Everyone is competing for it, and you know how important traffic is to your blog’s success. But have you ever imagined where that huge amount of traffic you invested all your efforts in getting to your blog go to? Unfortunately, for most bloggers, they end up telling the same story they told before a single person ever checked out to see their blog, how can they make money through blogging? Instead of asking how they can make money from their blog, it’s now how to monetize the traffic they get to their blog.

Having a blog that gets visited by thousands of people daily will not put money in your pocket, you probably knew that already. But knowing how to turn that traffic into money is what matters. With the business of blogging growing more competitive, you cannot rely, for too long, on the traffic that comes to your blog to last forever, and now would be the best time to start capturing them like storing water in a reservoir. In this post, I’ll be discussing some major importance of building an email list.

[box type=”important”]Your Blog Might Not Last Forever[/box]

One way many bloggers tend to fool themselves is by believing that their blogs will remain forever. Other than one losing interest in it, or something else taking up your time and causing you to finally dump your blog, hackers might snatch it from you and turn it into something you don’t like.

In the event of such occurrence, what would become of that huge traffic you always wake up to see in your analytics stats? This, more than any other factor emphasizes the strong need for you to start building an email list.

Unlike a blog that might disappear like the wind, your email list will always remain with you, and you can use it to prosper your new venture.

[box type=”red”]Email Subscribers Are More Responsive To Offers[/box]

We all promote offers on our blogs, unless we have no interest in making money online (which I’ve never come across someone with such claims!). But very few bloggers record high response from their readers whenever it comes to promotions and affiliates. You know, people always make a lot of decisions before finally committing to spending their money on something, especially in an environment like the internet.

With this in mind, which type of readers do you think would be more responsive to your offers: those that randomly visit your blog or those that know you and trusted you with their emails?

If you are in your right frame of mind, you would know that the latter would be more profitable for a blogger.

And you can only get people to trust you with their emails by telling them to subscribe to your blog.

[box type=”green”]You Will Promote Your Blog Posts To Your Email List[/box]

Finally, another importance of building a mailing list is the opportunity to promote your blog post to them. Most often, new blog posts don’t get a lot of views and one of the best ways to get views to them is by sending them to your email list. They are more likely to click over and come to read it on your blog than find it on Google.

This tactic has helped me get good amount of traffic to my open door loans blog.

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Matthew is a guest blogger for open door loans where people get payday loans faq open door loans.


  1. Mike Cleveland



    You hit the nail on the head. You get to keep in touch with the traffic that comes to your website.

    There is a lot of competition with blogging these days. An email is a reminder that your blog still stead exist…but, moreover, we should want to build those relationships with the people that come to our blogs.

    This establishing of a relationships will set you apart from your competition. Building the trust factor in those who might just forget about your blog. You will stay on the heart and mind of your subscribers.

    Mike Cleveland

  2. Trevor Jackson


    I actually believe that it’s becoming more and more harder to approach people on email because of the overwhelming phenomenon of e-mail spamming.

  3. Samuel


    Always start to build at the beginning. just don’t let it too much of your focus.

    They’re are other important things to get to. True, you will be promoting to your email list with your article. Good point there.

  4. Rash scott


    Email Marketing is the best and successful online marketing technique. Many companies are getting good results and that’s the reason why every business wanted to utilize it.
    Through email marketing you can market your products .

  5. Reply

    James, I agree that we should all build an email list but I don’t agree with all your points. It’s all good though as long as we reach the same conclusion. 🙂
    I think it’s because my niche is different from yours, but I do get a lot of traffic to my new posts and I don’t use my email list that way. If people want the blog posts they can subscribe via FeedBurner.

    Thanks for the post James, it gave me a different point of view and that’s always a good thing.

    • Matthew


      Ileane, I understand where you are coming from, and your point is great too! But the difference is that, by building an email list, you have control- you decide when your email readers see your latest post and which segment of them see it first!
      I’m not so sure you can do this with feedburner, but as you initially said we are both heading towards the same direction and would likely achieve the same results 🙂
      Thanks for the comment!

  6. Joe Boyle


    Great post you whipped up here, James. An email list is insanely important in the race to success. It allows you to make easy profit without sounding like you’re begging. It’s win-win. You get to give content and pull in potential customers.

    • Matthew


      Thanks for the comment Joe.
      You are right there, building an e-mail list creates a win-win situation for you and your readers.

  7. Steven Papas


    Really great post, I like it. The way to keep your traffic with you instead of your blog is your email list. I never thought of it that way and I think we all know that blogs are not eternal, we have seen enough of them fail to know that. The thing that is going to last a lifetime is you if you so choose it.

    • Matthew


      Steve, thanks for your comment and it’s great to see you drop by 🙂 Thanks for you point, too.

  8. Reply

    James that’s awesome post it surely indicates the real value and importance of the email list creation. Now those folks who don’t know the real benefit of having an email list will get to know about it. i have one more query i.e. May we get to read some of the best practical tips for the email list creation.? Thanks

    • Matthew


      Hi Adrian, thanks for the awesome comment. Yeah, you can watch out for my next post on this blog, I might get to talk about it 🙂

  9. Aasma


    Email Marketing is the oldest and successful online marketing technique. Many companies are getting positive results and that’s the reason why every business wanted to utilize it.

    Through email marketing you can easily inform your subscribers about your new post, and special update and of course your can market your products and services.

    • James


      Yeah, email marketing complements any online business, and it’s never going to go frail. Thanks for the comment

  10. dipesh


    Yes you are right its necessary to make email list so that you can get more traffic because subscriber mostly respond to your mail.
    thanx for your article

    • James


      You are actually right, dipesh. Building an email list is very crucial to bloggers. Thanks for the question.

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