customer feedbackYour business is important to you, and just because you’re online doesn’t mean you don’t want your customers to be satisfied. Unfortunately, having an online business can make it hard to interface with the people who buy your products or use your online service.

That’s where custom surveys can really come in handy for figuring out how your customer base really thinks of you. Best of all, you can use online customer surveys to help figure out how you can improve and attract more business if you are smart about it.

Crowdology review offers a great service where you can get feedback and ratings from your customers. No doubt you can use the results to help grow your business.

Get Feedback

The most obvious thing that custom surveys can do for you is allow you to hear the real feedback that your customers want to give you. When you have an online business, even knowing what your customers are thinking can be very hard since you don’t interact with them on a regular basis.

Customers are also more likely to tell you what they really think through online form surveys since they aren’t worried about upsetting people or provoking a business owner. Most customers don’t want to get into an argument about company policy or why something doesn’t work how they would like.

Better Marketing

When you have surveys as part of the customer experience you don’t have to just let them check boxes about your service. You can ask them how to improve, what features they would like to see and how they would rather interface with your company in the future.

This can help you get new business and expand your marketing efforts.

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    Referring people to surveys is much, much more profitable than taking the surveys yourself. I refer people to some of the old things I used to do to earn money online – like reading emails with Inbox Dollars. I think getting the referral rewards is much more valuable than signing up with an affiliate program and getting $2 per lead.

    When you get a bunch of referrals you’re getting a stream of income for as long as they stick with program – and surprisingly many people do these things for a long time. So if you get some traffic to your new site I think it will be hugely profitable. On the other hand it seems like there is a lot of competition in that niche.

    I can’t wait to see how it goes!!

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