This year, we’ve been inundated with news of the various corporate abuses and manipulation of social media for financial and political gain. What we don’t hear enough about are the new and exciting functions of social media platforms in our shining Communication Age! Here, we’ve outlined a few of the latest major updates in communication technology in order to help you revamp your social marketing strategy for 2018.

1.) Experiment with Backlink Software

Getting positive and frequent backlinks is extremely important if your company seeks high rankings and more frequent appearances on Google and other major search engines. However, tracking these backlinks is an arduous process and may become skewed by key phrases in a given anchor text. This problem can be accurately measured and managed by cleaning up one’s homepage link map and building links with SEOJet, in order to lend your website the traffic and data it needs!

2.) Accurate Canvassing

Even the most powerful domain names on the web are susceptible to traffic inflation or This phenomenon entails that even if your domain is reporting higher numbers of views, the review measuring software that it uses may be interpreting fabricated or inaccurate information which can damage your data and inhibit your popularity and revenue. Update your software in order to get an accurate canvass of your domain name’s ranking and frequency of appearances in popular search engines!

3.) Brand-Building

Showcase your brand by putting popular key phrases in your anchor text. The more popular or frequent searches you get from your anchor text, the more views your domain name is likely to receive. More views equates to more revenue from ad traffic or direct sales at your domain!

4.) Tracking Your Link Ranking

Tracking your link ranking is extremely important in the estimation of the relative success and proliferation of your domain name. Companies that have experimented with this strategy describe the process as painless and simple: just follow the homepage link map and start fixing your keyword-heavy anchor text profile. Consider building links to your homepage, but also in addition to building a few of some long-form content pieces to increase the number of words that will appear in the search engine!

5.) Link-Building

Consider building links to other pages besides your company’s homepage, using the aforementioned back linking software. This will give your host site a more “natural” link profile, and has the potential to bring about a consistency in the number of links that hit your power pages, and therefore continue to build your rankings on global search engines.

6.) Guest Posting (As Content)

Host and screen guest content as a cheaper alternative to professionally-sourced anchor text. Crowdsourced material is of relatively comparable quality to the more expensive alternative, and it gives your After all, people like to write about what they like! Crowdsourcing content is also a strategic move for companies that want fairly high content pieces that won’t have any backlink profile at all. There’s no guarantee for content scoured of backlink profile from any source, but this is encountered somewhat less frequently when sourced from an amateur and spontaneous pool of content generators.

7.) Revenue Analytics

The most fundamental piece of this entire process is your management strategy’s diligence in keeping track of overall revenue. Again, views and reviews do not necessarily equate revenue. Make use of backlink and mapping software in order to visualize your profit, respond to its trends, and organize your thoughts on the next steps you need to take in order to continue to increase it!

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