It is not uncommon to come across people who will tell you with conviction that in an age where a lot of things are affected by social media, you should not rely on traditional means of online communication and SEO like Press release. However, for success in online marketing, you should not discard all traditional means of SEO. A carefully composed press release can still pull in lots of target visitors to your site. Besides, you can modify and use it to develop podcast and webinars to promote your site and services online. To make a press release effective, you need to consider certain aspects before getting into writing. Online readers are finicky and they have several options to choose from. Hence, you should ensure that your press release is equipped with all necessary elements to keep them hooked.

Focus on your target audience: Before getting into writing a press release you must know well about the target audience. Ask yourself, who will be reading a press release- newspaper editors, PR site owners or general bloggers? You may want to release it in your site for your existing and prospective customers as well. A Press release meant for media entities need not be enriched much with SEO elements like keywords. However, if you target other bloggers and online buyers, then SEO equipping the press release becomes almost mandatory.

Pack a punch with heading: Not every web user has the time to go through an entire webpage and they often assess web pages by article and content headings. A compelling heading can attract them and make them read the entire article. The same is true about press releases. No matter how carefully you compose the content, spend some time in framing an interesting headline for it. Be careful about the words you use in headlines and think of your audience’s mindset.

Stay Focussed and to the point: – Keep in mind that when you are writing a press release, it should be informative. Try toresist the temptation to write all you know about a product, incident or event. You may have immense interest in the subject but that may not be true for all the readers. In fact, they may dislike going through a well crafted but lengthy press release that runs into a few pages. What if they have gone through some other press releases earlier? Therefore, include all the information in a press release that is important without running into excesses.

Avoid jargons at all cost: This is something you should never forget when writing a press release. You may be comfortable with tech jargons but this may not be the case with many of the readers. Again, you have to know your audience type well but to be on safe side, avoid using jargons unless absolutely necessary.

Media elements to jazz up the writing: Ask yourself, would you like reading a webpage that looks too bland, without any graphics, videos and just paragraphs of plain text, no matter how well written that content is? To make your press release interesting and compelling, use relevant images and videos with it.


  1. Yasir Khan


    The press release is a wonder drug when it comes to website promotion. It is free and can instantly go viral. however to nail this methods, you must write quality content and what really want to know about.

  2. sabrina clements


    Really nice blog… I love this blog… I am expecting lot of articles from you… Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful information….

  3. Azhar


    Good tips. Relative images and videos can make the visitors to stay on the site and the bounce rate of the site is reduce.

  4. Martin


    Great tips! I’ll try to remember them every time I write a press release. But I have a question. There are so many press release websites and the best of them have fees – which one should we pay? Can you recommend me your favorite press release website? It’s not enough to have a good text, you have to publish it on the right websites too.

  5. Hugh Kimura


    I find that even many offline businesses have trouble writing a good press release. The primary goal when writing a press release is to give a member of the press a gift-wrapped story that s/he can use to report on and spread. Like you mention above, if the reporter doesn’t understand the topic or it isn’t newsworthy, they will move on to the next potential story. It seems like too many companies are too ‘salesy’ with their press releases and do not focus on how they can provide value to a member of the media.

  6. Megan Brown


    True and well said.

    As P.R plays an important part in promoting our site and also helps in building quality backlinks so it must be perfect and professional than only it create serious image of business and site.

    Anyway thanks a lot for this as I am doing this from last many years and get to know many things concern to this but still I need to be more perfect.

  7. Michael


    Pack a punch with heading – Titles or headings make the first impression to readers. By simply reading the title of an article or a press release, they could already expect what information they could get from it. So the most appealing the heading is, the more interested the readers will be.

  8. Marketing Philosophy


    Press Releases are still an important part of any online marketing campaign but writing one that will get results it’s not so easy, thanks for sharing these valuable tips…

    Kostas | Opportunities Planet

    • Reply

      Thanks for the kind word. and if you can incorporate press release into your social media marketing mix, the result will be just awesome.

  9. Reply

    I actually haven’t seen too many press releases with graphs, but I definitely think that’d help spice up a PR!

  10. Raj


    A press release is one of the most boring piece of writing that I have ever read, at least in the industry in which I was working. They think that a press release is a formality and submit the same press release to be released in multiple blogs, like how they do with multiple magazines (offline)!! Either make them informative or make them interesting. Otherwise, its better not to come up with any press release.

  11. Aanchal


    While creating your press release, it’s always important to write informative and interesting content. Use professional language and of course using few images or videos spice up your press release.

  12. Mika Castro


    This is a great one and I couldn’t agree with you more. You made a good point in discussing “Focus on your target audience”. If you can anticipate the essentials they’re looking for, so much the better.

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