. But I thought to myself, I know a bit of  PHP and database management… why not put my skills to the test and work at trying to fix my own blog.

What Did I Do Next?

Well last week Sunday I closed my blog for a week and decided to start working on my blog.

Was it challenging? Yes it was, because I had tried to install a new WordPress and copy over the files and database tables. But in doing so the errors were copied as well.

I had to do a new install of WordPress about 7 times before I got it right and also in coping tables from my database.

Finally my blog started to function well and it felt so wonderful to have my blog back online. I had to install my plugins again and did a few tweaks as well so as to bring the blog back to normal functionality.

I am still not out of the deep as yet, still have a few more things to work on, so please bear with me and it you do find any errors then please feel free to contact me and tell me. I will try my very best  to work on it as possible.

Future Plans For The Blog?

For the future of this blog I am hoping to start producing some awesome articles as I usually do for my audience and subscribers. I plan to work with you so that you can also make your blog a success.

Get ready for an awesome $150 USD giveaway starting next week Sunday (September 15, 2013) Be sure to participate and stand a chance of winning some cash.

Thanks for making it WebMaster-Success.com and I hope to see you soon.


  1. Abhay


    Yaa hostgator was down for too much and many were facing similar issues.Go with any other host if you want.

  2. Reply

    Hey bro,
    Sorry for all you went through with this blog and congrats for working hard on bringing it back to live. We are highly waiting for the $150 cash contest 😉

    That’s a bright way to come back and good luck on the blogging journey man

  3. Joshua Charlie


    Hey Kharim,

    We will be waiting for your articles as they are best and very informative. Keep it up.

    Thanks for informing us,


  4. Gautham Nekkanti


    Hi Karim,

    Thanks for sustaining the blog, Problems associated with your blog looks like a lot of hassle a requires a great deal of effort to solve. Hope they webmaster success sails smoothly from now on.

    • Reply

      Hey pal,

      Well I really wanted to fix the problems that my blog had. I am very happy to have brave up and fixed the problem all by myself.

      Thanks for the comment and welcome back to the blog.

  5. Reply

    Glad to see the blog back up and running, I am sure you had some readers running scared for a minute there (Smile) I know I was. Love the tweaks so far they are small for the most part but very handy. I hope you fix all those bugs I will keep an eye out for any you might have missed.

    • Reply

      Hey bro!

      Well sorry for scaring my blog readers there a bit. But I am happy to say that the blog is up and running again and it feels great.

      Thanks for the comment, Ricardo.

  6. Reply


    Wow, sounds like a lot of work and you’re still not done! Thanks for keeping us up to date and best of luck with this great and informative blog of yours!

    ~ Jupiter Jim

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