You’ve written that great content just like you always do, just that this one is different and exceptional. You did all you could to format the content and make it look highly presentable. You’re just so certain that blog post will bring some earth-shattering traffic to your blog but it filled you with great surprise after waiting for months without the article getting more than a few hundred reads.

The great thing is that you’re not alone. A lot of us are just “bloggers”. We create great content, gather all the facts we need, format the content and then expect the traffic to come. I’ve been in that situation before and it took some really hard time for me to realize what scenario I’m in and what I need to do to get out of it.

This article will be giving you a few tips to help you get more traffic to every single article you write.

Optimize for the Long Term

I think the number one reason why a lot of marketers fail is that they are short-sighted. They write that great article and then expect the traffic to come to it and they give up a few weeks later if they can’t get results.

I discovered one tactic accidentally and as a result, even though an article I write might not get more than a few hundred views the month it is written I now get thousands of visitors to articles I wrote a year ago today.

The tactic is optimizing your blog posts for the long term. I know it sounds simple, and it looks like something you’ve already been doing, but try to sit down for a while and consider it. How much time do you invest in optimizing your blog posts for more traffic from the search engines?

Let’s take myself as an example, if I write a great article about medifast and nutrisystem that I want to get a lot of viral traffic to, I will get even better results by trying to include the keywords into the title of the blog post I write.

I know that it might sometimes be difficult to optimize an article for the search engines while at the same time make it go viral – what I do in cases like this is wait for the blog post to go viral first, and the change the title and the descriptions to what I want it to rank for. It’s quite simple, yet ethical!

Spread your content everywhere

Another mistake is that many bloggers just sit down waiting for luck to wade its magic wand on their blog post.

Sometimes you just have to put in an effort; you just have to get the ball rolling!

It is important for you to be on every major social media site and forum in your niche. Once a new blog post is live, tell people about it. Spread the word about it and you will be amazed at how much result you can get.

Use the power of blogging buddies

This is the final tip, but something highly underutilized.

One thing that has also been very effective for me is making use of blogging buddies. In a situation like this you should try to network with some of the bloggers in your field with the same kind of audience or blog size as you. Whenever a new blog post is live, tell them to spread the word about it and bookmark it on their favorite social media site.

You need to realize that this method can easily be abused so you should be very careful – Make sure you don’t inundate your fellow bloggers with requests. Only send links to your best blog posts to them and also be sure to reciprocate their favor when necessary.


  1. Muhammad Arsalan


    To gate quick traffic to your website it is really important and your article very useful and helpful for me thanks for share this article.

  2. Shani


    For good results always,try to write article that contain keywords.This article will be a part of on site SEO and series of such articles will be helpful to get high ranking.

  3. Reply

    Great advice John and Evelyn,.
    As I pound away on my 31st blog in 25 weeks and get little traffic. I too wonder if anyone is out there reading. I need to remember that my reason I write these blogs is to show my potential guests ( i have vacation rentals is Kauai), that after living here for 30 years that I know what I am writing about. Becoming a trusted resource on Hawaii is important and I believe it will drive traffic to my site.

  4. Evelyn


    Blogging might not make you money directly, unless you run ads on the blog (which is a bad idea anyway), but it can definitely lead to opportunities that will make you money in the long run. Blogging is a great way to prove that you “know your stuff” and can be considered a trusted resource of information. It takes time, but this often opens doors to new business relationships that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

  5. Shani


    If we optimize a site under a keyword and enlist our site in organic searches.Our contents will get values.Once a reader will read your article, he will sure come to your site by typing direct URL if contents are killer.

  6. Milly


    Great post John! I’ve banged my head against that wall quite a few times with several websites down through the years. I’m trialling a free WordPress blog for the next few weeks to see if that gets more traffic and if so I will invest in a better setup, but I guess that won’t fix all my woes if I am not actively promoting content!

  7. Binny


    I am confused whether I should do with Google ad-words or not. The are a bit heavy on the pocket and I am not sure whether they can get me traffic. What do you suggest?

