The main part of blogging involves writing. Having a blog and without writing means you are not blogging. Having contents on a blog is what will help to make it successful.

Nowadays, there are many people writing posts for their own blogs or other people’s blogs.

Here are some tips for writing a blog post which will have maximum impact.

1. Focus On Your Audience

Before writing any blog post, think of the needs of your audience, and not just what you want to write about. Keep in mind that not all your readers have the same level of technical understanding as you. There are various ways of finding out what your readers would like to read.

First, you could use Google Analytics to monitor the number of people reading each blog post. Check how the readers are interacting with your posts through social media and comments. This way, you’ll know what kinds of topics are more popular than others.

2. Be Yourself

Everyone has their own voice and a unique style of writing. Even as you follow the rules of writing, remember to retain your identity and have passion for whatever topic you are addressing. Don’t be afraid to break rules once in a while, as long as it doesn’t compromise the quality of your work.

3. Use Catchy Headings

Most readers scan the content of blog posts before reading the entire post.

Therefore, make sure you use headings to enable visitors get an idea of what your post is all about. If the headings are catchy enough, visitors will be interested in reading the entire post.

4. Write Great Snippets

Blog posts appear in RSS feed readers in form of snippets which only show the first few lines of a blog post. After this, the reader is encouraged to click on a link to read the full post. Therefore, make sure you write a great snippet which will leave the reader with no choice but to read the full article.

5. Focus On One Topic

There is a lot of information that you might want to share with your readers. At times, it could be tempting to stuff as much information as possible in a single blog post.

However, to be effective, it would be advisable to focus on one topic per post. If you have a lot of content on one topic, you could consider breaking it down into a series of short posts.

6. Optimize Your Posts

You need to optimize your posts so as to enhance the ranking of your blog in search engines. Before writing anything, take time to carry out some research to find out what keywords would be suitable for your blog post.

Make sure the keyword appears in places such as your blog post title and image alt tags.

7. Add Links To Related Content

Do you have other articles that you have written on the same subject previously? Dig through your archives to find related articles. You can then include a few links within the blog post to encourage your visitors to read further.

8. Double Check

Once your blog post gets published, it might not be very easy to make any corrections.

Therefore, before clicking on the publish button, take time to proofread your work. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Cross check your facts. You could even ask a colleague or friend to read it and give their opinion. Finally, check if all the links in the post are working properly.


This is a post by Charles Mburugu, an internet marketing and social media blogger. Recently, he has been writing forHost In 15, an awesome web hosting review site that helps you inchoosing the right web host.


  1. John


    Yes really this article is very helpful. We can write nice articles for the blog now which will improve the keyword ranking of my website.

    I would just like to add that now-a-days Google gives weightage to articles which are informative and also may be of 300-600 words.

    Dont do internal linking too much. 2-3 internal links are OK

    john @ web design

  2. Mark Katavice


    Hello Charle
    I’m new to this blog, and your topic seems interesting to me.Thanks buddy for the post. I’ve a blog of my own so I’ve to post often, after reading your post some of my confusions are one about how to post effectively.

  3. nabil


    Writing is the most important element in blogging.A blog means writing.We cannot have a blog without writing.It is not possible at all.So , to have a successful blog you you need to write a successful writing which means to have an effective writitng or a quailty writing.Writing is not an easy task at all.It needs some efforts and skills.There are some tips for writing a blog post which will have maximum impact: Focus On Your Audience; Be Yourself;Use Catchy Headings; focus on one topic;and Optimize Your Posts

  4. prabhat


    hello charles
    nice tips for everyone but i think eye catching title helps the most in writing an awesome blog post and yes other points are also valid

    • Charles


      I agree Prabhat….a great title is what will give the visitor a reason to read the rest of the post.

  5. Sandeep Kumar


    Hi Charles,

    Double check – Its really an important step that most of us forget to implement.

    An unique article with lots of spell mistakes and grammatical error degrade its value so we always do double check before publishing it.

  6. Reply

    Hello Dear

    i am very impress really i appreciate with your post and your all points are great and important and your first point is very important point Focus On Your Audience, so thanks for sharing me

    • Charles


      Hey Gaurav, am glad you found these tips helpful. All the best as you venture into blogging 🙂

  7. Prakash


    This is my first time in this blog and the headings are really catching and I have forced for leaving comment. These are really great tips for writing a blog post. We should check double times and adding related content is also good point.

  8. Reply

    You give what I think are the most important first steps to take when it comes to making ones blog post more effective for getting the traffic we all desire.

  9. Alex Thompson


    Blog content takes the first tip in writing blogs and when we are optimizing the blogs we have to look into several things such as Url, meta tags, titles and image tags etc.

  10. Steven Papas


    Hey Charles,I always enjoy reading blog related post. Im also a blogger and these are very effective tips.I always try to experiment with methods.

  11. Yasir Khan


    Your audience is your sales so you must always focus on what they want and like to know about. Giving them information that they need to learn will give you an edge and establish your self as a reliable internet marketer.

  12. Reply

    Hey bro, I like point #5. That’s what makes a post interesting. focusing on a topic helps to bring out the hidden and exciting corners of the topic. However, we must be careful not to run into repetition. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this with us Kharim

  13. Reply

    These tips are truly great. Using catchy headline and adding link to related content definitely helps to make your blog post stand out from others. I also like the other tips that you have shared. Thanks for the share!!

    • Charles


      Hi there. Thanks for visiting this blog. I’m glad you found the post helpful. Again, thanks for stopping by.

  14. mansi kaul


    Hello Dear

    its very nice post and its very interesting post your first point is Focus On Your Audience this is very important point and seriously these are amazing post

  15. Joe Boyle


    Overall, make sure you are serving your mission – to help your audience. To help them go from pont A to point B, complete a task, or whatever your post’s purpose is. All too often, you find blog posts which begin to hint at a way to accomplish what the reader wants, and that’s it – they just hint. The post must completely conform to their needs, or else it will be very ineffective.

    Great post, keep up the great work!

    • Charles


      I couldn’t agree more Joe…the post should be crafted for the benefit of the audience. Thanks for the contribution.

  16. Reply

    Awesome tips given to improve our writing skills thanks for sharing this cool post keep it coming bro !

    • Charles


      You are welcome Anis. Keep visiting this blog for more informative and inspiring posts.

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