Tips For Starting A Blog

You might have seen some blogs as you surf the internet and owners might brag about how cool their blogs are. You might be thinking to yourself that you would like to make a blog yourself. No problem, these simply guideline will have your blog up in no time.

Choose a niche for your blog

Choosing the right niche for your blog is perhaps the most important choice you can make BEFORE starting a blog. Choose the wrong niche, and it’s very unlikely you’ll ever succeed.

Find the popular blogs and websites in your niche, study them closely, and visit them regularly.

Get to know the authors and regular contributors. Comment on these blogs regularly so they can get to know you too. (more…)

What is RSS/ RSS Tips

There are a number of ways you can subscribe to, or get automatic updates from any site. You can do so via RSS News Feed.

What is RSS?
RSS or “Really Simple Syndication” is a technology used by millions of web users around the world to keep track of their favorite websites. RSS is best described as a “news feed” one subscribes to. These days it is rare to find a website not offering RSS feeds.

In the “old days”, the only way to keep track of updates on a website, was to visit (more…)

What do you blog about?

Are you a blogger? Are you passionate about blogging? Are you new to blogging and want to try it out? The question for today is “What do you blog about?”

Blogging seems to be taking over the Internet little by little everyday and everywhere. Almost every other site you come across is a blog and (or) has a blog on it. Celebrities are doing it, teenagers in high school, and just about everybody else. But as a webmaster “What do you blog about?” (more…)

Tips for new webmasters

Starting out as a new webmaster, no doubt you want to be successful at it. In order to be successful, I encourage you to read these three powerful steps below:

Tip One: Choosing a domain name and getting a hosting account. I know as a new webmaster you might be tempted to go for free hosting. Free can be good but not when it comes to hosting a website. Free hosting can be dangerous! Imagine making a website or blog for free you have written great contents and one day all of that is gone. That’s what happened to one of my blogs. So I urge you to (more…)