What if you wanted some advice or information from a friend and all he does is force and orders you to follow the stuff that he says, would you continue to go to that person for more advice? No, I don’t think you would.

Our blog readers are just the same. They come to our blogs for information to help them and if you boss them around they may never return to your blog for information.

Sometimes it’s best to use words of encouragement when writing post for our readers, they will appreciate it more.

Words That You Use To Force

Click HERE!!!
This is one of the most popular forcing commands on the internet, click here. This is used on almost every website or blog that you stumble upon most of the times, in multiple locations as well. I must admit that I have used the “click here” command.

Has this technique worked?

Well yes it has worked for me. But in order for it to work, you have to give your readers a valid reason for them to click on the link that you are suggesting to them. Tell them what to expect when they “click here”, give them a preview and how they can benefit from whatever you are recommending to them.

Subscribe NOW!!!
This is another word that people use to force their readers to subscribe to their blog’s rss feed.

Does this work?

Quite frankly, no! I have tried this and it does not work for me. I realize that when you have great contents on your blog to help build up your readers to help them, then they will freely subscribe to your blog. So no need to force them subscribe, put more work into your content and they will subscribe if they feel the need to stay connected to your blog.

Another way to get your readers to subscribe to your blog is by using some eye-catching rss icons. Here are some great icons for you…

Group Discussion

It’s better to provide quality content on your blog which will make it easier for your readers to “click here” or “subscribe now” to your blog.

  • Are you forcing your readers?

    1. Tinh


      I hate being asked to subscribe or click, that is not good way to keep our readers stay 🙂

    2. Robin


      Interesting, i must care a lot about the words hereafter before publishing the article.

      Thanks for the great article bro 🙂


    3. Kathy


      There are two sides to this argument. I have found that very often it pays to just tell people flat out what they are supposed to do. People are used to seeing that. I don’t think it turns as many people off as you think.

    4. Graphic Design Edinburgh


      Thank you for a great post Kharim. I will agree with you that too many times users are pushed for certain actions, and noone likes to be made to do something. However, there are some marketing words influencing the user’s subconscious (not in harming way!). If these are only gently suggestions which allow for an informed choice, I don’t mind.

    5. Reply

      Hey Kharim,
      When I’m writing my articles I try to write them as if I was talking to the reader face to face. My english teachers would have hated it, but it reads better in these less formal formats. I think you can bring through more personality.

      Being too demanding is a major turn off. I find myself closing windows if the author is very demanding. Casual chat is much more appealing,

    6. Eric


      I think you are so right! Those phrases and so many other have been so overused that they are a very distinct turnoff to readers. It’s like going to a car dealership and feeling like you are being sold to instead of being asked what you are looking for.



    7. Sourav


      I feel that the “click here” is a very vague term or phrase. It’s always better to describe what’s on he landing page or to use keywords in the link itself. I prefer eh second one. So the readers will know what they are going to see on the other side of the link.
      About subscribers, I haven’t tried that. I think the popular bloggers can do that because they already have the authority and gained the trust of their readers. But for bloggers like me, I need to provide quality content.

      • Reply

        That’s exactly what I said Sourav. You have to give your readers a reason to “click here” or “subscribe now”. You have to put descriptive text.

    8. Murlu


      Oh man, that’s what I was thinking Kharim.

      Click here is a dying practice just because it doesn’t have that much seo benefit but it doesn’t help much with the user experience. They don’t know what they’re going to.

      The second part, subscribers, seems to be very true. I occasionally ask to be followed but I usually also say up front the benefits and that they don’t have to – the humility of it, ya know?

      There will be some that will follow but you can’t drive it down their throats.

    9. Luqman


      There is lots of words and sentence that force reader away from a blog, the most common one, I always come across is Subscribe now, which always popup, at the center of the page whenever you want to read an article, I hate this type advert and it put me away from blogs that have such advert…

      • Reply

        Yes how could I forgot that one, the pop ups. But it depends on what pop ups.

        If it is pop up ads, I know that most visitors hate that. If it’s pop up to subscribe then I guess that it’s ok to use.

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