When you have a small business it often means that you are wearing more than one hat, and possibly many different ones. This means your time is often limited, and generating traffic to your blog is crucial – and you need to know what traffic generating methods will be most valuable. Here are 7 methods that you do not want to overlook.

Create Content People Want to Read

Write content that is worth reading. This simple tip will be a cornerstone of getting traffic to your blog. Without good content that has good grammar and is well written, you can almost be sure your visitors will not return. You also want to make your business blog posts unique in some way, and not repeat what everyone else is saying. Remember, too, that people will tell others about good posts! Consistently great content will quickly build your online reputation and make you look like an expert in your field.

Post Regularly and Often

Decide How Often You Will Post

It is not necessary to write a new blog post every day, but you do want to post two or three times a week. If your blog is on an interesting topic, you may want to post even more frequently. Top bloggers post two or three times a day. By posting often, people will find new content when they come, and this will keep them coming back.

Use Social Media to Announce Posts

Social media is more than just something that people do who have a lot of time on their hands. It is a powerful tool to connect with people, and businesses of all sizes know its value. Learn to use the more popular networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. Create friend lists, circles, etc., and build groups in each one. Then, whenever you make a post, contact your social lists.

These social networks work well because announcements here can be seen by many people. Be sure to add the buttons on your blog so that visitors can “Like” your post. You can also add buttons from Digg and StumbleUpon.

Create an Email List

By offering something of value on your business blog, you can get people to sign up to be on your list. Items such as an eBook, a newsletter, a report, etc. will work well. As your list grows, send out announcements of new blog posts to them each time, and use it for letting them know of special deals, or new products.

Choose Your Blog Titles Carefully

When people perform a Google search, they will see your blog title, and then make a decision to visit your blog or not based on it. If it is not attention getting, they will not visit your website. One professional blogger mentions this at CopyBlogger: one post he wrote first had 100 visitors, but when he changed the title later, he had 5,000!

Get Inbound Links

Getting your blog found in Google means you need to have links on other websites pointing to your blog – inbound links. There are many ways to do this. Putting guest posts on other people’s blogs is a good one, or you can also create content to place on high traffic sites – such as placing a video on youTube, articles at EzineArticles, or a pdf file on Scribd or GoogleDocs. Commenting on other blogs or related forums is another important way to get known and to get inbound links.

Respond to Comments on Your Blog

People like to know that there really is a human being behind a business that they are thinking about dealing with. If they should ask a question or make a comment on your blog, try to answer it or make a reply rather quickly that shows you care and are interested in them – as long as it isn’t spam.

Interview Others in Your Industry

When you interview a key figure in your industry, you can be sure that people will come and see what it’s about. Most likely, the person being interviewed will also put a link on their blog to yours, and you will see your traffic suddenly increase.

There are many ways to promote your small business blog. Being consistent at just a few of them will work better than just dabbling with a lot of different ones.

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[box]Mike Valles is an author who writes on a wide variety of topics, including online reputation.[/box]


  1. Rafiul Islam


    Thanks for sharing this article with us. I’m a professional SEO expert since 2010. This article is really informative for newbies. Creating good quality inbound link is compulsory and I’ll suggest also for guest blogging. If you easily increase your blog with your targeted traffic through guest blogging. Thank you again 🙂

  2. Reply

    I have been overwhelmed with so many competing requirements in launching my new business idea. Your post helped me define my “habits” that I will discipline myself to perform on a regular schedule. Thanks!

  3. Sohail



    All the above mentioned tips are really informative and it’s obvious that social media plays a major role in generating good traffic for all types of sites.

  4. Reply

    Really good tips and I will try for my own blog..Some tips are more important which can help to increase organic search..Thanx for awesome tips

  5. ahmed


    nice article,great tips for driving traffic to a blog.quality of content andPublic demand’s tip is primary objective.social media and link building are the great choices to enhances traffic or visitor quantity.Thanks for sharing:)

  6. Charan Pammi


    Really Great tips are listed here. !! Really useful for new bloggers. Traffic is the only task that shows our success in the Blogging Era.

  7. Vishnu


    yes responding comments and write quality content help to generate good traffic and relations with people.Thanks for tips.

  8. vikram


    Hey, very glad to see your 7 tips about generating website traffic. Social media is playing a key role in blog’s traffic now a days. If a blog is promoted sufficiently on some of the top social media platforms, then there will for sure the higher traffic. Thanks for sharing this useful article.

  9. Pramod


    I dont see much better tips than these .. we all webmasters know the importance of social media sites ..now its time for small business to understand the importance of social media sites .Thanks for sharing these tips.


  10. Reply

    Mike, thanks for these tips. I believe great content tops the list of traffic generating tips. With content that have great quality, people would link to you.
    Leaving helpful comments on other blogs is also a good way to get back links to your blog and in turn get tonnes of traffic.

    Interviewing influential bloggers really helps to bring traffic to you. I have been practising this and I can testify that it really produces positive results.

    Using social media and building healthy relationships are other tools we must never neglect. Fellow bloggers and readers of your blog have a way of helping to get you traffic if you develop a healthy relationship with them.

  11. shakaib


    Awesome tips mike, i think these 7 are enough to take my blog to the top! Thanks a lot for this article. 🙂

  12. Reply

    Small biz type of blog will going to need a targeted traffic than just a wild traffic in huge amount. In this case, focus the effort on several social media that best performed, on-page SEO to attract organic visitor, and build email lists would be good option to take. Great post!

  13. aditi


    Hello Dear

    i read your post and i appreciate rally actually i need this post and yes you are right content is most important part of the blog really and according to me, share your blog on social media sites in fact your app points are great so thanks for sharing me. 🙂

  14. Reply

    Hello Dear

    its very useful post for newly blogger and yes you are right content is most important part of the your blog and share your blog on social media sites and according to me your article is always amazing so thanks for sharing me. 🙂

  15. Gautham Lurk


    I feel that Social media is the best way to generate traffic for startups and small business blogs. It even has good conversion rate.

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