With SEOPressor, Do You Really Need The Help From A SEO Expert?

With SEOPressor, Do You Really Need The Help From A SEO Expert? Great search engine optimization can only mean one thing; targeted traffic. Targeted traffic to your blog can mean two things; success and money. Having a successful blog and making money from it is the dream that many bloggers have, including me. Getting targeted traffic […]

11 Plugins To Enhance Blog Comments

I know when bloggers write a new post with great contents they want lots of comments coming into that article. When a visitor reads the article he/she may take some things into consideration before making a comment. The readers will browser around to see what rewards they can get for making a comment.

For example, being a top commentator, they get do-follow links to their blog, twitter profile link, etc.

Well I use 11 great plugins on my blog so I get lots of comments on my articles and I am very happy for that. If you don’t have these plugins installed on your blog as yet, then you might want to add them.