One of my main reasons for creating this blog is to help new bloggers on their road to blogging success.

In my recent articles, I have seen tons of new bloggers thanking me for the wonderful articles that I have been writing which has helped them and their blog out in great ways.

Once again I would like to thank them for commenting on my blog and also welcome to to the blogosphere.

This article that you are now reading has vital information for you, if you are a new blogger and also information which can help to benefit existing bloggers to put life inside their blog.

Ehsan Ullah from recently wrote an article entitled The World Still Needs More Bloggers. In this article he specifically stated that “the world still have lots of rooms for upcoming blogs and bloggers” and I totally agree with him.

So this article will help newbie bloggers to grow their new blog.

Keep Topics Niche Related

When writing articles for your new blog, try not to make the mistake of writing articles not related to your niche.

Doing this will confuse the hell out of your blog readers!

Once you have chosen a topic for your blog, you want to make sure each article that you write goes hand in had with the topic of your blog. This way you are better at targeting people who are interested in your blog’s topic.

Writing off-topic will cause people who truly love your blog to go away and find another blog with the contents that they are really looking for.

For example: If your new blog has to do with turtles in an aquarium, don’t go talking about hamsters or rabbits. This is because your audience wants to read about turtles, not rabbits or hamsters.

Focus More On Content Writing

One thing for sure that everybody know is that a new blog is empty.

So in order to build up this blog then this new blogger has to focus more on content writing.

If visitors comes to a blog and it doesn’t have much content to keep them entertained then they are simply going to leave.

A new blogger’s aim should be content writing. Try to write at least 3 articles per week and also market these articles once they are published.

Reply To Each Comment, ASAP

If you write great articles for your blog, then you are going to receive great comments from the people who read and benefit from them.

How are you going to treat these comments left on your blog? Leave them lonely?

No you wouldn’t want to do that. That would be such a horrible thing to do.

You want to make sure that you reply to each and every comment left on your blog post. Not only that, you want to reply to comments as early as possible.

This will cause the commentator to see that you are an active blogger and you valued their comment, and that is the reason why you are replying to them.

Replying to comments early as will also help to bring back the commentators to your blog and this will result in more traffic to your blog.

Guest Post On A Regular Basis

One of the best and most effective way to get traffic to your new blog is through guest posting.

This will bring you and your blog in lots of on coming traffic, especially if your guest post on a blog that has a lot more traffic than yours.

If you really want to benefit from guest blogging then you should make guest blogging a regular habit.

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Start Building A Mailing List

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of bloggers say they make is that they started their mailing list late.

As for me, I purposefully started late because I wanted to test a few things with email marketing. Now that I have finished testing those stuff, I finally started my mailing list.

My advice to new bloggers is that it is never too late and neither it is too early to start build your mailing list.

Having an email list can be good for bringing back traffic to your blog and also good for marketing and making money.

Network With Other Bloggers

If you are new to blogging then what you want to do to get more buzz around you and your new blog is to communicate with other bloggers. Share their blog posts, ask them to share yours and also talk about stuff related to blogging. This can be classed as networking.

Networking plays a big role in blogging success.

If you network with each and every blogger that you come across, whether the person is in your niche or not, the networking is what will help you both to get connected as bloggers so that you can help each other on the road to success.

Keep Your Plugins In Mind

When you install plugins on your blog, this will help to enhance the performance or quality of your blog.

Plugins can be good for your blog and also can be a down fall as well.

What I am trying to say is that the more plugins that you install then the longer your blog takes to load.

Think of your blog as you. How make buckets of water can you carry? The fewer buckets that you have then the faster you will be able to move with them.

The fewer plugins your blog has then then the quicker your blog will load.

When your blog loads fast then the longer you will be able to keep your blog traffic.

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In Conclusion

If you just started a blog, you can apply these tips above and you will be on the road to blogging success.

Don’t focus too much on the money making process of blogging, because as you may have noticed I didn’t mention any of that in this article. Because this is killing a lot of new blogger’s true passion for blogging.

All you have to do is focus on building up an awesome blogging community and the money will come later as a great benefit.


  1. Reply

    You have shared very useful information for beginners. But the people already working in the internet marketing field will follow your tips..

