Proficient e-commerce practice can help your business grow. It can change the overall growth of your firm and even end up with positive notes.  It helps in opening your door to a much stronger bond with MAP pricing for items, which are hard to procure from retail outlets. It further works great to help you with better understanding of your customer based relationship. But harnessing this power isn’t easy as it might feel. There are some simple yet promising E-commerce Marketing Strategies available, which will help in your e-commerce marketing success, by following the norms accordingly as mentioned.


1. Clarify the current opportunity:

You need to analysis the present prospective of your business before starting out with the e-commerce business. You have to view the present brand strength first, work on the conversion rates, web traffic and deal with online pricing issues before finalizing on your opportunity.

You further need to understand a whole lot about the technology implications. It is only after creating realistic view of your opportunity that you can start by developing a proper strategic approach lately. You are always invited to conduct own E-commerce check-up through promising tools.


2. Get to use images:

Aside from writing some of the promising contents, it is better to provide information for reader. The keyword in your current written content will help in increasing the set position in search results. But, you have to remember about ways to spice things up by adding images to your content. Now the graphics can be anything, right from illustrations to cartoons, info graph and even photos. It helps in conveying complicated information in the easiest manner possible.


3. Explore business models:

For succeeding in e-commerce platform, you have to deliver best in-class customer based experience and E-commerce Marketing Success. So, you are not just creating elegant online cart but also working on the responsive customer calling services. Ongoing and proficient communication strategy can always help in building loyalty. After accessing the capabilities in each one of these sectors, the time has come to determine the aspects managed in-house and other ventures to be outsourced.


4. Get to site organization:

As per the recent statistic from Statistica, around 25% of online shoppers are likely to leave your online store if navigation seems too confusing. So, it is always mandatory to keep your site clean and organized. It must be designed in order to help first timers get what they are looking for. You might have to focus on filters, labels and even parent categories. Remember to keep the map accurate as that will help direct users for specify pages within site.


5. Need to be memorable and consistent:

It is mandatory for you to keep your website easy to remember and simple. Make sure to keep messages clear across web presence. For that, you are guided to use images, same logos and even slogans across social media pages, site, emails and anywhere possible. This will help you to remain consistent and people won’t find it difficult to get hold of you.


6. Get to the software:

Once you are through with the basic services, there are few options left to line up well with your business model and technology needs. Some of the key players can receive some promising solutions from major groups in the market like Gartner, Forrester and much more. Once you are through with the best software use, adding marketing success to e-commerce platform won’t be a tough nut to crack.


7. Going for email campaigns:

Email is always considered to be an effective way to reach out to maximum people at the same time. The main idea over here is to connect with customers by addressing some of their personal needs. You are about to develop series of emails as customers end up responding to multiple calls to action in each one of the email. After that, you get the chance to send additional emails for moving person through conversion funnel.


Creating promising content can always prove to be a great way for obtaining email IDs from some of the interested parties. Just provide them with anything related to your industry in exchange of user’s email addresses.

  • White paper
  • How to guide
  • Podcast, and much more


8. Highlighting the satisfied customers:

People are indeed known to trust satisfied customers more than they trust Magento development experts. They will always look for testimonials and social media pages to know more about the company before jumping to a conclusion. Around 80% of marketers are known to believe testimonials and even social proof, which directly contribute to the growth of your firm and sales.

Remember to get these points straight if you actually are looking for the e-commerce marketing success. Yes, this method may take some time, but in the end, it is all worth it. So without wasting any time further, get straight to the points now!


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Linda Wester is a Sr. Magento Developer at HireMagentoGeeks, a company that provides psd to magento theme conversion services in a convenient manner. She is a passionate writer and loves to share Magento relates tutorials.

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