  8. Make money online advertising


    I am using social bookmarking to get traffic to content and works for me

  9. Jamal


    According to my experience to get best outcome of your article,introduce it to the blogging community.Your article must be research based.For traffic,contents must meet the market standard.

  10. Alex


    There are many ways with which one can drive traffic to his site. From my experience as a blogger i have been using both paid and free traffic methods, but when i started blogging i made use of SEO, Social Marketing Sites, Backlinks, Blog hopping and submitting url’s to web 2.0 sites. I noticed that the traffic wasn’t what i wanted, so i combined paid traffic like the use of tools such Unique Article Wizard, Article Blue Print, Blog blue Print etc and i got amzing results. This doesn’t mean you cannot drive traffic with free traffic methods, it is advisable for begginers. thanks for allowing me share this.

  11. Donna


    Its true, blogging sounds fun but thinking of writing all those never ending topics always use to swirl my head. Should know how to optimize your post.

  12. Megan Brown


    You have shared very important and effective tips concern to this.

    As I am totally agree in matter of having short-sighted as this is main reason of failure not only in this field but this is universal applicable. For anything say for business, career or any else short-sighted proves to be dangerous. One should be have long and futured view in their mind.

  13. Shiva


    Networking with other bloggers is really a great idea since it helps a lot in getting more traffic to your posts. Other bloggers like your content and share them in Twitter and Facebook as well as may promote in other social media sites too. Also it is always good to add keywords to the post titles so that we can get Search engine traffic in the long run

  14. Reply

    That’s it John! your final tip is the real power of traffic. Most bloggers these days are getting to work together and this kind of team work is a very strong traffic puller.

  15. Ana


    Certainly solid advice to follow, John – optimizing for the long term.

    Of course, once your post is ranking you can always come back and tweak it, make it even better and more targeted.


    • Zarah Alvie


      Exactly Ana,
      John elaborate good point when your blog respect increase in the eyes of search engine your post attract automatically to visitors.

  16. Samuel


    Hey John,
    I really admire and appreciate your firm and well fabricated tips on how to drive more and more traffic for our content,Awesome awesome just awesome man…..I am also optimizing my content for long term and spreading my content almost everywhere on the social networks and on my niche forums,but one thing on which i was not so serious before was the power of blogging buddies,really John its very true,i am wondering why i wasn’t get that idea before.Thank you for your all these valuable,considerable and important tips to us.Now i am gonna use that last one for sure.

    Good Luck and God Bless!!

    With Regards!
    Samuel Joshua.

  17. Reply

    Great tips, John. I’ve noticed that article marketing and guest posting increase traffic to the guest poster’s site but unfortunately some guest posters never respond to the commenters which is actually not a good sign. I completely believe in optimizing for long term.

  18. Petre


    Using these methods you will definitely get traffic to your website, that is if you work hard enough.

  19. Brian D. Hawkins


    Nice article John, I especially like the part about making use of our blogging buddies. My last two posts have been about bloggers helping bloggers and I’m a firm believer in that.

    As far as spreading our content everywhere, I like to go on my blogging rounds, post to all of the bookmarking sites, link from social accounts and remind everyone I’m still here. My next move is to do exactly what you are doing right now – guest blogging. Thanks a bunch.

  20. Jenny


    Hi John,

    I agree with you here. These methods will help us get high traffic of our sites as well as our blogs. I love the way you discuss these ways. Thanks a lot!

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    There are number of methods like SEO, SEM and Social networking sites which is more helpful to target heavy traffic to your website. To get heavy traffic you must use fresh and genuine content. Content should be informative that is much better to attract the reader’s.

  22. xyn


    Great info here. I think getting involved in social media is a way to get traffic to content. syndicate your article to all the social media sites that you participate in

  23. Marketing Philosophy


    Nice post, for me the best way to drive traffic to your articles is networking with other bloggers on your niche this by far the best way to develop your reputation as a blogger and make people want to read your post

    Regards Kostas

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