Social media is a rapidly developing and powerful marketing tool any business can utilise in 2012. However, in order to use social media to your advantage it is important to understand how the various networks function and how their proper use will help you.

Below are some of the key examples of how social media can be used to help you boost your sales in 2012.

1. Quantifiable Marketing Techniques

With new developments in social media technology, and especially with Facebook, businesses are able to receive quantifiable data regarding their customer base and the effectiveness of their marketing schemes.

When customers “like” a page or a post a business can record the number of “likes” or comments and turn this into hard data. Consequently the data translates into a better understanding of the ROI for the time and effort put into developing a strong social media page. Its results can highlight areas needed for improvement, as well as where you are succeeding.

2. Instant Customer Feedback

Possibly one of the best ways that social media can help you boost sales in 2012 is through the availability of instant customer feedback.

On pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, businesses can make posts and then view customer comments and questions. This will help you increase your sales for 2012 by allowing you to make changes more rapidly and respond to customer concerns effectively. This not only shows the customers that you care about their opinions, but also that you are devoted to producing quality products and services.

3.Geographically Targeted Information

Social media also enables you to see where your customer base lies, making it easier to track your top sales locations and areas for development. This is a great way to develop targeted marketing plans for specific locations to maximize sales and to find out where marketing could be more effective. You can also see who your clients are in terms of age, gender, and income level to give you a better idea about your demographic data.

Social media has made this process much simpler, with many people linking their mobile devices to their social media accounts and constantly being connected online, so your customer base is always readily available.

4. Sharing Infographic Marketing

Although infographic marketing has long been a popular method of advertising, social media makes this tool much more effective and helps to reach a larger population. For businesses that use Twitter as a social media tool, links to infographics are a great way to share your products and ideas with customers in a small URL.

This is also true for Facebook, where links to other sites often include a small accompanying image to catch other users’ attention. Infographics are also a great way to pack a lot of information into a single advertisement, making them much more cost-effective than larger projects.

5. Build Strong Relationships with Customers

Social media is also a great way to get to know your customer base and to develop lifelong relationships with customers. Communication is key to any successful business venture, and social media marketing and monitoring can help you do that. The best thing to remember about this is the importance of responding to customer concerns as quickly as possible, either by responding directly on the social media platform or by sending additional contact information for more sensitive information.

This will ensure that the customers understand your open-door policy and help them feel more comfortable with your business, building a strong relationship that will be reflected in your sales for 2012.

6. Showing Your Fun Side

The succes of Pinterest has allowed companies to embrace their creative urges and display a side to their customers they never could do before. Take full advantage of the ever growing audience for this latest internet craze by getting your business an account.

Be fun, cute, silly and inventive with how you display your company and its wares to your potential customers – the public loves a down-to-Earth business with a fun side, so don’t delay and book yourself a sales and image boost in 2012.


  1. Shashi k Bansal


    Nice Article !
    I agree to you that social media is the becoming key ingredient for Traffic.
    Keep Sharing Cool stuff like this. it keeps me run in right direction.

  2. pooja


    nice share dude, now a days social media has more power for make your brand popular in specific Geo-location and targeted customers.
    thank you for sharing this tips.

  3. Sahara


    We believe that newspapers have lost touch with young people. The needs of the youth audience are largely ignored by the Popular Press, and when young people are featured, they are often represented in a negative way.Thanks for sharing the information.

  4. Paul Onwueme


    Failure to invest in social media is tantamount to failure in sending your message across to your prospects. I think serious business men who want to sell online should read this article to gain more insights but all the same social media also deserves some knock as well.

  5. Ayesha


    Social media provides us best platform for marketing. We must have patience to gain awesome result.Attractive fine job, thanks for putting up!!

    • Alex Morris


      Hi Ayesha,

      I agree it’s an ideal marketing tool as it allows a company to focus in on individuals and respond personally, which is a great way to build up brand loyalty. It’s a also a quick and cheap way of getting your message across.

  6. Reply

    Hi Alex, I think that if done properly and with care, great social media always leads to your last point, better relationships with customers. I also think that you’ve got to leave some room for experimentation and creativity. Thanks for sharing on – great post!

  7. Tom


    On Social Networking site their are approx billion of people around the world and their you promote your business .. and you increase your sale ..!!

  8. Reply

    Definitely, with Social Media ever increasing popularity it will be bigger this 2012. Businesses which haven’t taken advantage of the many social media platforms are missing quite a lot. But just remember that you have to separate your personal account from your business account and your posts should always be professional and relevant to your business. Posting unrelated stuff like funny pics or random facts can hurt your credibility.

    • Alex Morris


      Hi Reese,

      Yes, you’re spot on there. Quite a few people have managed to get themselves fired for using their social media sites as a platform to rant about their working life. I think people forget themselves sometimes, as if the internet and its relative anonymity protects them from everyday life. Behave yourselves, everyone!

  9. JamesW


    Great post, social media is still a big part of our online and offline bushiness.
    thanks for sharing

    • Alex Morris


      Cheers James,

      For better or for worse I don’t think social media’s going anywhere. It will doubtless morph into new forms as the years roll by but it’s proven such a big hit I can’t see this being just a fad. Each business will have to roll with the times, too.

    • Alex Morris


      Hi Bishwajeet,

      Word of mouth is a great element to social media. Now companies can’t be lazy anymore – they have to really up their customer service to make sure they can get full advantage of their loyal customers.

  10. Becca


    I agree social media help to build relationship between costumer and company. It is also a great place to reach your target market. nice post.

    • Alex Morris


      Hello Becca,

      It’s true these days. I remember growing up and these big firms were lifeless and distant, now they all have facebook pages and, particularly, Pinterest accounts. The latter will open up a business to its customers, I think. It’s a terrific tool to show the human side of an organisation. It’s also really good fun!

  11. Reply

    Hey Alex,

    Thank you for elaborating this topic. I think issue has to be addressed anyway. Everyone is just in social media so why not join the whole party there right. I think marketing your brand using social media is good.

    • Alex Morris


      Hey Patricia,

      I think if you’re in one form of social media you might as well go the whole way and be part of all of it. This is especially the case if your company needs a boost in the local community and beyond. People are still a bit confused by some forms, though; Google+ for instance. And Pinterest. I’m trying to get my firm on Pinterest but I’m not sure they’ll let me!

  12. Mark


    I definitely agree that social media is one of the fastest way to get traffic nowadays, but we have to be careful in posting in social media.

    • Alex Morris


      Hi Mark,

      If by being “careful” of posting in social media you mean not overdoing it then I can see your point. But there are other issues such as writing something you might later regret and making you and your company look like an idiot! On the whole I think it’s fine as long as its limited – spamming’s the worst thing anyone can do.

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