The best way to keep on blogging is to make it into a habit, something that you will continue to do for a long time on a regularity.

One Pocket Oxford Dictionary (the 1992 eighth edition) describes the word habit as a “practice that is hard to give up” and the word habitual as “done constantly”, and we all know that practice becomes perfect if it is done constantly.

If you make blogging a habit then you will be blogging for a long time to come always having something to blog about and doing it perfectly. Making blogging into a habit is like developing passion for it, in my own words I would say passion on steroids. Now this means you would have extra passion for blogging, never wanting to give it up. The only way blogging is going to work is if you naturally have the passion which motivates you to blog.

But how do you really make blogging into a habit so that you can make it truly make it work for you?

Please continue reading these tips to make the best out of blogging.

Develop Some Self Motivation

In order to accomplish anything that is hard or challenging and would take some sort of extra effort to complete then we need motivation. When we are motivated then this makes the task/work ahead seems a bit easier.

How can we get motivated so that we can develop a habit for blogging? I do this by reading success stories from bloggers who have been blogging for years, bloggers who take blogging seriously and who see blogging as a means of survival. Reading success stories keeps me motivated which helps me to develop a habit for blogging. Success stories are always full of inspiration and this can build up self motivation.

Self motivation is the inner drive which compels us to become successful. Without self motivation then it is pretty impossible for us to become that successful blogger that we so desire to become.

Ways to develop self motivation for blogging:

  • Read Blogs In Your Niche
  • Get Tips From Top Bloggers
  • Follow Expert Bloggers On Twitter
  • Join Forum Discussion In Your Niche
  • Talk With Other Bloggers
  • Follow these tips listed above and you will always be motivated to continue blogging.

    Set Blogging Goals To Achieve

    You don’t just achieve everything that would like to achieve on the same day. In order to achieve our blogging goals then we have to make it a habit so that we can fully achieve our goals.

    If you don’t make it a habit to blog then our goals will become failure, and nothing hurts more than when we fail.

    If your blog doesn’t have much traffic then you can set goals of achieving 100 unique visitors per day, then 200 unique visitors per day and then keep on climbing the ladder of success. Getting visitors coming to your blog is not something that you so one time and then stop. You have to make it a habit to do guest posting, blog commenting, participate in forum discussions, use social media on a regular basis so that you can achieve that level of unique visitors per day that you want.

    Keep In Mind That You Can Make Money

    Another thing to make blogging a habit is to know that you can make money from your blog. There are lots of ways that you can use your blog to make money, but please check out the 7 most effective that you can make money from your blog.

    You don’t just launch your blog today and then by over night you have money in your pocket or wherever you want to keep it. Blogging to make money takes months and sometimes even years, depending on how you approach this matter of making money online. You have to be constantly on it everyday, which I would say be an habitual blogger. You have to make sure put out the extra work in order to make money blogging, you have to take it very seriously.

    Sometimes it’s not always wise to have money-making as a habit as it can distract us from doing the things that will contribute to us making the money. But if you have your head screwed on right then I guess you can keep money-making on your mind so as to make blogging a habit.

    Let Your Passion Speak For Itself

    When you have a passion for something whether it is listening to rock music, riding a bike or playing your favorite video game, then it’s something that would like to do over and over because you are having fun.

    Having the passion for blogging and writing then you have no problem in making blogging into a habit. True passion is what we need to make blogging work and no passion means no habit for blogging. You will want to blog everyday if you have fun doing it, this is the passion, and if you write multiple blog post per day then this is a good habit that you will want to keep up.

    When you are an habitual blogger then you can have posts to contribute to other blogs as guest post. Guest posting is a great way to get traffic and the only way this will work is of you write on a regularity.

    Group Discussion

  • How has blogging on a regular basis helped you?
  • What other ways can you develop a healthy habit for blogging?

    1. Reply

      One great method is an expansion on what you said about making blogging a habit – set a designated time each day to work on your blog, write it in your calendar, and don’t let anything else happen in that time slot.

    2. Sabrina


      Great Post!
      I was just thinking about this topic the other day. As a newbie blogger, I think that it is extremely important to find ways to stay motivated. Fortunately, developing motivation is not particularly hard for me to do these days, because I have really grown to love blogging. Iā€™m subscribed to your blog and I have read some of your guest posts. By keeping up with blogs like yours I have been able to gain great insight. I really appreciate the advice and tips that you provide.

    3. William Tha Great


      Hey Kharim,

      Thanks for the awesome article my friend!

      More than anything you should let your passion speak for itself. If its there it will speak loud and clear. People will start noticing you mean business. It will be much easier reaching your goals following your passion. On top of that you will have a blast while on your journey.

      Don’t you love the self motivation you have built up. I can see it in every article you write, and with everyday our motivation only grows stronger. Passion has a way of making something that would ordinarly seem hard to another person easy for you!

      Thanks again!

      God bless,
      William Veasley

    4. Usman


      Its a great idea that if you make it your habbit and not only earning platform then you will soon be a successful blogger.

      also self motivation is really necessary because it can make you work more harder even the output is less.

    5. Secrets of Entrepreneurship


      Kharim, these are indeed great tips on how Not to stop blogging but to continue developing passion for it. Thanks for sharing your views.

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