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Entrepreneurs already have something special about them. After all, if it were easy to take a risk and step out on into a new venture, everyone would do it. Still you’re no superman. The same circumstances that other entrepreneurs have faced are still in play, with one exception: those who have been through them before are now talking about their experiences.

When you listen to what other entrepreneurs have to say you find encouragement that you’re not alone in the struggle, that you can succeed, and that you can learn from the experiences of others to make your own experience better. Here you will read about 10 inspirational interviews with successful webmasters that will give you the hope, help, and heart you need to see your dreams through to the end.

10 Inspirational Interviews

  1. Amanda Freeman is the co-founder of VitalJuice, a health, beauty, and fitness email list that distributes a newsletter to more than 200,000 subscribers. As many Internet-based interests fled to the blogosphere, and many “experts” declared the death of email, Freeman helped create a monumental success right under the noses of the skeptics. She talks all about the experience in this interview.
  2. Aaron Wall took his SEO Book Website from obscurity to becoming a vital part of the online landscape. By helping ordinary people compete with huge corporations. By helping others understand Google through the sale of content; Wall identified a need, filled it, and created an amazing success from the ground up. He talks about how he did it and offers insights into his secrets to success.
  3. Jeremy Hanks risked it all and failed, a common experience for entrepreneurs, but still ended up a winner. What make Hanks different is that he rose above his initial failure to create the hugely successful Doba, a drop shipment company fulfillment for well over a million products that are sold by small online sellers on eBay, Amazon, and other online selling sites. As an entrepreneur, you will identify with Hanks as he shares his story and the lessons he learned.
  4. Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz fame rose from a seemingly hopeless financial situation to head up an almost universally known SEO company that now rakes in millions of dollars by sharing successful SEO techniques. Rand tells all about how he built the business in this interview and goes on to provide some firsthand Website optimization tips.
  5. Matt Mickiewicz started with a simple message board and ended up cofounding SitePoint which later became Flippa, a Web site marketplace and 99designs, a crowdsourced graphics house. The transition was neither easy nor seamless. In this interview you can glean from Matt’s experience and apply the knowledge he shares to your own startup.
  6. Todd Friesen began selling pills in web-based spam schemes and then reformed to become an outstanding businessman with Position Technologies, a search engine marketing and optimization firm.
  7. Nihal Mehta shares lessons from the dotcom burst and then relates how his new ventures ipsh! and buzzed have established his name as a very successful entrepreneur.
  8. Lisa Riolo talks about affiliate marketing. Since so many people try and fail with this type of business, this interview is a must listen.
  9. Tara Hunt has a lot to say in his interview as he divulges the secrets of social capital online and how he used those secrets to build a vibrant new business. In this interview, Jason talks about social capital, how to get it and how to turn it into income.
  10. Jason Jacobs proves that you do not necessarily have to know much about your product as long as you know what you want in life. Of course it takes vision too. Without programming expertise, Jacobs became successful in the software industry with just a great idea.

In Conclusion…

These 10 inspirational interviews with successful webmasters will help you find the inspiration, encouragement, and know-how to make your own business efforts successful.

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  1. Ganeshkumar


    The story of Rand Fishin came as a surprise for me. That was wonderfully motivating. Thanks for sharing these interviews.

  2. Jason William


    My Favorite one was Aaron Wall, I am following him since many years.
    Thanks for sharing Inspirational Interviews, enjoyed reading it.

  3. John Mak


    I was hearing Tim Ferriss interview from It is important to understand how to evaluate our time everyday and do things that are taking us to the next level. How productive can we be?

    It’s all about time and where we focus on. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Suresh Khanal


    Its a gem post in your blog, no doubt. Because it takes a bit time, I’ll write more after I go throug the interviews. It is always interesting to have interviews – lot of things to learn from the BIG experiences!

    • James Adams


      Thanks Suresh 🙂 yeah you’re right, these bloggers sure are BIG! hehe 😀

  5. Luqman


    Thanks for sharing the interview, I always enjoy reading the stories of successful bloggers for good inspiration.

  6. Cindy


    I might try reading about Jeremy Hanks… looks like a good inspiration ‘to keep going’ when you think you cant.

    • James Adams


      He does have a unique spin on his success story…which is obviously worthwhile, so you can find out with mistakes you should avoid making!

  7. bbrian017


    You know I see these posts and I wonder to myself… when will I be included. I know I’ve come from nothing and now have a great and active community for bloggers but the question still remains. When will I go from being just bbrian017 to bbrian017 the online entrepreneur.

    All these people have something in comment and it’s success of their online projects. I hope to someday be in the same list as they are. good for them it’s well deserved!

    • James Adams


      Dont worry bbrian…it’ll happen someday! Just keep at it, and hone those skills until you become the best 🙂

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