There comes a time when a blogger is very passionate about blogging and yet still has no idea what he should write about for his next blog post.

Has this ever happened to you?

It has happened to me and I know it has happened to other bloggers as well. Don’t worry about it, this is normal.

If you are a blogger who writes on a regular basis might face challenges at times pertaining to what you should publish for your readers to read.

Writing blog posts can be easy if you have great writing skills, but running out of ideas is pretty natural.

Maybe you are not out of ideas, but instead you have tons of ideas going through your head at once. What should you do in this case?

Keeping Your Ideas Under Control

What if you have tons of topics rushing to your brain at once when it comes to brainstorming for your next blog post?

What is the best thing to do?

The best thing for you to do in this situation is to write or jot down these ideas so that you don’t forget them.

The thing is, when you have a lot of ideas thinking about at once, you tend to forget about some of these ideas. So writing them down would be a wise decision.

After you have finished brainstorming for your next blog post ideas, look at all the topics that you have written down and choose the one that you can write on to the best of your abilities.

You want to also choose a topic that you have the most knowledge about so that you can supply your blog readers with the best possible contents.

Applying these tips listed above will help you greatly if you have tons of topics when it brainstorming for your next blog post.


5 Awesome Blog Post Ideas

Here are some things that you can do if you have a bit of problems when it comes to getting ideas for your next blog post:

1. Brainstorm – This one of the most common steps used not only by bloggers when it comes to coming up with new ideas.

Most of the time when people have things to write about they will often brainstorm so that they can come up with ideas on what they can write about.

2. Change Things Up A Bit – What I mean by change things up a bit is to analyze your blog and look for ways that you can write in a different pattern. Most times once a person develops a writing style this normally sticks like a habit.

You can now delve into new things and this might even spark some interest on your blog as well.

Most people haven’t done review posts, interviews, video blogging or pod-casting. Why not see if you can step into a new field and have these things done on your blog.

Doing this can help to create a new buzz around your blog.

3. Communicate With Others – When you are out of blogging ideas what you can do is to have meaningful conversation with your blog readers and other bloggers to see what you can do to spark an idea for your next blog post.

I find it easy to come up with new blog post ideas when I have a chat with another blogger. I often use social media and social networking sites so that I can have conversations with these bloggers.

You can also do blog commenting and participate in forum discussions as well to come up with new blog post ideas. Asking your blog readers what they would like to read next from you is also a great way to come up with new blog post ideas.

4. Acquire More Knowledge – Most of the times what we need to do is to gain more knowledge so that we can expand our thinking ability when it comes to generating ideas for blog posts.

When you read a blog post, try not to scan through the article. Read the full article if possible. If you are a person who scans through a blog post, try to pick out a section of the article that catches your attention and while reading try to gain as much knowledge as possible from that section.

Doing this will help to generate new blog post ideas.

5. Take A Break At Times – We all need a break every now and then to rest our brains. Writing on an everyday basis can be really tiring especially if you are a blogger or if you write for some journal.

Sometimes what a person needs to do is take a small break so that they can have their minds be at ease when it comes to writing blog posts.

Watch TV, play games, go out and have fun… Just do whatever it takes to put your mind at ease. I bet the next time you start blogging you will be coming up with some great blog posts.

In Conclusion

Running out of ideas for our next blog post is pretty natural. Not only bloggers go through it, this is something that everyone goes through.

This post was to help those who have a blog and needed some help when it comes to having an idea of what they can do when faced with problems in coming up with new blog post ideas.


  1. prince


    nice combination dude, this will really help us in getting new ideals to blog about most especially brainstorming

  2. mr alexis


    The domain of blogging is one of the most amazing domains in my opinion.It changes our life and our way of getting information.I really find that activity interesting and important in the sense that blogging as a whole makes updated to know information and news from one hand , on the other hand it gives us the opportunity to create new piece of writings and invent new way of being in touch with others information and points of view!!!

  3. robert


    It had happened to me too many times.I didn’t find any idea what I should write about for my next blog post.Keeping your ideas under control is a really a good advice.

    • Reply

      Hey Robert,

      So sorry that you had to went through that. Yes and it is always advisable to write down ideas as soon as they come to you.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  4. Reply

    i loved your post in fact your first point Brainstorm is very common and very useful point and communicate with other this is most important point, so thank YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING,,,!

  5. prabhat


    hey kharim nice post
    i always struggle when it comes to finding ideas for new post thats why we should choose a perfect niche and yes communicating with other really helps

    • Reply

      Hey Prabhat,

      Yes, choosing a niche that you have knowledge about is the best way to go. This way you can always have something to write about for your blog.

      Thanks for the comment.

  6. Vianney


    I’ve been finding myself in a rut lately. Hopefully your tips would help me in maintaining my blog’s consistency. Great job on this post.

  7. Reply

    awesome post thanks for sharing keep it coming bro ! looking forward for your next updates


  8. sweetroyal


    I always spent my half an hour to read this weblog’s articles daily along with a cup of coffee.

  9. Alen


    Thanks for the great article. I been trying to find a list of the do’s and do not’s of ghost writing.

  10. Pawan


    It happens with me every time so I just enabled the Google Alert with the topics I need to get latest topics and Now I get all the trending topics right into my inbox. But the tips you mentioned are also worth and I’ll try them. 🙂 Thanks

  11. Reply

    Excellent Tips.

    I often get new ideas from questions in my email or forums I am a member of.
    Often some posts are based on rather basic questions that I realize are not answered completely or accurately elsewhere

    • Reply

      Hey Carl,

      That’s nice of you to be helping out people by answering questions.

      This is also a great way to drive traffic to your blog.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  12. Reply

    Hello Dear

    i loved your post in fact your first point Brainstorm is very common and very useful point and communicate with other this is most important point, so thanks for the sharing me

    • Reply

      Hi Alka,

      Brainstorming is the most popular way of coming up with new articles for real. This is what almost every body does on a daily basis.

      Thanks for the comment.

  13. Lalitha


    When you come to sketch out a blog post idea, the most important thing you can do is solve a problem. Every post that you create should be tailored towards helping your readers overcome a difficulty – which should provide you with endless inspiration for new posts.

    • Reply

      Hey Lalitha,

      You are so right about that. The best way to get people to love your blog is to become a problem solver.

      Thanks for the comment.

  14. Yasir Khan


    A brainstorm session is a powerful and arguably essential ingredient for the success of small business entrepreneurs and home business owners. As such, it will disclose you to new information and ideas that you can apply for your blog.

  15. Ritish Verma


    Great post Kharim!
    Will help me once I finish out of ideas.
    Right now I have plenty.

  16. Reply

    Hey Kharim !
    Socialization is always beneficial for every purpose. I use to get many ideas from many bloggers. Moreover, the writing down overflowing ideas is awesome.
    Matt Kennedy

    • Reply

      Hi Matt,

      Yep when you interact with other bloggers you tend to get tons of ideas for blog posts. Also networking with others can help to pull more traffic to your blog.

      It is always best to write down ideas as soon as they come to you.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  17. Ammar Ali


    Thankx For This Articles i appreciate your work 🙂 <3
    just aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesomeeeeee work brother <3

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