Facebook might be in trend and Instagram may be flashy, but the old-school email is still the best strategy when it comes to generating new sales leads. When you send an email, you reach to a list of customers and clients who have chosen to receive your content. It means they are already primed and accept to follow through on whatever you have to offer.

However, the emails you see are only as good as the follow-throw you give it. Sometimes, subscribers don’t even bother to read it, which reduces the probability of a successful email drip campaign. Here is a list of effective email marketing strategies you can use to make sure your email campaigns are successful, and your emails have high open rates:

1. Send With A Clear Goal

There should always be a purpose of sending an email. What is it that you want out of your email campaign: more leads, repeat customers, increase brand awareness or have more people signed up for your email newsletter?

Before pressing the send button, think about what is it that you want to achieve, whether the email contains the relevant content, and how often do you want to send it. Sending emails without a plan is a surefire way to fail.

2. Create Impactful Subject Lines

Subject lines garner the attraction of your users. As per a stats compiled by Convince & Convert, 33% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone. If these stats tell anything, in particular, is that the subject line can open many doors for your business. Your subject should be informative, attractive, and should influence subscribers to take an action. It can be daunting to create such subject lines, but with proper analyses, you can make it impactful.

3. Maintain An Attractive Design

Keeping simplicity in mind, an email’s visual appearance should also be eye-catching and easily digestible. The aesthetic of an email plays an important role in attracting users quickly. A simple and attractive design is the best way to capture the attention of your email’s recipient. This can be achieved by maintaining a consistent color scheme, which will create a unified visual feel, and, in fact, strengthens the brand.

4. Personalize The Content

Everyone understands that email campaigns are sent to the masses, and no one wants to feel like just another name. While collecting emails from clients and customers, try gathering as much information as much as you can with regards to their interests. But don’t make it compulsory for users because many people would just navigate away if a website asks too much information.

When you compose emails, personalize each message using the customizable fields. For example, you can add the name of the customers instead of just “Dear Customer”. Customers notice little details!

5. Segment Into Smaller Groups

Segmenting your email list helps to personalize a message for better impact. Check with the email marketing automation tools you use. Most of the time they offer easy to set up such list to create groupings based on gender, location, purchase history and more. The main point is providing a particular customer group with updates that can resonate with the individuals.

6. Optimize CTAs and Reduce Text

Customers don’t like to read a complete article in an email unless they have demanded that particular information. A generic email is often looked for a couple of seconds, and if it is appealing, they are most likely to spend time on it. It is why you should keep your message short, crispy, and to the point. Do not use long-form text. Instead, focus on writing attractive punchlines with the call to action buttons. Also, your CTAs should be equally visually appealing, so that no room is left for the doubt of “what to do next?”

7. Choose The Days And Time Wisely

As per a statistic compiled by Informz in 2014, open and click rates on Monday till Thursday are consistent while rising slightly on Friday. Weekends have higher open rates and lower click rates. Another stats by Informz shows that the time of the day matters too as emails sent at night have higher open rates and late afternoon emails have higher click rates. So, the next time you are sending an email, choose accordingly.

8. Send drip campaigns

To not spend time in vain, find the most appropriate email automation tool, for example, a drip campaign tool. With their help, you can set goals, create smart-triggered email sequences, and send personalized emails. What is even better about such platforms is that you can schedule them: choose the best days the emails are to be sent, define the time and the timezone your subscribers live in, and enjoy the profit drip emails bring to you.

Wrapping Up

Designing a perfect email campaign may not be completely possible, but keeping the above tips in mind, you can craft a perfect email strategy that hits most of your goals. Hopefully, you can mix and match these tips to design a campaign that aligns perfectly with the goals you have planned to meet.

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