Doubling your blog traffic would be a very great accomplishment for your blog.

This means you would be getting 100% more traffic on your  blog which would be a wonderful achievement!

Doubling your blog traffic can also mean that your income could be doubled as well.

Of course this is pretty simple to understand. More traffic, more money. This is a win win situation when it comes to doubling up.

But how can you double your blog traffic with little or no effort?

It is already pretty hard to get traffic to your blog, so doubling your blog traffic would be much harder.

Not necessarily! You just have to be wise if you want to double your blog traffic.

I will be giving your some pretty simple tips on how you can double your blog traffic with little or no effort at all.

[box type=”red”]How To Double Your Blog Traffic[/box]

Lots of new bloggers think that the best way to double their blog traffic is to double the amount of post they make each week, or to double the amount of comments they make on other blogs.

That could work. But how effective is it in doubling your blog traffic?

Not very effective.

I, like many, have tried to double the amount of posting we do per week, double the amount of blog comments that we normally do or even doubling the amount of guest post that we submit, and sometimes still fail in doubling our blog traffic.

So what does it really takes to double your blog traffic?

[box type=”spacer”]First Start With Your Blog[/box]

It would be great if you have Google Analytics installed on your blog so that you can see the amount of traffic that your blog already has. Doing this will give you an idea of what your current daily traffic is like.

Now that you know what your daily traffic is like, you want to look for the top 10 traffic sources.

With this you can see where most of your traffic is coming from to your blog.

Pick the top 5 traffic sources and what you want to do is work with these sites.


This is because they are your top traffic sources, so this means that you can use these sites to help double your blog traffic. You have to rally around these sites that gives you the most traffic and make sure you continue to do what it takes to get more traffic to your blog.

With the remaining 5 sites that helps to bring traffic to your blog, you want to see how you can improve on making these sites bring more traffic to your blog.

[box type=”spacer”]Improving On Your Writing[/box]

Doubling your blog traffic also depends on how well you write and structure your blog post.

You can know when you have written a great blog post. That post will go viral and get tons of comments.

When you write a post for your blog, don;t just write because you want to have something for your readers to read.

You have to be sure that your article is of great quality. Be sure to target their needs and give them tips on how to solve their problems, if there is any.

Write articles in paragraphs, just like how I am doing in this post and also use sub-headings to separate or space your main points. This will also make your article scan-able making it easier to read.

Practice daily writing to become a great blogger and do lots of reading because this will help you to write better.

Also when writing, try your very best to remember that content is king and this is the best way to show others that you are a great writer.

Doing this will do the trick in doubling up your blog traffic.

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[box type=”spacer”]Use Other Sites To Double Your Traffic[/box]

You can use other sites to help to double your blog traffic.

Using other blogs in your niche will to the trick to double your blog traffic.

You can do this by participating in guest posting and also blog commenting.

We all know how these two tactics can help to bring traffic to your blog. But what about getting more traffic to help you double up?

Well it all has to do with quality and quantity.

What I mean is if you do lots of guest posting and submit quality guest posts, then doubling your blog traffic shouldn’t be hard. What you need to do is make sure all your guest post is of high quality and make sure that you are consistent with your guest posting. This means that you are going to be a regular guest blogger.

Blog commenting should also be done with quality and quantity. If you leave lots of up-building comments on other blogs then you can double up on your blog traffic in no time.

Just be sure that they blogs that you want to use to help double up your blog traffic has more traffic than your blog. This will even cause you to triple your blog traffic if the guest post and comments that you leave are of high quality and also if you are consistent with it.

[box type=”spacer”]Become A More Social Blogger[/box]

If you are a social person then this means you are a friendly person. You love to meet new persons and start friendly relationships.

This can be great if you implement these things on your blog.

With social media sites on the web, you can be friendly with other bloggers and this will cause you to get more traffic to your blog.

With Twitter and Facebook, sites used by many bloggers and also other people, you can be social and get traffic to your blog very easily.

Take time to know other people and they will want to know more about you as well. This is very great for building relationships between you and your blog visitors.

Also creating a Facebook group or fan page can help to make your friends stay up to date with you.

[box type=”spacer”]Target The Less Experienced[/box]

If you want to double your blog traffic then targeting the less experienced who are hungry for information is a great way to do it.

These persons will see your blog as a place where they can come for information when in need.

You can also write blog post specifically for them and you can have them coming back to your blog to read what you have read for them.

You can find people who need information on forums related to your niche.

You can to be active on the forum and make sure that you are helpful to others. Find forum posts in which people need help and see how you can help them.

