A well written eBook can be a great source of information for bloggers who want to learn more so that they can become a better blogger. eBooks written by an expert blogger would be full of resourceful information, tips and tricks to help us gain further knowledge.

I have personally read eBooks such as, 31 Days To Build A Better Blog (by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.net), The Perfect Site Guide( by Lisa Irby of 2CreateAWebsite.com) and others. These eBooks were really great to read and I would recommend that you get these books to help you on your blogging journey. Some of these books are for a price, the others are free.

What makes the price of an eBook determines if a person should purchase it or not? Have you ever thought about this? Some eBooks are worth buying and others after you spend your hard earned money to buy it, it turns out to be information that you already know.

In this post I will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of selling your eBook at a low price.


Advantages Of A Low Priced eBook

More Sales – Whenever there is a product going for a low price then there tends to be more sales. A lot of people will want to buy this product before the owner/seller changes the price to a higher figure. The same can be said for an eBook, the cheaper then more sales will be generated.

Less Hesitant– People won’t be hesitant to buy your eBook when it has a low price. It has proven that when a product has a high price then they often consider buying it. But when they see a product with a small price then they will quicly purchase it.

Disadvantages Of A Low Priced eBook

Poor Content – If an eBook goes for a low price then people may think that the content is poor. This means that whatever is written inside the book is of no help to people and this would lead no sales being made.

Duplicate Content – Another thing about content is that people don’t want to buy an eBook with content that is duplicated. Meaning that the eBook has information similar to another eBook with higher popularity.

Information Already Known – Nobody wants to pay for information that they already know because this would be throwing away of money through the window. If you try to sell an eBook that you have written and it has information that even newbie bloggers know then your eBook will be full of bad reviews.

Should You Price Your eBook High?

If you choose to sell your eBook, should the price be high or should it be low? That question depends on how much time, work and effort that you have put into writing that book.

Some authors of eBooks has planned their books and it may take months of writing, hours of research and countless amount of editing that had to take place before that book is published. This can be a factor in which determines the price of an eBook. But I truely believe that the content should be the number one priorty of the determined price of an eBook.

Content is king and if an eBook has exclusive content written in it then the price may not be so low.

What really is high price and what is low price?
A low priced eBook maybe about $10 or lower and higher priced eBooks may go for $50 or sometimes more, depending on the author, the content and also the demand for such books.

eBooks on the market with high demands are often priced at a higher price. So if you want your eBook to be sold at a high price then you have to make sure it’s filled with exclusive content and give it a brand.

2 Reasons You Can Make Your eBook Free

What if you wrote an eBook, try to sell it and not even one copy gets sold. What do you do in this case?

Well for one thing you can make your eBook free. You should not give up on what you have written, you should still have faith that what you have written will benefit others.

Here are 2 reasons to make your eBook free:
1. You can use it to make your blog more popular. If what you have wrote in your eBook was of help to it’s readers then having a link back to your website or blog can mean traffic for you. You can also link to useful resources on your website or blog so that you don’t lose your readers.

2. If your eBook is free then you can use it to help build your email list. We all know how build a list can help us to make money. Make people opt-in to your email lost if they want a copy of your eBook, this will help you to capture their emails so that later on you can market to them and make back some money for the book that you gave to them for free.

In Conclusion…

If you set your price high for your eBook, make sure that you fill it with exclusive content… or else you will get bad reviews and your sales will go down instead of up.

Let’s hear what you think about selling ebook at a resonable price, please leave a comment.


  1. Vernessa Taylor


    Hi Kharim,

    Interesting points on all sides. Here are some personal observations:

    If an ebook has a price of $1.99 and the description is strong (and I can find info on same ebook for a higher price somewhere else), I’ll likely buy it. Same goes for if it is priced at $7.

    What I consider high is $47. Usually, I’ve found those in that price range to be higher quality, full of examples, great resources. Of course, I rarely pay that price … If I really want it, I’ll start looking for discounted deals.

