I am not SEO expert but in this article I am going to share some of my own experience of blogging and SEO. So, let’s start with starting “what is niche blog”.

niche blogWhat is niche blog?
Niche blog is creating a blog with a particular market (topic, category) where you have to publish articles or posts on the particular topic. niche blog is best thing to be first or in the top 10 result of search engine and get maximum traffic from search engine. niche blogs offer an extraordinary path for smaller bloggers to attract readers, adapt their blogs, and cut out a solid put in the blogosphere.

Choose a topic :
The best niche bloggers know a ton about their topic. They could be masters in the topic identified with their niche blogs, or they could just revel in reading, re-searching and learning about their niche blog topic and afterward examining those learnings in their own interesting voice.

Do not go for trend niches :
Provided that you need to make a successful blog with life span, then you ought not pick a specialty theme that is hot today yet could vanish sometime later.

For example, Choosing to write a niche blog about a specific festival you like might be a lot of fun and traffic, but what after the festival gone, then what happens to your blog? In all probability, the activity will abate until it at long last blurs away abandoning you with a blog with no trust for restoration. Verify the niche topic you pick has resilience.

Do long tail keyword research :
If you want to increase traffic to your niche blog, then search engine optimization (SEO) should be important to you. So as to improve your site for keyword search traffic, you have to begin by doing some keyword research and long-tail SEO research to study the keywords and keyword phrases individuals are utilizing to find content as that offered on your blog. It’s difficult to compete with the big blogs and Websites.

For example : it might be very difficult to compete with big blogs for broad keywords such as “Printing” However, in the event that you pick an extremely focused on keyword phrase that is nearly identified with your niche blog’s content, for example ‘teen allowance’ for a specialty write about parenting teens, at that point your rivalry is more diminutive and your traffic is more targeted on.

You have to take a step back to do keyword research and optimize your blog content for the best keywords.

All the best!

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    This is really a great details article about niche blog>Looking for such an awesome one and got that from.All thanks to you,greatly appreciate the time spend behind such an article.

  2. abhilash


    i love your site logo.
    keyword research is he most impotent thing for success of micro niche site and yes you must have good knowledge of your topic.

  3. Gautam


    Choosing a topic is a big step but the most important is choosing right keywords and it has become more hard after Adwords keyword tool shutdown.

  4. Lisa Chaves


    I am really guilty of the 2nd tip because I always go for trending topics. Thanks for your very real tips.

  5. Reply

    I think you are absolutely right on all counts. Also, I agree with you that you can’t choose a niche just because it is trending. Instead, you should go in for something in which you are possibly an expert and can write a lot about.

  6. Gautham Nekkanti



    Thanks for this awesome guide. Long Tail Keyword research is very important not only to find the non-competitive market, but also to target additional keywords along with primary one.

  7. Sanjeev


    Good tips for starting Niche blog. Good research is a must for starting a niche blog, selecting correct keyword is being the most important thing. There are some tools which can help but still you need to spend some good time for this…

  8. Chandrakanth Adhikari


    its an awesome article about Niche Blog.this can be helpful to the business marketing.thanks for your support and suggestion.

    • Nitin Maheta


      Yes, it is useful to the business marketing even for even this is one of the best way to get targeted traffic to your blog. and earn more n more by your niche blog.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  9. Yogendra Sharma


    Good explanation about Niche Blogs for the startup. You’re right we don’t go with trendy niches. Keep it up. 🙂

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