  2. Mrsheikh


    I encourage starters to pay attention to these tips and put them to practice. They are effective.

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    Hy Kharim Tomlinson,
    Great post indeed!
    i am junaid and new bloggr.your postes is very infomative and all information related how increase rank and traffic in post.
    thanks sharing for this post.

    Hafiz junaid

  4. Benson


    Nice article, it is not easy at all to to attract visitors to you blog without good content I will humbly advice new site owner and bloggers to also fine good keywords for their post to rank and bring in good traffic.

  5. Reply

    Hi Kharim,

    Great tips indeed!
    I agree with you, We can increase our visibility in search engine though Guest Post but I read some where, Google Penalty effect on guest post. I learn one thing and that is very important for newbie and pro blogger and that is active on every where regularly, This is the key point of any success blogger.

    What you about it.

    Best Regards:
    Areesha Noor!

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    Interesting share Kharim. However, be careful with niche sites. If you want to create a niche site, make sure that you are doing it with quality.

    Low quality niche sites will get penalized easily.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Really liked your ending. I’m not focusing on money at all…just building content and traffic. I am making it a point to Google plus, share on Twitter and FB as well. I’m surprised on Google plus with how little engagement I’m getting, but I’m new there and people don’t know me, so I guess that is just a matter of time and building and adding followers. Which, I added you on Google Plus, BTW.

    I also liked your very first point about staying on topic. I can wander, I have to admit it, so I will try to stay within my guardrails, which is actually rather broad: handcrafted jewelry, artisan jewelry of others, my jewelry giveaways, fashion, beauty (and more) 😉

    Overall, I found this post very helpful and encouraging. Thanks!

    • Reply

      Hi Jacqueline,

      Once you have lots of traffic then the money will follow. One great way to do so as mentioned in your comment is to share articles on social media sites.

      If you focus on one set topic instead of trying to write about everything then this will make it easy to market and successful making money online.

      Thanks for the comment.

  8. Sai Kumar


    Hi Kharim, Writing awesome content and Networking With Other Bloggers are the most important things that every blogger must follow. Thanks for sharing this Great tips bro!!

    • Reply

      Hey Sai,

      You are so right about that man. When you do this then you can have traffic coming back to your blog to also network with you.

      Thanks for the comment.

  9. robert


    Blogging success in not an easy work.This article is so intersting.It is so useful to me because i am a new blogger and i don’t know much things about the ways toward success.This is right that choosing the right content play a great role in the success of a blog.certainly, the above tips are so useful.

    • Reply

      Hey Robert,

      You are so right about that. In order to become successful bloggers then we have to work hard for what we want.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you.

  10. Charles


    The title is a good one – it caught my attention right away! Being a web designer and wanting to start blogging, this is very well put. Not knowing where to start or how to go about it, I am surfing blogs such as this one to give me a better idea on how or where to start blogging.
    And this title describes me – Newbie Blogger (I hope)! Thx, for the info.

    • Reply

      Hi Charles,

      Well all you have to do to start is to start off with what you know. As you go along your blogging journey then you will know some more and then you can write on what you have learned.

      Thanks for the comment.

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    solid in fact its very useful points and yes eye catching topic is must for your blog content use only unique and interesting and in fact your all points is great

  12. Steven Papas


    Hey Kharim,I always love to read blog related post.Thanks for these steps. As a blogger i try to follow these steps myself.

  13. Ken Atwater


    Hi Kharim I have a hard tiime distinquishing a blosg versus a web a page..My website is simply a narrative of my progress in the process ofstarting a online business and is informative to ohter that are just starting. Basically what is the difference.

    • Reply

      Hey Ken,

      Well a website is a site that has static pages on it. A blog is like an online journal. With a blog it is easy to update than a blog so this is why blogging is more popular than a static website.

      Anything else that I can help you with?

  14. Reply

    The tips are indeed awesome. As a new blogger on the block, the blogger must focus on writing on a particular relevant, instead of testing the waters of each and every niche.

    • Reply

      Hey Jessica,

      Welcome to my blog. Your comment is 100% correct. It is always best to blog on one set topic rather than trying to write about everything.

      Thanks for your input on my article and hope to see you again.

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    Great post you have here. Definitely some great and effective tips here Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!

