Building a successful online career is something that a lot of people want to achieve. Reaching success is something special, as a large majority of people that choose a career in Internet business end up failing. While the reasons for their failing do vary from one person to the next, there are several commonalities for online career failures.

The following are a few things that you need to consider if you hope to build a successful online career for yourself:

Time Management

A lot of people fail with online careers for the same reason. They simply have poor time management skills. Like any other career, an individual is going to have to carefully plan out their success and work in the most efficient manner possible. A lot of people get side tracked easily and working at home will require you to work around a lot of distractions. Concentrating on improving your time management skills will help you to achieve your goals.

Lack of Knowledge

The Internet undergoes continuous change and an individual must keep up with all of them. Lack of knowledge is another reason the majority of people fail. The individual must stay updated on all aspects of their business and, if they do not have the knowledge, they must be willing to participate in the necessary training sessions to acquire the knowledge and skills you need. Going into this business with the attitude that they already know everything they need to is going to increase their risk.

Lack of Motivation

When starting a new career, most people find their excitement leads the way. Over time, though, their motivation begins to level off. If you are finding that your own lack of motivation is making it hard for you to get anything done, stop it in its tracks before you get to the point that failure is the only option. Look back and find a reason to keep going. Getting your motivation back is key to your success.

In Conclusion…

The above are just three of the most common reasons that online careers fail. Many more exist, from poor financial management skills and poor decision making skills.

If you are interested in starting a career on the Internet, it is important that you think about what could make you fail. If you do not, you will not be able to do anything to prevent it from happening to you. Being proactive is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself and your career.


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    Doing a job online, like seo or website design,requires to be present and up to date about all happening in your industry. Otherwise you’ll be losing your touch and clients will just not be happy. That is a way to fail.

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    Well, the 3 reasons you have discussed are valid and in reality these reason are becoming the backbone of people’s failure. One should allocate proper time to their online job and they must improve their skills with the help of some online courses. Having grip over your time management and skills will never let you face failure.

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    The number one reason why people fail to make money online is their failure to commit enough time to their business. To be successful in this or any business, you have to devote a certain amount of time to your business. To do that you must very patient and keen on online jobs. The time should be used doing activities that will produce profits. Read online articles which are written about how to find real and genuine online jobs. Ask from those who succeeded in online jobs by logging into forums. Surely you can a winner.

    Marketing is an important part of any business. Marketing is the process of getting you product out the door and getting checks in the door. It doesn’t matter what marketing techniques you use as long as you do something. People achieve success using all types of marketing techniques; articles, forums, email, ppc, free ads, paid ads, classified ads, solo ads… You name it people are making money with it. The key is, you have to find a marketing method and work it. The key word is WORK.

  4. sabrina clements


    Time management is important for business people…Motivation and knowledge are important for all…. So only Business people can achieve a lot…

  5. Arjun Rai


    Lack of knowledge is very important thing in establishing any career. About this point people must have full information about the career and its an essential part of this.

  6. sabrina clements


    Time management is the biggest challenge for any online entrepreneur….. Wow you have posted the marvelous information….Lock of knowledge and lock of motivation are the main facts for careers fail

  7. Martin


    Confidence is required too – sometimes motivation, time management and knowledge aren’t enough, you need courage and confidence in your skills to keep on going whatever you’re doing even in hard times.

  8. Stephen


    You nailed me with this post.
    It happens often to lose my motivation when I see how far I am from reaching my goal and how little I’ve come. I know I should be breaking it down into smaller goals.
    Another issue that I have is time management. After setting my daily goals I am taking too much time and get side tracked with household chores instead of focusing.
    When I feel like I’m getting side tracked I turn off any distractions, play a cheering song and think about how all this work and effort I am putting now will pay off later. This usually gets me back to work.

    • Nisha S


      I am glad that a lot of you agree with this post. Playing a happy song is always a great way to motivate!

  9. Michelle


    Omg u are so accurate, precise, and yet so easy to understand. keep up the post man,? great new lesson for me on Lack of Motivation. I’m beginner somtime very motivated, but later it isn’t

  10. Christopher Campbell


    I have a lot of workloads and I am having a hard time managing my schedule. Though I keep looking for other resources to maintain the good status of my online business. It takes a lot of effort, and determination.

  11. Jake


    When working, especially on an informative environment like the internet, you have to prepare yourself with as much knowledge as possible. Being online, people evaluate each other through their knowledge.

  12. Reply

    Time management is always one of the most difficult things tin life. It needs a lot of patience, persistence and, of course, time to do this. And it also takes a lifetime to try.

  13. Michael


    I’ll pick the 1st main reason, lack of time management. Since almost all of people working online are freelancers, they find it really hard to manage their time because they are their own boss. No one is there to control them with their time. The sad truth is, they ended up setting aside their work and give way to their nonsense activities. I’m totally guilty of this at times.

  14. Nisha S


    Yes, time management is an issue, this is what stops good people from being great within their career. Consistency is another issue; some people think that working hard some of the time is all that it takes, that won’t get you anywhere you need to be consistent to see results.

  15. kevin


    most people fail because they dont research the market and understand how to sell their products or services. SEO is the key to any online business and knowing how to drive targetted traffic to generate leads and sales.

  16. Reply

    Those reasons are very common, I myself have a huge problem with motivation. I tend to loose my motivation very easy but also I am lucky that I can get back on the track as fast as lightning. The internet is a very risky place to build businesses, there are a lot of risks and in amount of seconds and/or minutes you can loose years of work and tons of money. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Lynn Sanders


    The thing is, most of us get online thinking we’ll be drinking pina coladas on some beach while the work does itself. And here comes the time management problem, how many of us wiil come to admit they actually need a schedule and put some work into it? Those few that do this will succeed, the rest will go back to where they came from. Probably working for someone else.

    • Marketing Philosophy


      This is so true Lynn, having a schedule and actually a list of what you have to do during a day and another one for all the week it’s the best way to manage your time in the most efficient way. Additionally in order to keep yourself motivated you should have a set of goals both in the short run and the long run…

      Kostas | Opportunities Planet

  18. Reply

    Lack of knowledge and motivation are cop-outs. Come on, act like an adult, tighten your boot straps and get to work. Now time management, this one is a killer that can strike even the best of us…

  19. Aaron


    Working on home is difficult when you have too many things which distract you like childrens, cell phones, facebook and so on. To deal with all such things you need to choose the best time to work when no one can disturb you.

  20. Aanchal


    Time Management is really difficult task, and to achieve it you must have well prepared time table as per your whole day activities. You need to follow it genuinely to see good results.

  21. Raj


    Time management is the biggest challenge for any online entrepreneur. There are so many things to do, but so much less time. Its important to develop a plan and stick to it (on a day by day basis) to avoid getting into time wasting activities…

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