Powerful web content can help your business to rank in the search engines, educate your readers, and turn your visitors into customers. Plus, engaging, well-written, informative copy can lead to natural shares, which can equal additional leads and sales.

If you want to publish exceptional copy that transforms your brand and revenue into something to be reckoned with, check out this handy guide to writing compelling content to generate return customers.

Write for Your Target Audience

You wouldn’t design a product without considering your target audience, and you must take the same approach with your web content. If you publish boring, uninspiring copy on your website, they will be less likely to jump from page to page or share your site with their loved ones.

To develop compelling content, you must identify the types of content your target audience engages with online, and create a tone of voice that grabs their attention and speaks directly to their wants and needs.

Brainstorm a Variety of Content Ideas

Don’t settle for dull headlines and boring copy on your website. Make your brand stand out online by brainstorming a variety of attention-grabbing articles, which will encourage users to click on your URL, read your copy, and engage with your brand.

For example, you could write:

  • How-to blogs
  • Listicles
  • News articles
  • Opinion pieces
  • Industry interviews

Once you have brainstormed the best article ideas for your brand and visitors, get started on the best topics by refining your titles, carefully proofreading your copy and incorporating high-quality visuals to support your well-written, interesting copy.

Publish Unique, Insightful Content

Visitors don’t want to read re-hashed articles online. To grab and maintain their attention, you must develop content that offers a unique insight or opinion.

For example, if you are a leading developer of electronic products or systems, you could shine a spotlight on your talented engineers, who regularly utilize PCB design tools by Altium and components to deliver exceptional products time and again. It will help your customers to learn more about the level of hard work and talent it takes to make their favorite gadgets a reality.

Make Your Content Scannable

Most web visitors won’t read content word-for-word if it is longer than 500 words. If you are planning to write content that is 1,000 or 2,000 words+ for SEO purposes, you would be wise to make your copy scannable for your readers.

For example, you must format your blog posts with clear, compelling sub-headings, which can make it easy for your visitors to scan your copy to find the sections that spark their interest quickly.

Feature a Call to Action at the End of an Article Every business website should feature a powerful call to action at the end of each article, which should encourage a reader to contact a business, browse their site or share their article on their social media pages. If you don’t, you could miss out on an opportunity to convert a reader into a customer or a social media follower.

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