Some bloggers think that blogging only revolves around their blog and nothing else. This is a great way to fail at blogging, especially if you are blogging to make money online.

Another crucial part of blogging is networking, and networking involves in interacting with with other bloggers and visitors that comes to your blog. Networking plays a very big role in getting targeted traffic to a blog which is one of the best source of free traffic. The blogosphere, or the big blogging world as I like to call it, is made up of millions of blogs belonging to over thousands of niches. Becoming a successful blogger doesn’t mean that you have to be a part of all these niches. You just have to interact with other bloggers or visit these blogs that shares the same niche as you.

In this article I will give you reasons as to why blogging isn’t all about your blog, how to become better at networking.


It’s Not All About Your Blog

If you think that your blog is the best and should be the center of attention, then think again. As I stated in the introduction that the blogosphere is made up of millions of blogs, so this means that your blog is a part of this big number. So standing out in a crowd of millions of blog can be quite challenging.

I am not saying that you should ignore your blog and spend time surfing from blog to blog, but take time out the visit other blogs in your niche. Do blog commenting, guest posting, reading articles of interest and also taking time to help other bloggers in time of need.

What if you spend too much time on your own blog? Nothing is wrong with showing your blog lots of attention, because all of us as blog owners love our blog and we all spend time admiring what we have done to make it reach the level that it is currently at right now. Spending time on your blog can make it look unique and also a great way to stand out in a crowd of millions.

  • New Ideas
  • We should also show attention to other blogs in our niche. Showing attention to other blogs in our niche, which has more success than our blog, can help us to come up with fresh new ideas for our next blog post.

    At times we all struggle to generate new ideas and with the help of other blogs we can overcome that small hurdle and brainstorm new ideas for upcoming blog posts.

  • Guest Posting
  • This is a topic that has been discussed over and over, and I just want to touch on it a little. Guest posting brings lots of traffic to a blog and doing more guest posts will only result in more traffic to your blog.

    If we think that blogging is all about our blog then that means we don’t participate in guest blogging and this means we are losing out on lots of targeted traffic.

    So start guest blogging today, you can start by submitting a post at my blog.

  • Blog Commenting
  • Leaving comments on other blogs will attract new visitors to your blog. This is very simple to do and this will also help to generate targeted traffic to your blog.

    When you leave comments on other blogs and people see your comment, they will want to click through to your link for your blog and leave comments on your articles as well.

  • Generating Sales
  • Making money by getting traffic from other blogs is really simple to do. Apply the tips that I mentioned above, guest posting and blog commenting. After you start to get incomming traffic to your blog, make sure that you have a mailing list set up so that you can sort of grab these first time visitors email address for email marketing.

    Without a mailing list set up these first time visitors might not come back to your blog for a very long time, or might be never again. So it would be best to offer some freebies to get them to join your mailing list. This is a great way to make money online so be sure to start your mailing list today. And I mean TODAY!

    Another thing that you can do is to have some sort of special offer, something interesting and worth spending the money to get. If this is the case write a review about this product and say how it has helped you to gain success and then you can market this product and try to make some sales.

    Networking To Better Your Blog

    Becoming a friendly blogger is one of the first step into networking to male your blog more approachable. Not only that, but it opens up the door for communication between you and other bloggers or visitors who come to your blog.

    Networking involves guest posting, blog commenting, sharing other blogger’s article, communicating via Twitter and so on. This is really easy to do. Here are some steps below how you can network:

  • Guest Posting
  • This was also mentioned above. Participating in guest blogging will cause you to have a communication with the blog owner of whom you want to guest post for. You show try and get to know this blog owner and might want to ask this blogger to aslo guest post for your blog as well.

    Trading guest posts will be a cool idea and you should also try that out.

  • Blog Commenting
  • This involves in leaving positive and upbuilding comments on the article that you have read. Get to know more about the author of that particular blog post and you can go further to thank him/her for that blog post.

  • Share Ideas
  • You may also be helpful in sharing your ideas with other bloggers or your blog visitors of you have discovered something new. This is a great way to start network with others.

    Say for instance that you found a new way to make some extra money online or you found an easier way to drive more targeted traffic, sharing this type of information to your friends online will male them appreciate you much more.

    So be friendly and share your information.

    Group Discussion About Blog

    How often do you try to network with other bloggers and their blog?

    Share what other things you do to try and help your blog to be better by networking.