You can offer help by writing a blog post tailored to their needs or asking them to sign up to your news letter so that you can keep them up to dated with regular news letters.

Targeting the less experienced has worked for me in doubling my blog traffic, you should try it as well.

[box type=”spacer”]Make Use Of Search Engine Optimization[/box]

Search engines can help to you to double your blog traffic, even in a single hour, of course if this is done properly.

You want to make sure that when you are writing your blog posts you use the correct keywords to help target your article better for people who are searching for such information.

Use keywords in title, in the description, in the keyword meta tag and also sprinkle the keyword all over your article while writing.

Doing this will make your article better targeted for those searching for this type of information that you have written about.

Also using images with the keyword placed on the proper tags will help you to get some search engine traffic.

Be sure to use optimize your articles for search engine, this will help to double your blog traffic.

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[box]In Conclusion…[/box]

Other things which can help to double your blog traffic is if you submit your blog to directories and to also have people subscribed to your blog so that you can bring them back.

These tips that I have mentioned above has worked for my blog and I hope they will work for your blog as well.


  1. Osama


    Great Ideas Pal! I’m not a lazy person but blogging is my part time hobby so I’m glad that I can use/apply these tips.
    By the way blog commenting is always one of my favourite routine in order to get good social interaction, so what you say about it?
    Thanks for informative article. Cheers.

  2. Aleksey Zuravlov


    Hi, Kharim!

    That was a great overall overview. What kind of sites would you recommend for guest posting? Do you still do it, or you used this method when you was starting out?

    Best wishes,

  3. Prakash


    Keyword research and lill bit SEO makes this possible to increase traffic with less effort. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Joel


    Hi Kharim,
    Nice piece of cleverly written content .I particularly believe in linkbuilding,social connections and blog commenting can drive insane traffic to one’s blog.Keep up the good work


  5. Reply

    Hey Kharim !
    Very useful post. Nice ideas, indeed. Social media is always an effective to double the blog traffic. Moreover, i really liked the idea of targeting less experienced one.
    Matt Kennedy

    • Reply

      Hey Matt,

      When you aim to target less experienced people who are looking for information then your blog can a great source of resources to them. This will sure to help you double your blog traffic.

  6. Larry


    Already am having some ideas for increasing blog traffic but now I got some extra information in this post.

  7. Oscar


    Awwsome article. thanks for taking your time to make such an understandable post, it’s a great one and straight to the point.

  8. Ralph


    Guest Posting is a brilliant way to increase the amount of visitors to your blog, Kharim! Contributing to another site not only offers SEO benefits in terms of a backlink but it exposes your site and your writing style to a totally untapped audience. If you can produce quality guest posts for 2 or 3 sites related to yours, then you might even increase your traffic by 200%-300%!

    • Reply

      Hi Ralph,

      I totally agree with you, especially if those blogs that you are guest posting on has more traffic than yours and are owned by some professional bloggers.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  9. Jamy hoster


    Sum up with all the content is the king and we need an good optimization for getting good traffic on our site.

  10. Jamy hoster


    As I understand we need an optimization for our blog site to bring traffic once traffic is coming on your site and you have a great content than you should make a relationship with your visitors.

    • Reply

      Hay Jamy,

      Building a relationship with your bloggers is a great way to go in getting traffic to your site and also keeping it.

      This is also a great strategy in making money.

      Thank you for the comment.

  11. Reply

    People work so hard for traffic, Kharim, it is amazing how many of those same people are often blissfully unaware of where any of it comes from. Finding the sources of your most frequent visitors is fantastic advice and should be second-nature to a modern-day blogger.

    • Reply

      Hey Jack,

      I agree with you. If you know the sources of your blog’s traffic then it will be great for you.

      You can use that source to drive more traffic or divert to other sources to get more traffic.

      It’s a win win situation.

      Thanks for the comment.

  12. Bryan Ring


    Good stuff, especially the sprinkling of keywords! SEO is very important when writing articles, posts or web pages. Contributing to the sources where your traffic comes from will impact rankings and page views. Thanks again K! ! Winter is around the corner, so you will be hearing more of me, unless we get a ton of SNOW….

    • Reply

      Hey Bryan,

      Yep SEO can do great wonders for our blog especially if we know what our readers are searching for.

      Well hope to see more of you and you will be getting more posts from me as well.

      Thanks for the comment.

  13. Stephanie Cole



    All the above mentioned tips are really helpful and best part in this article is “Make Use Of Search Engine Optimization”. Yeah proper seo can double our blog traffic.