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    This was really good but I’m not sure to reply asap on every comment because you don’t even know when they are going to comment or when you are going to be on your blog like when you are busy doing things outside the blog.

    • Reply

      Hey Jessica,

      Well I understand what you are saying. What I mean is that if you have the time to reply to a comment as you spot it, then this is better for you.

      This is because it is easier for you to create conversations between you and the commentator.

      Thanks for the comment.

  17. Jan Christian Bajas


    I’m newbie blogger too and I find this article really helpful to me. I hope I can have a successful blog like this too. Thanks for this tips!

    • Reply

      Hey Jan,

      So happy that you found my article. I love to help new bloggers like you to start the road to blogging success.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best to you.

  18. mansi kaul


    Hello Dear

    nice post and i totally agree and i think Guest Post On A Regular Basis this is very interesting point really and second point is communicate with your reader both are important infact your points are solid 🙂

    • Reply

      Hey Mansi,

      I agree with your comment as well. When you do guest blogging and communicate with your blog readers then this can be a win win situation for you and your blog.

      Have you tried guest blogging as yet?

  19. John


    I agree with you and like your tips, these are very useful for every brand new blogger even for professionals also.

  20. Helen Wright


    wow. brief yet very helpful tips. I really have some problems with doing seo on my little blog. somehow, i think with this, i can do better SEO on my blog.

    • Reply

      Hey Helen,

      Well try to apply my tips and see how well they will work for you.

      By the way, what SEO problems are you having?

  21. Maja


    Hello Kharim

    I agree with your tips. By replying the comments we can engage our reader and this is the way to encourage our readers.

    • Reply

      Hey Maja,

      Yep that is so true. This will help yo generate traffic to your blog and also help to increase sales in the long run.

      Thanks for the comment.

  22. Deepak Mehra


    hi Kharim,

    It’s starting to work out well for me. In the past couple of days I have focused on my affiliate links. I think it is the best article who gets more traffic.
    I like your tips Focus More On Content Writing.
    Thanks for share me informative and important post.

    • Reply

      Hey Deepak,

      Yep content writing is the way to go. Doing this and writing awesome articles, inserting your affiliate links will help you to make money and lots of it as well.

      Thanks for the comment and sharing your experiences with us.

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    Interesting read Kharim! You really had shown here some useful and easy tips for all bloggers out there who just started blogging. These are really a must follow strategy for every blogger. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Reply

      Hi Reyallee,

      Well I try my best to help and educate bloggers so that they can become a successful blogger.

      Thanks for the comment.

  24. Yasir Khan


    Blogging has become one of the primary traffic generating tools for both newbie and advanced internet marketers. Blogging gives you a simple and resourceful way to both build and sustain customer relationships.

  25. prabhat


    hello kharim, again a nice post from you
    yes these are the best tips for newbies as well as pro bloggers. replying to comments is an essential thing. it helps us in getting loyal visitors and yes the topics should be niche related

  26. Julia Myah


    Great post..’ Thanks , dear you nice sharing with me.

    It is very effective for me, again thanks……

  27. Timmy


    I really got a wonderful information form your this articles.Thanks for share. These tips are really so important.

  28. jossef


    If i may add a reliable hosting, i have had a lot of problems with my hosting and sometimes it make you feel that your work could be lost in one second if you don’t have a good hosting

    • Reply

      Hey Jossef,

      I totally agree with you pal. I once lost my first blog when I started out blogging because I was on a free hosting.

      Now that I am with HostGator, I feel more secured.

      Thanks for the comment and glad to have you here.

      Please come again!

  29. prince


    thanks for sharing such an informative post this is my first time of visiting this blog i love this post thanks for sharing

  30. Mark


    Replying to each comment, thats a really cool point there, never really though of that, but seems worthwhile!

  31. Arianne


    This is quite an interesting post. You sure have chopped one big chunk of information and delivered it in bite-sized pieces for the newbies to understand easily. Keep it up, you’re doing great!

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    Thanks for sharing those tips with us. My sister has recently decided to try her hand on blogging and she was bugging me for a few tips. I’ll be sure to relay this info to her.

    • Reply

      Hey Vianney,

      Well I hope that you get her to read this article and she can see for herself that I will provide blogging tips for her.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Where do you blog at, Vianney?

