Should you force yourself to blog?

As a blogger, should you be forcing yourself to write blog posts?

In all manner of aspects, the answer should be no.

If you don’t feel like blogging then you shouldn’t be blogging. You or nobody should be forcing yourself to write blog posts if you are not in the mood.

When you are writing a new blog post, you should feel the passion for writing it. Writing should come naturally. You shouldn’t be going to other blogs to steal other people’s information and passing them off as your own writing, because deep down inside you feel terrible when your blog readers make a comment thanking you and thinking that you were the author of this blog post.

Why you shouldn’t force yourself

When you force yourself to do anything at all sometimes you make a mess or end up making lots of mistakes. The same goes for blogging. If you are not in the mood to write blog posts then don’t.

<li><strong>Spelling Errors</strong></li>

This is really common with many bloggers, spelling errors. If you force yourself to write blog posts then you will have errors in your words.

Don’t get me wrong if you see some misspelling in some bloggers article, this doesn’t mean they were forcing themselves to publish new blog posts.

What I am trying to say is that when you push yourself to write you will make tons of spelling mistakes and, your readers will see that your article is not well-developed and leave your blog.

<li><strong>Incomplete Posts</strong></li>

Another thing when you force yourself to write new blog post is not completing the post. The article is not fully finished and you missed out a point here or there while writing.

When blogging, you have to make sure that your blog post is fully loaded with information to satisfy your readers appetite. Readers of our blog love to get the full information of what you are blogging about. So make sure to pack lots of information in your articles before publishing them.

<li><strong>Lack Of Ideas</strong></li>

If you noticed that last month I didn’t blog as much as I usually blogged. I didn’t lose my passion for blogging, it was because I had a dear aunt who I lost in death to cancer. This made me really sad.

I didn’t have any blog post ideas flowing through my head as usual. So last month I only published 8 articles because I didn’t want to force myself to publish any blog articles if the ideas wasn’t flowing naturally. Because of her death my mind wasn’t at ease, I wasn’t thinking straight.

If you have a clustered mind, just like me, then wait until your mind is clear before you start blogging again. In the mean time you can read other blogs, make comments, do forum posting, watch tv, play games and then blog post ideas will be popping up all over the place.

So if blog post ideas aren’t flowing naturally then take a break to ease your mind.

In Conclusion…

If you force yourself to write blog posts, then in the end you will look like a fool writing on topics that you don’t know about. It’s best to do other activities until your real passion comes back for blogging.

Articles To Help You Blog Better

<li><strong><a href="">10 Cool Ways To Get Blog Post Ideas</a></strong></li>

In order to write a blog post I am sure that you have to think and do some hunting. All of us as bloggers has to go through this process at one point or another to get blog post ideas.

Even if you aren’t a blogger and you write articles for a newspaper or for some other reason, you have to brainstorm and come up with ideas for what you want to write. Sometimes getting ideas can be really a difficult task at times. You have to make sure that your ideas will satisfy your reader or solve your reader’s problem.
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<li><strong><a href="">What To Do When You Are Not Blogging</a></strong></li>

What to do when you are not blogging?

I am pretty sure that every blogger isn’t constantly blogging. Bloggers must take time away from his/her blog to avoid the blogger burnout syndrome.

If you are always blogging then one day you will burnout and have little or nothing to write about. Also if you blog everyday then your readers don’t have time to read your blog posts because you have flooded their inbox or rss reader with tons of posts and they don’t have the time to put the information to use that you have written in the blog post.
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<li><strong><a href="">How To Develop Good Writing Technique</a></strong></li>

When I first started out in the blog world, I used to think that I lack good writing technique. But I soon resolved this problem and it was very easy to do so. I was really concerned about my spelling, my grammar and style of writing in paragraphs.

For each of my blog post I try my very best to write over 400 words. 400 words may seem like too much but when you enjoy writing, 400 words is like nothing to write within a couple of minutes.
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<li><strong><a href="">How I Write Such Great Blog Posts</a></strong></li>

I have been getting questions in my email and on twitter from some of my blog readers asking how I write such great blog posts.

Writing blog posts is very easy for me to do, it’s something that comes natural. I like to write and this is something that I have been doing from I was attending school. I know a saying that goes, “the pen is more powerful than the sword” and this proves to be true in the blogging world.
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Group Discussion…

<li><strong>Are YOU forcing yourself to write blog post.</strong></li>


  1. Reply

    My advice is to read during downtime – in between posts. This really helps with inspiration and writer’s block.

  2. Reply

    I absolutely agree!

    In my own experience, if i don’t have a mood to blog, i try not to post anything. Because i used to check the spelling, and stuff, if i have no mood, i skip this step, therefore, in the next days, i found some spelling error lol

  3. Murlu


    Agreed, it’s just like work – if you’re not really in the mindset than you’re not going to pull your A-game. If you don’t feel like creating a blog post than it’s perfectly fine – in fact, you should probably reserve the amount you post so that you can work on other things which in turn gives you inspiration to write more posts 🙂

  4. Karl Hadwen


    Hey Kharim,

    Thanks for the comments on my blog! – Also I don’t think anybody should force them self to blog, I know when I try I just come up with rubbish content that’s not relevant and/or helps anybody. My main interest on my blog is to just help people with the problems there having, and I also love teaching people about niche websites, site flipping and stuff of that nature.

    Thanks for the share!


  5. Reply

    I highly agree that one should not force himself to write when he’s not in the mood to do so. It happened to me once or twice and the results are far from satisfying – I had to pretty much rewrite the whole article to make it good enough. The resource articles you have provided are interesting. Would recommend newbies to check them out.

    • Deepak - Tuubol Blog


      Well, this is a nice thought to not force oneself to blog if you are not in the mood. But do you not think it is very necessary to make and maintain a schedule of writing and posting blog posts.

      I do not think the quality of the articles has anything to do with the mood. The thing is do you have a broad outline of what you intend to write about or not. And that is what matters most before you sit down to write. Yes, it does affect the initial momentum if you force yourself, but once you get going in the process of thinking and writing, it is a smooth ride thereafter.

      Anyways thanks Kharim for the nice article.

      • Reply

        Well thats true, but I have forced myself to blog when not in the mood and I didn’t like the way the articles came out… That’s one of the reasons for writing this post. Thanks for your comment and sharing your views.cles came out… That’s one of the reasons for writing this post. Thanks for your comment and sharing your views.

  6. BigJohnBen


    Hello Kharim, would it be possible to take off some of the messy awful popup crap that appears all over your site? It really is offputting, and I shall not return to this blog in a hurry. Thankyou for my patience.

      • BigJohnBen


        The one that wants me to sign up for an email list or something. Then that awful bar at the bottom. Then all the flashy ads everywhere. Plus the page is riddled with javascript errors from conflicts between all the crap widgets and plugins you have tacked on your website, which break Internet explorer. Most of your readers probably use internet explorer.

        • Reply

          The news letter pop up does not pop up. Because it don’t work on this script. I am trying to get people to sign up to my new letter and that’s what you call marketing, if you don’t want to sign up then just close it. The bar at the bottom, close it. Thank you

  7. Peter J


    If you force yourself to write then you will only be doing it to meet a deadline. Your post will be of poor quality because your not trying to tell your readers about something but rather just meet a schedule that you may have.

  8. Mike


    I agree with you Kharim. The general tip is if you find yourself not enjoying, not fun, irritating when you write a blog post when blogging is definitely not for you 🙂

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