Search engine optimization is a constantly evolving field. Whenever brand new algorithms are introduced, SEO practitioners try to conform to the industry’s best practices as numerous businesses are competing to grab the top ranking in the search engine results. As the New Year has just set in, now is the right time for retrospection. Consider the things that have undergone changes the previous year and the things that would be changing this year. Trend forecasting could be a challenging and complicated task. That is chiefly because of the Internet’s unpredictable character and the apparent vagueness of the search engines.

Mobility Would Be Given Top Priority

It is a known fact that search engines would be ranking responsive and really fast loading websites higher depending on customer requirements. You must consider optimizing and minimizing images to make sure that web pages load faster and are lean enough. You must consider removing unused apps and plug-ins too. Your topmost priority should be given to smart mobility in 2017 as today mobile-ready websites seem to be much more in demand as compared to the others.

Optimization Would Be Given Importance for Google My Business

Mobile users have always been opting for nearby business in order to enjoy instant solutions. The latest studies have revealed that over 50 percent of the mobile searches seem to have local intent. As the searches are actually originating from mobile and looking for local relevance, it is understood that search engines would now be focusing on website and business information based primarily on location. Moreover, the local listings are going to release improved CTR and attract more clients for your business.

Unparalleled Content Would Be the Key

The single most prediction that has always come true is the fact that giving importance to the development of high quality, original, and unique content. You must be aware that the textual value associated with online resources seems to have gone up tremendously over the last few years. Keyword rich content is a thing of the past. 2016 necessitated content writers to focus on a particular key phrase to the minimum extent possible. This was often restricted to merely a double repetition in a 500 words write-up.  It is predicted that the frequency of keywords is less likely to change in 2017 but there would be a stronger emphasis on the quality of the content.

More Human Touch

As per the viewer analytics, it could be concluded that websites which are able to facilitate humane connectivity on a bigger scale, would be doing much better as opposed to their peers. Focus would be certainly on developing effective SEO strategies which would be concentrating on the delivery of relatively more realistic, and direct connection with your reader. Strategies like Facebook promotions, Instagram management, and also blog commenting, etc. would be getting a real boost. You could consider using a professional bulk email marketing services Mumbai to boost engagement with your audience.

Stay Away from Fake Content

There has been a conscious effort in coming up with effective strategies for combating fake content. There are numerous unreliable resources present online and you must be cautious about generating original research-oriented content only for your website. Remember to focus on in-depth writing just like the comprehensive and informative content found on sites such as Wikipedia. If you keep this in mind while developing content, your website would soon gain a high ranking on the first page for direct queries to Google.


It is essential for you to get ready for surprises. SEO is all about constant evolution. Be prepared for the unanticipated or the unpredictable at all times. It is important for you to remain open-minded. Nothing seems to be certain. There could be an abrupt or unanticipated modification in algorithm dynamics that could necessitate a complete change in the game plan. It is about time that Google would be coming up with its next significant update. It is, therefore, essential for you to stay alert and be prepared for a truly dynamic 2017.

Author bio: Walter Moore is an SEO expert currently attached to a Mumbai-based Company. He has mastered SMM and digital marketing over the past few years. He loves to share his experiences, resources, tricks, and tips on his blog. He is an avid blogger and recommends resources such as on his personal blog.


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