Many people think that as compared to light website design, dark design has a more powerful impact. Others, however, possess the opposite view. Truth is that impact of a particular design depends on the way you use it.

Using dark design in a particular website can create a beautiful effect. However, using the same design in another website may not create the desired effect. In this article, we will offer a comparative analysis of dark and web design. Thereafter, we will highlight few tips that will help you to utilize dark design effectively.

Light vs. Dark Background

  • Subject
  • If your website aims to evoke a cheery and happy feeling amongst your target audience, opting for a light background can be a great idea. Examples of such websites can include holiday and wedding sites. On the other hand, if your website revolves around themes, such as music and gadgets, you can choose a dark design.

  • User
  • Before deciding the type of web design you would like to choose, you should evaluate sensibilities of your target audience. If your target audience comprises of senior people, for example, opting for a light design would be a great idea.

    The reason is that senior people are usually used to exploring light background sites. If they suddenly come across a website with a dark theme, they may not react positively. In brief, consider preferences of your target audience, before finally choosing the dark/light web design.

  • Purpose
  • Purpose of your website should match its background. If you are planning to create an online store that sells cool gadgets, you may pick out a dark design. However, if your store wants to sell children’s toys and outfits, a light design will complement purpose of the website.

Dark Background And The Issue Of Readability

Many people believe that using a dark design can interfere with readability of the site. However, this is a myth. Dark design does not hamper readability in any manner. In most cases, a site becomes unreadable because of factors, such as incorrect text color, wrong font size, and line-height.

  • Smart use of dark web design
  • Plenty of articles that offer information about white background are available in the Internet. Repeating the same information does not make any sense. Therefore, we will provide you with few tips that will help you to use dark design effectively.

  • void cluttering at any cost
  • Unlike light background, a dark background convinces users that elements are closer to each other than they are in reality. This in turn, creates a cluttering impression. To avoid such a situation, you need to use the white space effectively. This rule is applicable for websites with medium and low information.

    If your site possesses excessive content, on the other hand, divide it into separate sections or subpages.

  • Pay attention to typography
  • Typography is especially important for a dark background website. Remember that if your choice of typography is poor, it will interfere with readability of your site. This in turn, will convince people that dark background hampers readability, which is a wrong concept.

    To improve readability, try to enhance kerning, font-size, line-height and break down long paragraphs into small ones.

  • Highlight the desired element
  • One of the greatest advantages of dark design is that it can easily highlight a desired element, such as picture or text. You can utilize this advantage by implementing various blending modes and reflections, which in turn could create a dazzling effect.

In Conclusion…

Dark and light designs have respective advantages and disadvantages. You should weigh the pros and cons of both these options, before taking the final decision. Additionally, you need to consider theme and purpose of your website and preferences of your target audience.


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    Thanks for explaining the both the aspect of Dark and light designed backgrounds but i usually prefer using light backgrounds as i like clean and highlighty website and for it light background is appropriate one.

  2. Reply

    Dark color looks good when you are try for some fashion related website. In our upcoming venture we will try some dark color stuff.

  3. Robin Jennings


    Typography is crucial when you have a black web design. It really is worthwhile experimenting with different fonts and font sizes.

  4. sabrina clements


    Really nice information you are sharing… Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful information…..

  5. Reply

    you need to contradict the colors to make it readable and to make some things view able. Because if don’t some text will look invisible because they have the same color with the background.

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    One of the best tips from this article is: “void cluttering at any cost”. Many sites try to cram way too many elements onto one page. Better to use prominent call to actions, with good content.

  7. Reply

    Hi Maitreyee,
    Creating A Sophisticated Effect With Dark Website Design is a great post and valuable information. I like it so much and i am applying it. Thanks for sharing….

  8. David


    Choosing the right colours is everyone’s self expression..And it has pros and cons like what you mentioned. I bookmark you site cos I love how you explain it.

  9. Azhar


    I am web developer but never mater such anatomy related to web design.This post is mile stone for my learning process.

  10. Reply

    Liked your post Maitreyeesinha! I have personally liked the themes on the darker side, but my nature of the business states that i need to have a proper and natural theme. I LOVED your post, especially Smart use of dark web design.. 🙂

  11. Ruth25 S.


    Making your dark web design sophisticated can be a tiresome job specially when you are new to it. Now that I was able to read your useful advice on making some of my dark web design sophisticated. I can surely have a good page everyone can envy about. Thanks for sharing your idea it is much appreciated.

  12. Arjun Rai


    Generally i use lite color on my website and according to the theme of the business, dark color is not much used by me but through these information it looks interesting to use dark color which will make attractive and i hope it will happen.

  13. Mika Castro


    By the way my co workers tried this website design and its great! I shared this article for them to see if this sophisticated effect will click. Thanks for your help.

  14. Kate Brown Wilson


    This is a great help I have to admit, cause I am new to this kind of hobby creating my own web page. I am sure this will work well for me to create a best web page.

  15. Alice


    I don’t know if you agree with me, but it seems to me that a dark background website is a lot easier to mess up. While a light background gives you a lot of room for error in design.

  16. Kate Brown Wilson


    I really appreciate this brilliant information you have shared, all I know before choosing the right web page for business or anything better use dark colored and unique for many readers to be attracted to your page.

  17. Sanjeev


    I always love light design, my choice but it does look professional to me. Dark design is bit tricky, because sometime it can be really unpleasing to the eyes. So setting it up does require extra work. Your point about highlight is really great, its really easy to highlight things in dark design.


  18. Ann


    Hi Maitreyeesinha,
    You are so right! I’ve seen some beautiful dark sites (mostly photography sites) that can really carry that motif off the wall. The use of dark colors is very tricky and brings a lot of drama as well. The mood that you are after plays a huge part in the selection of your color palette, just as you stated. I think the vibrant colors are happier up beat for fun sites. Thanks for these great points on color.

  19. Martin


    I’ve heard about the readability mith too, but now that you’ve exposed all those facts I agree – a dark design might be as good as a light one. However, I wanna tell you what happened to me a few weeks ago; some guy asked for help for his website on a seo forum and I went to his office to help him; everything I said he already knew so we end up talking about my website :)) and he said my design isn’t so great, I should have asked a feng shui expert for help, to choose colors according to I-don’t-know-what feng shui rules. Have you ever heard of this thing? I’m still laughing when I think about that crazy guy.

  20. Mika Castro


    I think creating sophisticated effects will surely attract more viewers and readers. However, working out on the highlights will be great to add. I totally agree in all.

  21. Megan Brown


    Hi Maitreyee…like this post very much.

    As choosing website design along with right colour and combination is very tough decision for this one must have knowledge regarding design and colour sense too.

    Thus thanks a lot for sharing your expertise knowledge concen to this.

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