Making a great video or film is hard enough, but when it comes to getting people to see it, it can feel like you’ve really just started the work even though you’re done with what should be your tasks. Unfortunately, making a video or film that’s great doesn’t mean that you’ll actually find an audience or an audience wide enough to support your efforts.

While word of mouth is a great tool, it can be your only tool to help you get your message out there. Use these tips to make sure people around the world are seeing your work. It’s the only way to keep moving forward.

Use the Internet

The internet is an incredible resource for video and film makers, so you need to use it. Start a social media campaign on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and even Vimeo and LinkedIn.

Include clips to let people see your great work!

Seek Assistance

Sometimes making great work just isn’t enough, and social media can’t do all the work for you, even though it would be great if it could. When that’s the case you’re going to need to seek out some additional help in order to get your message out.

Companies that deal with marketing video and film are your best bet, and a lot of them can work with your budget to help you expand your audience. You might have to spend some money on this process, but almost everybody with a quality film or video will get more back than what they put in.

Check For Results

Kantar Media audience measurement is a great site that you can use to check if your audience is growing and to also do some research for media.

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    Great blog for film makers. Thanks Kharim Tomlinson for sharing this wonderful information with us. Nice work. Keep it Up!!!

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