With a commanding style far beyond his years, master guitarist and genius lyricist George Harrison pushed onward after the explosive, world-changing breakup of The Beatles, crafting an album of monstrous proportions titled All Things Must Pass – reaching well over six million sales. The album, in its entirety, though, has a simple message – George Harrison hates your blog.

Okay, you got me – George Harrison didn’t have a clue what a blog was when he scored the brilliant pieces in the album – but many songs on the album can have universal selectors and means of attacking one self. Peaking its pretty face upon the rigid surface of the vinyl record on two separate occasions, Beware of Darkness can easily be used to tear your blog apart, stitch by stitch.

Avoiding the Inevitable Darkness

Let’s trek back to November 27th, 1970. While the world-problems were very real and serious, the situations George called to have avoided were much simpler than those of today – one’s inner self. Having mastered the arts of meditation and Indian culture, George Harrison was focused on purifying himself and becoming one with the world.

Bloggers face similar problems in today’s world, though on a much larger scale. If one were to compare themselves to George Harrison, they may ask why George could get away with just trying to make himself happy at times. The answer is simple – he stood on a mahogany and gold pedestal many miles above your head.

George Harrison didn’t have to worry about what others thought of him – he was one of most famed rock-stars of all time, and was hated by very few. The modern-day blogger, however, lives upon the exact opposite situation – they are in a competition with nearly everybody, pushing not love, but hate, upon themselves.

Pressure builds at a rapid pace as one tries to please each and every reader, provoking your mind to scratch golden content upon the face of your blog. That sheer pressure is the force that leads to the infamous Darkness.

As George Harrison would sing, darkness can hit you and hurt you at any time. When it hits, it hits hard and without notice, so it is very essential for all preparations to be taken before trekking out on your perilous journey of blogging.

To avoid the said darkness is a simple task in mind, but a difficult one at hand – simply stop caring. Your goal is to become the top dog in the competition and make people rave over you no matter what you do. You have to be the leader on the topic – the role model to the beginner.

While in The Beatles, George Harrison wrote a song titled Only A Northern Song. In it, he said,

“It doesn’t really matter what chords I play or what words I say.” ~ George Harrison

The pure style and, at times, arrogance that lived inside of George Harrison was fascinating – he knew, in his heart, that it did not matter if he messed up or not. Whether he sang the words right, or not, men and women alike would rave over his being, destroying the pressure that would otherwise sit upon his shoulders.

As a blogger, your determination must be of the same – work hard in the beginning, while trying to make people fall head over heals for your content – then dominate the internet with your pure domination.


  1. Imran Soudagar


    I am sure George Harrison likes your blog! Great tips hard work pays.

    • Joe Boyle


      I feel as if I’m not worthy to have George Harrison like my blog ): He stood for so much and was respected in so many areas that it’s difficult to feel as if you could gain his respect.

  2. Beth


    Most of us always try to please everybody around us even its beyond what we could actually offer. We’re still trying to give our very best to produce interesting content with the fear that if we wouldn’t come up with that, readers will stay away from our website.

    • Joe Boyle


      I always find that it’s best to please one to the best of your ability then to half-ass it and give everybody only part of your ability. Quality of quantity. If you can’t do it, focus on other things.

      As Napoleon Hill once said, “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”

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