    • Reply

      Hi Stephanie,

      Search engines are getting smarter now a days and its good to keep up[ with the latest updates so that you can double your blog traffic.

      Thanks for the comment.

  14. Bhushan


    Hi Kharim, I think that read other blogger blog and get the new tips that improving your writing skill, it is the most effective way to get the traffic. Great tips here and brilliant advice about tracking your top traffic sources.

    • Reply

      I must agree with you on that.

      I subscribe to my favorite blogs as well so that I can get to read their articles.

      Thanks for the comment, Bhushan.

  15. Prasanna Mestha


    hello, thanks a lot for writing this post. it really helped me. moreover, i am getting much more traffic than earlier by using this method. thank you

    • Reply

      Hey Prasanna,

      Thanks for coming back to post your results. I hope that you traffic continues to go up.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  16. Tom Watson


    YO Kharim!

    I found your posts over on another site (you must of been guest posting, following your own advice!), anyway… that lead me here.

    When I look at my stats, I have no clear winner for traffic sources, it’s all pretty much search engine traffic. I’m just “opening my eyes” to the possibilities that guest posting will give me, so that is my short term goal.

    I’m going to go checking out the rest of your site now. Talk to you soon!

    • Reply

      All you have to do now is branch out and see where you can get other sources from to bring some traffic to your blog.

      Guest posting does work for me because it brought you here to my blog and also many other people.

      You can try that. I see that you have been blog commenting, that can bring your blog traffic as well.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  17. Donnau1


    Thanks for these tips now that I know what it takes to improve my blog and gain more revenue in the process this is so wonderful. I can hardly wait to get started. Thanks for sharing man.

    • Reply

      Hey Donnau,

      Just be sure to get your blog prepared for the traffic. Have subscriptions boxes so that your visitors can freely subscribe to your blog.

      Thanks for the comment.

  18. Guppu Boss


    Thanks for the tips. I am only facing writing problem. I am trying to improve my writing way but it consumes my lots of time. except writing I am good in all other things

    • Reply

      I have no problem with writing. I like to write and I can write a full blog post in 20 minutes.

      This is what you need to practice on so that you can produce blog post on a daily basis.

      Thanks for the comment.

  19. kamal


    thanks for the tips of web tools i understood all the thinks about blogging after reading ur article

  20. Joven


    Kharim, Your post are awesome and easy to understand. I know that I must upgrade my knowledge on how to build traffic and I’m very thankful that I found your site.

  21. Sneha Agarwal


    All the tips that you have suggested are just great. Setting up a blog and then growing traffic in it definitely not an easy task to do. Well, I think that in order to get traffic to your blog, update it with unique content as it is always appreciated by readers. Thanks for the share!!

    • Reply

      I must agree with you.

      Having lots of unique content that hasn’t published anywhere else will help you to boost your blog traffic.

      This is very important as well when accepting guest bloggers, make sure that they aren’t submitting duplicate content.

      Thanks for the comment.

  22. Maja


    Guest posting is one of the best way to get the traffic of other blog. Because of guest you can also get business if your contents have real value.

  23. Davinder


    great poster brother. I am a newbie and i think i really need this type of article. thanks for this article 🙂

    • Reply

      Well I hope that my article was of some inspiration to your.

      Apply my tips provided in this post and tell me how well they work for you.

      Thanks for the comment as well.

  24. Reply

    Hello Dear

    really great post yes you are right getting 100% more traffic on your blog which would be a big achievement really this is best way for increase traffic thanks for the sharing me

    Thanks & Regards

  25. Linda


    Great share on how to Double our Blog traffic , really an informative post , I am sure if we use SEO techniques we would see a better result , nice write up, thanks for sharing your valuable thought with us

  26. Max


    This is a great idea you have shared. I like your post and your idea help me to increase to traffic. Thanks my friend sharing your knowledge..

  27. Reply

    I worked on the search engine optimization and it doubled my traffic. Twitter doesn’t seem to work well and I have thousands of followers. Thanks for the write-up!

    • Reply

      Hey Jessica.

      Glad to know that SEO has worked for you.

      With Twitter its best to have 100 targeted followers who have interest in your niche than to have 10,000 who have no interest at all.

      Numbers does matter, but those numbers should be interested in what you have to say.

      Thanks for the comment.

  28. Reply

    Hey Kharim! This is very nice! Thank you for giving us tips on how to advertise our blogs more effectively. I agree that the blog alone will not stand forever unless it’s traffic is increased, and these tips are really going to be of great help. Thanks for posting this! 🙂

  29. Reply

    Great tips here and brilliant advice about tracking your top traffic sources. Spending a little time investigating obviously brings in the results and saves wasted time in the long run!

