As it’s the time of internet and internet change the whole world into a global society and no individual can imagine his life without the internet. Same the case is in marketing strategies as different marketing strategies are accessible in the market so no one can believe the existence of its business without using the marketing strategies. Online marketing strategies are most preferable strategies just because of the internet; social media and Email marketing are most handy techniques of online marketing nowadays. It is observed that Email marketing is more efficient then social media approach but in a case, if someone use and apply Email strategies correctly and adequately because it’s one to one communication medium between the owners and customers.

1.    Divide list of audience in chunks

For sure you will send your emails to multiple groups of people to advertise your brand. You have to understand that every person has different likes and dislikes so don’t make the mistake of sending a single email with general content to a diverse group of people. Before doing the procedure or send email, you have to divide your list of the audience under the consideration of their choices, and after this step, you have to write email content according to their preference and mention all the things in your email which will fascinate the receiver of the email. Conclusively, you will get positive results after adopting this approach.

2.    Mobile friendly emails

Everyone have awareness about the popularity of the smartphone among people. It’s the latest research that more than ninety percent people check their emails through their smartphones. As a business manager, you have to keep in mind that you have to manage mobile-friendly emails. Only through this strategy, you can target more audience otherwise you will lose most of the audience if your emails are not mobile friendly. People merely open your emails and dismiss at once when emails were not correctly displayed on the screen of their smartphones. So, it’s highly recommended that always send mobile-friendly emails to your targeted audience.

3.    Email subject should be eye-catching

When a person receives an email, the first thing which email reader reads is the “Subject” of the email. Your concern about the attention of the audience will be fulfilled if you write an eye-catching subject and you will be able to attract the whole attention of the reader towards your email. The reader will further interact with the content of the email when at first glance subject touches its heart. So, invest some amount of time in deciding the subject line before sending an email because this investment of time will be fruitful for you in near future.

4.    Email with rich content

The content of the email is the thing which is vital to the subject of the email. The content of the email should not be messy and should not be meaningless and annoying as it will be boring for your targeted audience and they will never utilize your services. Try to make your Email content meaning full which delivers the purpose of Email with total clarity. Don’t make your Email stuff unfriendly for your customer or audience; you have to give a glance to your audience that you are not a stranger to them and you are the only one who cares about them.

5.    Descriptive emails

Email is the game of word which you can win by grabbing the attention of the required audience and make them active for your products and services. You have to play this game of words wisely, choose every word with full care. Keep your email descriptive and expressive enough so it can help out your customers or new audience. It is advised here that if you are managing a website for your business, then you should provide the direct link to your site within the Email rather than giving every detail within your email, it’s the approach through which you can make your body of Email descriptive.

Business growth needs advertisement and publicity at each step, and business owners do different tactics for the betterment of the business like most sensible people use the Email marketing technique with other techniques. People who are willing for company formation in UAE or in any other country must use strategies of Email marketing with proper dedication as they are well aware of the benefits of the Email marketing and get the best results or make high achievements in their business.


Author Bio: Jessica Watson has been writing for websites and blogs for three years now. She had a fair share of writing in various niches but her main focus is on business, finance and technology. Currently, she is working with Aurion UAE.

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