  2. sabrina clements


    Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful information…I love this blog… Really nice one…

  3. Azhar


    I do not agree with the disadvantages you have mention in the post as it depends on author either he wants to earn from the book or wants to deliver knowledge.

  4. Gabriel Gutierrez


    Great post for me I think all things here has an advantage and disadvantage its up to us on how we deal on that..And I think I will price it depends on the content of the e-book and see to it that everyone can afford also..thanks

  5. Arjun Rai


    I am having an ebook online website and this post is really a good information for me which teaches me what should i do in such conditions.

  6. Martin


    There’s another way to assure your eBook success: sell it on a lower price in the first month, with “stock” limit, like a promotion, and then raise the price πŸ˜€

    • Reply

      Thanks for your comment Martin. You are so right. When launching the eBook, set it at a low price for the first week and then the second week we can up the price a bit, that way we can make great sales in the first week πŸ™‚

      That’s a great idea. Thanks!

  7. Megan Brown


    Thats very much true about deciding price of ebooks as sometimes it becomes tough decision.

    But as per me I believe in this that “Quality allways cost.”

    Anyway thanks a lot for this.

  8. Stephen


    I think it’s hard to sell an ebook when you are anonymous.
    I would buy an ebook from a well known blogger that has proven to be successful but I would have my doubts buying from somebody that only does the talk and not the walk.
    Another thing that helps me as a buyer to make up my mind about a book is the reviews it is getting from other readers. Usually this is a pretty accurate indication of how good the book is.
    So, if you are a successful blogger and decide to write an ebook you should consider as a marketing strategy giving the first 10 or so copies as a prize (or to other competent successful bloggers?) and let those readers write some reviews. This way you can attract some visitors (for the free giveaway) and some book reviews for the future potential buyers.

  9. Michael


    It is important for ebook sellers to consider their pricing when it comes to their products. In this way, they could be more competitive compared to other ebook authors. The good thing about selling cheaper ebook is you’ll be able to increase your sales turnover since more and more people would be very much interested with the product.

  10. Reply

    Nice summary, Kharim. When I see the really low priced eBooks it makes me very suspicious about the quality.

    That said, the quality of some eBooks is so low I wouldn’t want to pay a lot! It’s a balance.


  11. Reply

    It’s absolutely true – while people are reluctant to spend their money, a low-priced ebook makes people think the quality is also low.

  12. Reply

    Hey Kharim! I subscribe to a couple of blogs written by authors who sell their stories via eBooks – they routinely charge 99 cents but sell THOUSANDS of books! I’m thinking the lower the price the more $ALE$… Just my 2 cents!

  13. Robyn


    Good points Kharim,

    For new authors, a low price would be better since they do not have a reputation as yet and people would be more likely to buy.

    To eliminate doubts persons may have about the quality of content, they could get endorsed by other popular bloggers by sending them free copies to read and rate. They can also offer free pages that will help to give brief overviews of what’s inside. This allows reader to make an ok judgment before buying.

    • Reply

      Hey Robyn, glad to see you here.

      You are right, new authors can start at a low price and then build up their status on the blogosphere. That way they can now price their ebook much higher.

  14. Aaron


    Very nice points, I think the price of your e-book mainly depends on your status in the market. If you’re reputed blogger then people can pay higher price too but if you’re new then people won’t like to buy your e-book at high cost, so you need to think about this scenario as well.

  15. Aanchal


    Hi Kharim,

    Nice points, Free e-books are great way to get more exposure for your blog in the market plus you get targeted people. It also helps you build your own list which every bloggers wants to have it, so that they can earn more.

  16. Raj


    An ebook can only become popular if it has unique content that is not found anywhere else. If such an ebook can be created, it can just be hosted for free download on the site and organic traffic would just love to consume it. If the content is great, the readers will come to check out the site…

    • Reply

      Thanks for the comment Raj. You are right, eBooks with great content can be sold but can also be free, depending on what the author decides to do with it.

      If he decides to make it free then he can use it to build his mailing list by making it downloadable via an opt-in.

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