Ever since internet made way into every house hold, online shopping became increasingly popular. With online shopping, buying something is just a click away – life has never been so easy!

As with most things in this world, there are both positive and negative aspects associated with this new approach to shopping. But maybe there are more advantages, which explains why it has become one of the most popular ways of making purchases.

Let’s consider some of the benefits of online shopping:


As compared to a physical store with fixed working hours, online shopping can be done at any hour of the day. You don’t have to drive around the city from store to store to get products from different sections. Also, you save fuel and for nursing mothers there’s just nothing like it!

Price Comparison

When you visit a physical store, you tend to settle for the price that a vendor offers. And then when you hear from your friend who got it at much lower price, you curse yourself for not bargaining enough!

But with online shopping you can compare prices from over a hundred vendors and go with the one that offers goods at the lowest price.

Great Deals and Offers

Often while online shopping you will find numerous deals, offers, cashback coupons, discounts and so on. These offers make shopping all more fun. Get the branded apparels and pay half the price! Who wouldn’t love it?

Infinite Choices

In physical stores the storage space is limited so chances are that you may not get what you were looking for and have to make some compromise. But not with online shopping, if you don’t find your desired product at one website, you can simply check other vendor’s site.

Now that we have already discussed the pros of online shopping, mentioning a few cons is worth a read:

Can’t try on Things

When shopping for apparels, you don’t get an exact idea about the print, shades, fit, feel and material of the merchandise. To make sure this doesn’t happen, get yourself measured before placing the order and in any case you can always return the product and get it replaced!

No One to Talk To

Many people face this problem when shopping online. They have some doubts and confusions but no one to provide instant assistance. However, many websites have introduced live chat options to overcome this issue.

So, at the end it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to shop online. But with advanced technology, the different shopping websites ensure an improved and better customer experience.


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    i have read this blog,i have also Ecommerce site ,The most important is that if you experience with online shopping, you’ll be able to buy something cheaper than market store there are lots of offering and discount on internet.but festive season have more discount than other days .

    so many point you have covered to in this post,

    Thanks for this suggestion,

    Regards ,

    Transit address

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    Its a digital era and we are familiar with online shopping and I guess most of us prefer to shop online which would saves lot of time and money.

  3. Dylann Andre


    So grateful and bless to read this post. It’s very great help for me. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  4. Ryan Jones


    To further drive this home, the prices of online shopping are so much more competitive than that of brick and mortar stores anymore. The main thing you might want to look out for is if the URL says “HTTP” or “HTTPS”, if you’re shopping on an HTTP your transactions are in text and unencrypted, more susceptible to hacking.

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    Kharim, thanks for sharing…!

    Well, I agree with you…! Online shopping is really great to buy some thing specially. You’ll no need to drive far from you house, but just a single click order.

    The most important is that if you experience with online shopping, you’ll be able to buy something cheaper than offline. there are lots of offering and discount on internet.

    However, even shopping online is great but own disadvantage as well…

    Thanks for your tips..

  6. Ryan Jones


    There is always that fear of being hacked or compromised, but when all is said and done the convenience and price outweighs the fears.

  7. Basharath


    Hello ,
    There are many Pros with online shopping just like you mentioned above. But these days online scamming is increasing like anything. We also need to take proper care during online shopping…

  8. arun dominic


    thanks for the tips and i too agree with your statement about online shopping and in India flipkart is the best..

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