Internet has been helpful to humankind and even the simplest thing can be done online. Not only we can do research, download certain movies, connect with friends, but earn some cash as well. There may be some horror stories and scam online but there will be websites that are legit in paying you to just get your service.

make money online

Below are just samples of websites that pay you to do simple tasks like watching videos. Take a look and choose the one that suits you.


If you are big fan of social media sites, then it’s an advantage for you. Klout is a company that uses people’s social media account to track the social media usage, the number and type of audience it attracts based on the updates and posts on your feed. These information will be used to qualify users in order to receive free items, tickets and alike.

Ipsos i-Say

This is a survey app that lets you to take surveys, earn points, and then cash out via PayPal or other rewards. To try it, sign up on the website and you will receive a link for the app.

InboxDollars (for U.S. only)

Watching videos online will help you earn money as well. InboxDollars website has a lot of videos you can watch, each video has ads. All you have to do it watch the ad and they will pay you. If you sign up and confirmed your email address, you will get an instant $5.

Springboard Panel

Users are able to give feedback on a new ideas and test new products for extra money. You can receive reward with points that you can use towards cash or gift cards. Once you sign up on the site, you’re automatically part of their contest with $1,000 pot money. In addition, you can get extra entries for each completed surveys

If you’re into photography, you can sell your photos on royalty-free photo website just like iStockPhoto. Your photos will be used commercially. You can earn as much as $500 to $1,000 per month given that you provide the best photos you have.

This website is launched by the popular list site Listverse. Just like the pioneer website, KnowledgeNuts offers a ‘Write and get paid’ plan for those who like write on their spare time. For every accepted article, they will pay you $10 and can be transferred via Paypal.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, or mTurk for short, can pay you an average of $0.15 per HIT (human intelligence task). Simple tasks here do not pay that much.Some HITs, however, pay around $2 to $10, but it won’t qualify as a full-time job, but it’s definitely good avenue during your spare time.

Speedy Money Cash Advance

If you’re in need of quick cash because of family emergency or something really important,  a quick personal loan may help you. It takes only five minutes to one hour before you receive the money, provided that you submit all necessary documents. One more good thing is that your transaction will be done online, so it is less hassle on both parts.


This is like a survey but what you need to answer are questions about certain newly built websites. Companies will ask your feedback about the usability of their websites, explaining the good and bad side of their sites and you can earn money out of it. Currently, they pay the people $10-$15 per test and the tests normally take about 20 minutes.

Internet has been useful for ages and it is about time to take advantage of its benefits to make extra income that will cover up some of our financial obligations.


About the blogger:

Alexa Strife is a business and technology enthusiast. She writes anything under the sun if she has spare time. Currently, she juggles her time between graduate studies and working.


  1. Reply

    Kharim, thanks for sharing…!

    I register Klout account for almost 3 years ago, but I never learn about this. I think that this is the first knowledge about Klout.

    Thanks for sharing, other monetizing sites. I have tried many survey paid, but almost those sites are not available in my country..

    I’m interesting in Ipsos I-Say, I’ll register the site and take a trail.

    Nice post..

  2. Arun Dominic


    thanks,I wasn’t knowing about most of the websites you mentioned.

  3. Ryan Jones


    I don’t know how I feel about Klout, that just seems WAY too intrusive, just by its inception of tracking social media and selling the data to the highest bidder. As for the stock photo thing… I do have a plethora of photo’s on my google drive I wouldn’t hate sharing.

  4. Basharath


    From the above-mentioned sites only few are known to everyone. And I know inbox , Turk , istock .. Thank you for sharing those sites which are not known to me…

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