It’s actually too late to say that Android Marshmallow is a user-friendly O.S. But, what effect will it be having in your apps is still a significant topic that needs to be discussed as there are still, many devices today, that use this version of Android. It is having major benefits with regards to your engagement with the app. But, like two faces of a coin, it is having a few drawbacks too.

Here we now take you to a tour which will help you get more comfortable with the O.S. as well as get engaged with your app.

But, do remember to upgrade your apps to the versions compatible with the Marshmallow android version.

  1. No more worries about privacy:

The O.S. is now up with ease to your comfort ability with your app, as you will only be sharing that information with your app, which you are comfortable in sharing. Earlier versions of android needed the users to share all the phone features and information like location, contacts, storage etc. before installing an app. This led to inconveniences as not every user was comfortable sharing the personal data before exploring the app fully. The new feature of permissions in the Marshmallow Apps make sure that the app works well even after some information is not shared. Moreover, you will know which app is using which feature and information on your phone and at which time. This increases the sense of security in users and keeps them engaged with the app.

So, now you need not worry about the messenger or any other social media app like Instagram, Facebook etc. unnecessarily using your phone’s contacts or camera or location, troubling you with concerns about privacy. Moreover, you will no longer get the unwanted notifications of the people in your contacts being new to the apps. The unwanted recommendations will be reduced and you will be able to get better user experience and better time surfing your social media app.


  1. Easier Payments:

Now with better app features, users can sync the E-commerce apps with their debit cards and credit cards for payment usages. This again is reducing a lot of time waste.

Here you have reduced the time for your paytm payments or payments in Amazon, myntra or whatever they may be. Now, you can give more of your time to shopping than to pay.


  1. Easy Logins and Payments:

The Fingerprint scanning feature in the android, when integrated with apps gives much of ease to the users to log in various apps, power on the phone and perform pay operations in google play store. This saves a lot of time of users. And quicker actions are possible.

Now, the app lock feature for your WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram apps can work well. It will be only you who will be having access to these apps. And your time for logging in is saved as you no longer need to feed your username and password for your app.


  1. A new scope for the in-app browser:

The Custom tab feature of the O.S. directs the user to the links in the app in tabs of chrome. This doesn’t make them exit the app completely and then read the content. So, without constructing an in-app browser, we are able to read the relevant content. In addition to this, we are also free from all sorts of distractions that might occur while using web-browser separately. This keeps the users engaged with the apps.

A new link to a question on Quora on your Facebook newsfeed will open without making you exit your Facebook and chats. Read the answer and give feedback and continue with your Facebook work. You can open links in your facebook while remaining online.


  1. The concept of Deep Learning achieved:

With new features, when it comes to mobile apps, whenever a user clicks a link on the browser, it takes him straight to a page in the app without opening the app from the beginning and making user search for the desired page. This now saves a lot of time from irritating searching operations. This is nothing but Deep Linking. Now, the Marshmallow directly takes the user to the desired app or browser as per the link or content. It doesn’t ask the users to select between the two. It will bring them to the Auto-Verified app. This creates the better user experience.

Now, no longer “ Open in the app or open in browser” options troubling you. Your facebook links will be opening in facebook app, not giving you troubles to log in again in your browser.

So, just enjoy your app with reduced trust issues and troubling recommendations and questions. Better user experience will give you satisfaction and better engagements with apps. 🙂

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Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs. Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by android marshmallow developer. He would love to share thoughts on Game Applications Development and Digital Marketing etc..  

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