    • Reply

      Hey Segundo,

      Yes it does save lots of time in the long run. Its best to stick with the top traffic sources until your blog can manage on its own with getting traffic from those sources.

      After that you can branch out and target some new traffic sources.

      Thanks for the comment.

  30. Kenny Fabre



    SEO is one of the most powerful tools here to double your traffic, its pure targeted traffic

    • Reply

      Hey Kenny,

      I agree with you on that as well.

      SEO is very very powerful. You can more than double, you can get triple increase on your traffic.

      Also targeted traffic is what is needed in order to make any blog or website successful.

      Thanks for the comment bro.

  31. Aditya


    Hi Kharim,
    I guess you have given a great idea here to target the audience or blogs who are in need to search information more.It can bring in some traffic.I haven’t thought this way earlier.

    • Reply

      Hey Aditya,

      Yes I really have. Well I am trying my best to help those bloggers out there who struggle to increase their traffic.

      Thanks for the comment.

  32. Jeet


    @Kharim: Frankly, the title promised more than your post delivered this time 😉

    You are right, following up on top traffic sources can give a big boost. For example, if you get a lot of traffic from a forum, you can try to see if being more active would help. Similarly, if you happen to get some decent traffic because you wrote a good comment on a blog, that blog must be on your target guest post list immediately.

    I have often bought banners from webmasters when one of their posts mentioned our site and we got traffic (and it converted).

    I don’t really agree with you on sprinkling keywords all over the post. I agree that title, h1 etc. are important but for me, a good post that reads well would be above a post that compromises on readability by sprinkling keywords.

    You may also add another section for getting repeat visits. Tell your visitors what you are going to write about next, give them some incentives to subscribe to your RSS feed and you can see a major boost in traffic from repeat visitors.

    • Reply

      Hey Jeet,

      You are right man! If you get traffic from a particular source then you should be more active there in order to get more traffic.

      Also with keywords, having it in the title and also h1, h2 & h3 tags is good. But you also need to have the keyword in the article as well so that you can rank well in search engine.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  33. anshul


    Hi Kharim!
    excellent tips by you about double your blog traffic on your website.i like all the tips specially make use of seo .i think is the first and foremost method to increase your website traffic.i like it.

    • Reply

      Hi Anshul,

      Thanks for reding and likeing my article. Yes SEO can double or even triple your blog traffic if done right.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  34. Khaja moin


    Targeting new & less experienced can bring up more response as attracting them is pretty easy than experienced ones.


    • Reply

      Hey Khaja,

      You are right pal. Getting new ones to your blog is easier than attracting the more experienced ones.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • Reply

      Hi Jovie,

      Writing blog posts with high quality is the best way to get some readers on our blog. But bear in mind that promotion is also needed to help bring in the traffic.

      Thanks for the comment.

  35. Ryan Biddulph


    Love the tips here Kharim, especially the note about writing for newbies. Such a massively expanding market in this niche.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Reply

      Hey Ryan.

      Yes you are right about that. If you target new bloggers in your niche then your blog could be a source of inspiration and encouragement to them.

      You just have to know how to market to them so that you both benefit from this.

      Thanks for commenting pal.

  36. J. Seals


    Make Use Of Search Engine Optimization… It is amazing how this one simple thing can make a BIG difference in getting traffic to a website. I recently went in a changes a few small things on some older posts and withing a few days those post were getting more hits/traffic than they were before. It is something that works but most of us are not doing it the right way.

    Thanks for sharing Kharim!

    • Reply

      Hey J.Seals,

      It is really amazing bro!

      I did the same to a few older posts of mine and they did well to get some search engine traffic.

      This is why it is important to write articles and have SEO in mind before you publish.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us and happy blogging to you. Thanks for the comment.

  37. Joe


    Thanks for the post Kharim.

    I have done a few of the ideas you have listed here and for the most part they have worked. Track the places I get most of my traffic from and become more involved in/on those sites. I haven’t doubled my traffic yet, but I am happy with the new traffic I am getting. I will try a few more of the ideas you have listed.


    • Reply

      Hey Joe,

      Glad to see that you are one of the many few who are tracking their top traffic sources. I have done this with the combination of things that I listed here and I have successfully doubled my blog traffic.

      Thanks for the comment bro and hope my tips will work well for you.

      • Avi Jit (


        Really Nice Article Kharim. Targeting the less experience is a good idea. And doing some seo along with social media promotion can bring a lot of traffic. Cool points. 🙂

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