There were many big designing, and social media trends in 2017 and 2018 seem to be a larger variation of the same. So, what will be there by the second half of 2018? Let’s explore.

Web design upcoming trends for 2018

In continuation of what we have seen in 2017, here is what we can expect for 2018.


#1. Web animation

Animation plays a vital part in sharing ideas and making it easier for the viewers to understand. In a world where everyone is in haste, web animations can be used effectively to convey even the most complex messages in shortest possible time and simplest possible ways.


#2. More brave colors

We have seen a hype in using bold colors across all digital platforms, which is evident in case of web designing too. With the advent of social media, there was a confident departure from the previous identity for many brands, who believe more on a striking visual treatment.


#3. Reinventing typography

A web page, amongst the tight competition, is a battle for winning eyeballs. To win it now, typography is the most lethal weapon for the designer to use. The use of typography has now broadened on the web through the last couple of years. As Lincoln Balder, a typography expert says” Typography is much more powerful now and has become bigger and better. For now, the Helvetica type of sans-serif styles remain in vogue and designers are further branching out to reinvent a huge variety of new typefaces.”


Instagram trends for 2018

Instagram too is undergoing a lot of changes recently and in turn creating unlimited opportunities for marketers. Working on the number of Instagram followers is vital if you want to enjoy a real engagement and in turn traffic and business through this social media platform. This needs careful research and intensive content generation efforts from the social media marketers.

There are some tools and filters put forth by Instagram now, which you can efficiently make use of to get more followers for Instagram, which will ultimately help increase the results.  Let’s explore the trends.


#1. Explore the new technique of “sandwiching.”

Some leading Instagram marketers are already using it to try and outsmart the complicated Instagram algorithm. Sandwiching is placing the promoted posts strategically amongst the imagery to enhance Instagram engagement rate. If an influencer is trying to improve the engagement rate of a particular post, then you can try to “sandwich” it among two posts which you know your followers will surely enjoy and interact with.


#2. Instagram shopping

You can use the Instagram Shop Now feature on crossing 10000 followers. This new feature lets the users include links to store pages and directly to products. As brands of all sizes now look towards e-commerce to increase sales, we may expect more companies are selling through Instagram this year.


#3. Instagram stories

Instagram is working a lot to bring the ‘stories’ feature interesting and be unique from its market competitors, which in fact stole the show last year. Instagram Stories is here to stay, and it is not expected to go anywhere in 2018 too. You can expect more popularity to it with the addition of many new cool features.

Things are changing fire-fast in the web marketing and social media marketing stage, and you will be soon downtrodden on not trying to keep up with its pace.


Author bio: Lucy Jones is a well-known author who is so popular among the online digital marketing fraternity for her blog articles for the business marketers on topics like followers for Instagram, Facebook ad campaigning, online business management, etc.

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