Internal Site Search And Its Hidden Value

This is a guest post by Neil Jones who is head of marketing for eMobileScan, one of the Uk’s leading barcode scanner and handheld computer specialists.

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Google have provided one of the best Analytical engines available and they do it all for free. It’s easy to track goals, conversion, funnels and it will also allow you to cut segment and partition your data anyway you want.

Once done correctly and you know how to interoperate the data Google Analytics will hold some valuable and useful information for your site. Many webmasters and online marketers may spend hours digging through data in Google Analytics just so they can get an insight into how their traffic interacts with their site.


5 Great Steps To Building Self Confidence

This is a guest post by the full-time blogger, Dia Thabet from 2 Achieve Your Goals
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Do you want to become confident?  How to build self confidence? 

People who lack self confidence usually suffer from lack of confidence due to the thoughts they think and keep saying to themselves.  If someone keeps thinking to himself that he is not good enough and stays focusing on what he lacks, his subconscious mind hears these words and get programmed with these negative thoughts, hence it affects his emotions. 

To learn how to build self confidence, follow the quick steps below:

How to Achieve More by Doing Less

This is a guest post by John Mak from
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If you’re like a lot of working people your work day goes by at a harried and hectic pace. You eat breakfast on the fly, multi-task at the office, work through lunch, rush to meetings and stay late at your desk.

You’re really busy, but are you productive? Are you getting results or are you just really good at being busy?

I’m a big believer in leading a balanced life and allowing work to become such a burden is both unnecessary and counterproductive to the actual purpose of work, which is to get results. I’d like to explore the three most important things you can do to get your work life under control, achieve more and have more time to pursue your interests.

10 Inspirational Interviews With Successful Webmasters

This is a guest post by James Adams. He currently writes in-house for a leading toner cartridges store.

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Entrepreneurs already have something special about them. After all, if it were easy to take a risk and step out on into a new venture, everyone would do it. Still you’re no superman. The same circumstances that other entrepreneurs have faced are still in play, with one exception: those who have been through them before are now talking about their experiences.

When you listen to what other entrepreneurs have to say you find encouragement that you’re not alone in the struggle, that you can succeed, and that you can learn from the experiences of others to make your own experience better. Here you will read about 10 inspirational interviews with successful webmasters that will give you the hope, help, and heart you need to see your dreams through to the end.