Having a blog on your website is a great way to increase traffic organically. People can search for something on Google, and if you have written your post with the right keywords, then your post can be delivered to the searcher in the results. It is also very beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO) as the keywords mentioned before can help the search engines get an idea as to what your site is about and also help them see that your website is current, fresh and can be relied upon for information.

However, not all people find blogging easy or something they are comfortable with as it can take a lot of brain power to conjure up posts that are relevant and engaging all the time about the same topic. The topic of money is no exception to this rule; however, there are so many different angles you can explore to make the reader want to keep coming back to your site and have it considered as a credible site.

With the power of social media also a strong determining force as to whether a website is trustworthy or not, it’s important that blog posts are seen to be ‘share-worthy’ as the weight search engines put on posts that have lots of shares and likes all count towards whether a site sits on page one or page ten of a search engine!

The Top Ten

One of the best and easiest ways to engage people easily is by starting a blog post with ‘the top ten.’ This is because the reader instantly knows what the format is going to be, so it appears easily readable, and they also know it is going to be informative as you can’t have a blog post with ‘the top ten’ and then only write six points.

Ideas for a money blog could be:

  • Top ten ways to save money at university
  • Top ten money saving tips for a wedding
  • Top ten items you need for a new baby
  • Top ten ways you waste money
  • Top ten saving accounts

Best of the Best

Another easy way to entice people to your blog is by combining it with influential and famous faces in your niche. Coming up with the top 20 people to follow on Instagram or Twitter gives people information about more sources of information, other than just you, but it also adds weight to your blog as people believe you are up to date in your knowledge of that industry.

Once you have a list with these people, there is a good chance that these people will notice your work, and they may actually retweet what you posted or follow you back.

Examples could be:

  • 10 top bankers in the USA
  • 20 most famous hedge fund managers
  • 10 richest CEO’s of banks
  • 20 best money bloggers to follow


In this day and age of always wanting something in return as far as the digital world is concerned, interviewing someone authoritative in your niche is a great idea. This is for two reasons; not only do you get content for your blog that you don’t have to write, other than the questions but that person gets to advertise themselves for free and builds a relationship with you and your readers.

As mentioned above, you may also get some extra social media following if the post receives enough coverage due to shares and likes.

People you could interview could be:

  • George Soros about how he started the Quantum Fund and why
  • Lloyd Blankfein on how he continues to work and stay on top of his health
  • Ray Dalio and ask for even more investment secrets

Ways to Improve

Creating ‘how to’ guides are always a winner with content creation as people are always searching online for help. You can make the post as long as you want, with the post extending over a week with different installments or you can do a brief summary of how to do something in the money niche.

Examples can be:

  • How to improve credit score such as ways listed at Bonsai Finance
  • How to apply for a loan
  • How to find the best deals on mortgages
  • How to save money on DIY

Guest Posts

Guest posts have long been a winner within the world of blogging and SEO as with the example above about interviewing someone; guest posts have a similar vein in that the content is created for you.

Find someone in your niche that is respected but not quite on the edge of fame and give them the rights to your blog, for either one post, or a series of posts over a certain amount of time. By doing this, you are not only creating new ideas and content, but you are also showing your readers that you can get information from many respected sources, not just the information relayed from you.

Guest posters can be:

  • Someone local that delivers many workshops about money
  • A bank manager about to retire that has a good reputation
  • Another well-respected blogger in your niche
  • A social media guru on money issues

Making Resources

Creating a useful resource can be a goldmine in the digital world as if you create a piece that is interesting, informative, and controversial, you could find the resource being shared as far as news sites.

A good resource also never dies because if you can make it timeless, you will find that it gets used and shared again and again.

Resources ideas can be:

  • An infographic on the amount of money used on cars per year
  • A video on how to save money when buying a house
  • A comparison chart for different loan providers

There are endless ways in which you can produce content for your blog; you just have to be creative and try to approach it in a different way to all the other bloggers out in the ‘blogosphere.’ Making sure your content has an edge and is appealing to everyone not only means people keep coming back to the blog, but also it can gain traction and credibility through social media, which will, in turn, increase your blog visitors.

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