As more individuals and small businesses take to the online markets, it is important to ensure that your website is attracting traffic of potential customers. SEO then comes into play as one of the ways to ensure traffic to the website is achieved, but not many individuals are able to contract an SEO expert or SEO company.

Nonetheless, it is still possible to for these individuals and business owners to undertake basic optimization of their websites with much ease by observing some simple principles. The most basic website optimization is the optimization of on-site elements and of the website, which form a core part of the website. Such features to optimize include;

  • Title tags

These inform the search engines what the page contains. In practice, the title should have at most 70 characters including the business details and the specific keywords chosen.

  • Meta Tag

Meta descriptions give more details to the search engines about the pages. They include keywords and other characters which the search engines may use to rank the pages. In some instances, the Meta descriptions do appear in the search results.

  • Internal links

Search engines are able to learn more about the website through these internal links, which are links referencing other parts or pages on the same website.

  • Image name and ALT tags

Using appropriate keywords in the naming of the images used in the website and within the <alt> tags helps the search engines to easily find these images if they match the keywords used in the search.

  • Tweaking the content

Having the right content is important to both the website visitors and search engines. High-quality content in different categories, e.g. blogs, articles, press releases, reports, podcasts, videos, etc., keeps your visitors on the website for longer, and more page links will appear in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

  • Use keywords

As much as the use of keywords helps in the website’s ranking by the search engines, caution must be taken not to overuse them, which may result in some search engines, e.g. Google, penalizing such websites for over-optimization.

By observing these basic principles, it is easy to do some level of SEO on your website that will enhance its ranking. Even better, there are SEO tools that have been developed to enable even novices to carry out an above par SEO exercise.


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    Some great tips here thank you! As a new business owner I am doing some basic SEO on my website and these are some helpful starting points! THANK YOU!

  2. Rahul Yadav


    Thank you, for writing this awesome blog post.Today I learnt about SEO only for you

    We expect you share your all digital marketing knowledge regularly

    thank you

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    Thank you for sharing this great information. This information helpful and useful for many people and in this post give good explanation in detail that helpful for easily understand this. Here good points for seo.

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