  33. Aayna


    The tips are indeed awesome. As a new blogger on the block, the blogger must focus on writing on a particular niche, instead of testing the waters of each and every niche. The one thing which can make the blog hit is its content, so the bloggers whether new or experienced, must focus on providing the rich and valuable content. Thanks for the share.

    • Reply

      Hey Aayna,

      Welcome to the world of blogging. You are so correct, contents on a blog must be valuable so that people can flock to it. This is what makes a blog successful, strong content.

      Thanks for the comment.

  34. Salman Ahmad


    Building an email List has become very important.
    If you have no email List, You have no Online Life,
    If you have no Email list then what are you supposed to provide your readers?
    Provide freebies, In exchange they will subscribe to the mail list, You’ll then have a successful marketing as well as a successful Blog.

    • Reply

      Yes having a list is very important to each and every blog. Whether this person desires to make money or not.

      Thanks for commenting.

  35. Akeel


    Hi I am very happy to find your blog …your post is more informative …..I hope these tips are help me to write good blogs and post……these tips are very helpful for new bloggers like me..
    Thanks for sharing…..

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    A great post. I really love ur blog. I like very good point in this post is reply comments. I never reply comments. I just see and leave the comments.

    From now on wards i try to give as many as replies. thank you.

    • Reply

      Hey Kiran,

      Replying to comments is a must. This goes to show that you value your blog readers coming to your blog to leave a comment.

      When you make a reply, they can come back to your blog which can help to build up your traffic and this will make them want to comment again.

      Thanks for the comment and hope to see you some more.

  37. Sarah Park


    These are wonderful tips even for the non-newbies. Sometimes, even the non-newbies forget the basics of keeping a website and being an effective blogger.

    • Reply

      Hey Sarah,

      You are so right about that. I myself at times need some sort of reminders so that I can continue blogging.

  38. Naser


    Nice write up Kharim. Replying to comments is an important part of improving conversations. The comment reply should be meaningful, not just saying thanks for leaving a comment, thanks for appreciation and blah blah…..

    • Reply

      Hi Naser,

      You hit the nail right on the head pal. When replying to comments, one should not only say thank you, but try to engage the commentator into a conversation if possible.

      Also this will help to increase or start conversations and also help to make a sale.

      Thanks for the comment pal, it was really appreciated.

  39. abdelrhman


    Really great and informative tips it’s very helpful for every brand new blogger or even professionals .. Thanks for share 🙂

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    Hey Kharim !
    I have read that post of Ehsan Ullah, which is quite motivational post for the newbies. Well your article adds more motivations. You have written down all the important points that newbies should not avoid, I totally agree with.

    • Reply

      Hey Matt,

      Yep, his article was really great. I always try my very best to help new bloggers where possible.

      Thanks for the comment.

  41. Ehsan


    Flattered to see I’m mentioned here, Kharim.

    Some great tips here that every blogger should follow, especially the mailing list one. Starting from and starting an email list are enough to send signals that you’re serious in blogging and you mean business.

    By the way, Kharim there’s a spelling mistake in my blog’s list in the post. It’s “” not “” !

    Thanks again.

    • Reply

      Good to see you here Ehsan and also you deserved to be mentioned.

      Yep once bloggers start with and a mailing list as you have mentioned, then this person is truly serious about blogging.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  42. mansi kaul


    Hello Dear

    your points are great and solid in fact its very useful points and yes eye catching topic is must for your blog content use only unique and interesting and in fact your all points is great, really thanks for the sharing me

    • Reply

      Hi Mansi,

      I like your point.

      Yes eye catching headlines and content is the best for each and every blog. This is what will help it to be successful.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • Reply

      Hey Enstine,

      Well always trying my best to help these new bloggers on the road to blogging success.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  43. dipesh


    Tips are easily available but hard to implement for example
    you get comments which are spam

  44. Saqib Razzaq


    Well, I am not a newbie anymore but still your tips were really worth reading. Especially, the plugins point because this is where newbies make a lot of mistakes.

    • Reply

      Hey Saqib,

      Well as I said in the start of the article, the tips can be beneficial for non-newbie bloggers as well.

      Yep too much plugins can cause a blog to load slow and this is what some new bloggers fail to realize as well.

      How long have you been blogging now?

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