    1. Maria Pavel


      Blogging is a commitment not only to your own blog but also to all the blogging activities involved in the process. Bloggers must bear in mind that in order to be a successful blogger, they need to know how to communicate with others and build their network as well. A blog, just like any other businesses online or offline, needs to be known by others for you to see a result, otherwise, you’ll end up gaining nothing.

    2. Saksham


      Excellent article. We must focus not only on our blog, but also others & networking has become important. Building connections always helps in our career, be it blogging!

    3. Reply

      Networking is very important especially if you are in a competitive niche like making money online. if its a niche website you can get away with not networking. it is also a great way to learn about thing related to your niche as well.

    4. Sally Brown


      I try to interact in some way with other bloggers at least 5 day a week and often 7 days. I don’t have to work another job so I am free to blog as much as I want. I am always trying new things. Thanks for this post. It is very informative. Sally

      • Reply

        Same here Sally, I don’t work but sometimes I am limited to internet connection, but I try my very best to network and interact with others. Thanks for the comment.

        Please I am also asking you to make a comment on my other post located here –
        Thanks very much 🙂

    5. Reply

      I totally agree with you that blogging is not just about your blog. You need to interact with others. I have learnt a lot from other bloggers just by interacting with them.

      Nice article.

    6. Petre


      I agree, a blogger should interact with other bloggers with the same niche because by interacting you gain popularity and you maintain a strong relationship with the visitors.

    7. Sewing Machine Expert


      Great article! Great advice for bloggers. It would benefit your blog a lot if you go out there and reach out to the people in the blogging community.

    8. Reply

      I have to agree that networking with other bloggers is a great idea. Once I started commenting and interacting with other bloggers my traffic really increased.

      I’ve only done a few guest-posts so far but I really need to get to the point where I am submitting at least one a week.

      • Reply

        Guest posting has gotten me lots of traffic and guest posts to my blog. I think you should do more of that and then your traffic will be on a high. Thanks for the comment Justin.

        Please I am also asking you to make a comment on my other post located here –
        Thanks very much 🙂

    9. Reply

      A blog really should not be only about the blog otherwise it’s not going anywhere. Its very crucial for blog owners to keep a strong relation with the readers through networking. I completely agree with all the point stressed and I’m sure every reader will benefit from this post.

    10. Marketing Philosophy


      Networking it’s essential for every blogger who wants to stand out from the crowd, and the best way to do this is geust posting as you mentioned, another importand step to get in touch with other succesfull bloggers on your niche is to follow them or be friends on social media like twitter, facebook, Google+ and Linkedin

      Regards Kostas

    11. Megan Brown


      Well and very much True said about blogging.

      As give attention to only OWN blog is good thing but we should not neglect others blogs too as there are lot more advantages of this which are waiting for us only as many you have shared here.

      By doing this atlast WE only get benefits in longrun.

      Thanks a lot for sharing this.

      • Reply

        Thats true. Visiting other blogs to make comments, guest posting or just too get some blogging tips, it can help to build us up as bloggers.

        Please I am also asking you to make a comment on my other post located here –
        Thanks very much 🙂

    12. Alex


      I agree Kharim, Networking in your blog is very important as allowing people to comment, ask questions makes your blog very interrractive. Posting interesting topic is the key as it will allow people to interract, sharing their views. thank for sharing

    13. Reply

      Hey bro, these are nice tips to get very targeted traffic to your blog. Just like Paul said, it’s good to clean up your blog and feed it with great contents first else you’re going to get 99.99% bounce rate and 00:00:01 average time on site

    14. Reply

      Kharim, nice post with some quality tips.

      For me I see my blog as my home base. No matter what you do everything MUST come back to your blog.

      You def need to do all the things you mention, visiting other blogs, commenting, connecting with bloggers on SM sites, but that should not be more important then the time on your own blog.

      All the work of connecting and interacting with all these bloggers will be a waste of time if they come to your blog that isn’t top shelf.

      So stretch your connectors to as many places as you can, be never forget your primary goal is to bring all that interaction nack to YOUR blog

      • Reply

        Hey John, thanks for stopping by.

        You are so right, your blog must be welcoming to others. Making guest posts and blog commenting is like inviting others to come to your blog for a visit. And if your blog isn’t in tip top shape then then will just leave.

        Thanks for the comment!

        Please I am also asking you to make a comment on my other post located here –
        Thanks very much 🙂

      • Ivin


        Hello John, Kharim. I like what you said about your home base. I think we can take a look at real life – visitors to your blog are like friends of yours. And they’ll come to your ‘house’, but you have to go out and go make some friends first.

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