The Student’s Blogs: An SEO Approach

In this article, we will examine why is search engine optimization a fundamental need for raising your blog to the next level. Also this article is not just for students but for the general public as well. This article will help break the knowledge of search engine optimization to the students and the essential ways through which they can generate revenue for themselves. If lucky, you get your blog to Google’s top ten lists.

We will examine:

  1. The implication of search engine optimization
  2. Search engine optimization in short
  3. How to bring users to your website?

Key Concepts

There are three ways to get the audience attraction to your blogs. You can use such a URL which would take people to your blog. You can use hyperlink to link it to your blog. You can use such keywords which the general audience usually type in. if you have those keywords placed sufficiently and effectively, you can garner more traffic to your blog.

Using the first two options will not get you anywhere as internet is a big market and million of users are using it. Using the first two won’t attract public attention. But using the third option brilliantly can get you talking business. You need to focus your attention on the third option only. Using SEO techniques have paved ways for many big blogs.

The SEO Connection

The importance of search engine optimization is embedded in the online community. As a student you search for academic, information, entertainment, movies, games and much more though Google, Bing and Yahoo!. And you land on particular site. That’s because that website has the most back links, that’s why it is on the front page.

Have you ever gone to second page?

No, because you typed something else to get better results. That’s why SEO occupies paramount importance for every blog and website. It is a combination of online marketing and enhancing ranking on Google’s search engines. If you get it right rake in the profits as they multiply. Using keyword optimization is very important to get yourself noticed in the internet domain.

Key Techniques For Students

These points are worth considering:

  1. Give the keywords highest priority.
  2. The keywords can be interchanged such as Internet marketing, online marketing or web marketing.
  3. The article should be tuned in accordance to your keywords.
  4. Fill the article with an equal amount of keywords and don’t over do it.
  5. Avoid irrelevant and stuffing of keywords and don’t disrupt the flow of the article. If you use keywords extensively, you can get penalized so better be safe than sorry.
  6. Keyword optimization is a big procedure and you have to fully master it to be on the top of the game. You should have maximum back links, indexed pages and keywords in your blog.
  7. Use one keyword and avoid long keywords. Not using keywords effectively means no traffic, no clicks, no cash and a big nothing. Choose a catchy title with the keyword embedded. This will attract the attention of search engines and audience both.
  8. Do not under any circumstances post copied material or duplicated content as you will be taken off the list altogether. Also focus your thinking and views in the article. Post a comment section too.


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  1. Kamran


    I love this post. You can actually be made or broken with a blog. You have given a lot of things that everyone can do to be successful here….

  2. Alexis Bob


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  3. FeliciaCorrine


    Very good post! As you said, the keywords play an important role in SEO. Your keyword decides the amount of visibility your blog will get. Now after the Google Panda updates, we have to be more focused on producing quality articles with powerful keywords that are related to the website we are linking. Your content should be proofread and checked for any grammar or spelling errors. I found the Ginger software very useful.

  4. Samuel


    Google keyword checker is a good tool for mining keywords. If you need more options, there are paid services out there like Wordze. I tried their free trial a few weeks back. With Wordze, you can even output lists of 10,000 keywords, if that’s what you need and your base keyword returns that many suggestions. For now, though, I’m just gonna squeeze all the worth out of google’s keyword tool.

  5. Ray Right


    Selecting the right keywords is the way to go in search engine you must try to study carefully about the keywords using tools such as Google keywords tool, Google insights and trends to see what is coming up or going down you need to work on keywords that stay for a long time ….!

  6. gagan


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    weblogs appreciate higher audience.

  7. Sahara


    I am an online marketing executive with more than 4.0 years experience in this field. I have worked on many portal like auto, agricultural, loans, real state, hotels, web designing, SEO and finance.Thanks for sharing the information.

  8. Reply

    Great tips, Vilma. Indeed, SEO is very important to get good traffic these days. Without proper SEO, it’s almost impossible to get traffic, unless of course you have a lot of money to fund for marketing and promotion!

  9. Andreas Pazer


    There are a lot of tips and tricks those help you to increase the rate of traffic to promote your blog.

  10. TracyAnn0312


    Great points you have Vilma. As a student choosing the right instrument in building good SEO service may be hard that is why people fail in all the activities they have. I think that I have to bookmark in order to help me in organizing my SEO. Thanks for sharing it.

  11. Paul


    Very good advice.
    I think the good selection of the keywords are the foundation of a good search engine optimization.
    Great post! 😉

  12. jeet


    A great approach for students. As more and more students attracting to blogging. This post definitely help a lot. As you said only keyword can help a site to get the top rank in google. Thats for sure, all priority should go to keyword.

  13. Aasma


    Hi Vilma,

    Nice points, Choosing right keywords as per your article is very important so that it can attract relevant traffic to your blog… which can also help you to monetize your blog.

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